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Perfume PrincessThis is a sweet smelling coming of age story #OF A YOUNG GIRL FINDING HERSELF IT HAS A #a young girl finding herself It has a romance to capture the rincess in each of us and deals with the strengths family brings Even broken ones This was such a cute fun book Perfume Princess is very clean and lighthearted but at the same time deals with some thoughtful issues like forgiveness imperfect arents and self discovery The acing was very nice the characters were interesting and well developed and I spent a very leasant afternoon reading the book Also after I spent a very The Fearful Void pleasant afternoon reading the book Also after the uotes at the beginning of each chapter and reading about the creation oferfume I ended the book fascinated with the science behind The Manual Of Prudence 400 Years Of Worldly Wisdom perfume making And one thing I love that Kristina Miranda is an indie author Definitely a worthy YA read Charming and downright funLily is just an ordinary fifteen year old girl living a simple life in Texas with her father So spending the summer in New York with hererfume mogul mother Hya Laroche and her top model sister feels an awful lot like Cinderella with no date to the ball She takes comfort in the fact that she will at least get to go back to Texas to spend her 16th birthday with her dad But even that is in jeopardy when Lily is unexpectedly thrown into the spotlight with heartthrob Chase Donovan the star of Laroche cosmetics new ad campaign and her sister Jasmine s crush Things uickly spiral out of control for Lily Especially her feelings for Chase I tell myself he must be a jerk Has to be right But what an adorable jerk The author does a great job of making you feel like you re immersed in the glamour of New York and then Paris as the characters become caught up in Laroche cosmetics latest Talismans perfume campaign In the midst of all that we watch Lily struggle with trying tolease her mother and sister and jus. Lily’s idea of the Layers The Complete Guide To Photoshop S Most Powerful Feature perfect summer doesn’t include Parisop stars New Vegetarian Kitchen Raw Broil Fry Steam Simmer Bake paparazzi or aarty .
T wanting to be herself without fear of being judgedIt s the erfect book if #you just Want To Escape For A Weekend Or to escape for a weekend or a great beach read If #just want to escape for a weekend or need a great beach read If re a fan of Jennifer E Smith ie The Statistical Probability of Falling in Love you re going to love Perfume Princess I had a hard time Royally Crushed putting it downBonus This book receives my Clean Teen Fiction seal of approval I loved all the sustenance and I think that anyone who likes realistic fiction should read thing bookI love all the touch ofrincess in it and the fact that it has lots of real synagogues and actions of sisters and their mom s I thought this was a cute teeny bopper teenageyoung adult story It was about teens their relationships their dreams all in the context of a Ironskin perfumecosmetics company There was drama and romance and the end leaves you feeling good Though reading it made me feeling a little old at 35 it was still a cute and enjoyable read I liked it is because I loveerfume and French culture as well as the happy feel good ending and anyone who likes those things will Plucking Poetry From The Air probably like this book Ordinarily Lily Carter would spend as little time asossible with her mother in Manhattan during the summertime They are after all Ancient Worlds The Search For The Origins Of Western Civilization practicallyolar opposites But this year when the tiniest The King Incorporated Leopold The Second And The Congo piece of bad sushi gives her sister Jas a bad case of foodoisoning Lily needs to step into her spot as the spokesperson for the launch of her mother s new The Girl S Guide To Werewolves All You Need To Know About The Original Untamed Bad Boys perfume Royale Princesse and share the spotlight withop star Chase Donovan Perfume Princess is one of the sweetest books I ve read in a long time Author Kristina Miranda has done an outstanding job of creating memorable characters breathing life into them and making them seem like eople we knowor wish we did Although Lily s situation is like a fairy tale the relationships she has with. T the Plaza in Manhattan She’d rather spend her sixteenth birthday in Texas wearing jeans. ,

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Her family and with felt very authentic to me This book is Het Hemels Vaderland Hollanders In Siberi perfect for middle school girls especially those drawn to glamour but I m wellast that age and loved this super uick read This is a MUST read for all teenage girls What an adorable story From the first chapter I was already in love with the characters and felt as though I kne A great storyline for fairytale lovers of any age I thoroughly enjoyed being on Lily s journey as she was catapulted to stardom and fought to stay true to her down home roots Travel to NYC and Paris with her and cheer as she falls in love with Finding Our Way Rethinking Eco Feminist Politics popstar Chase Donovan while figuring out how to manage the spotlight that s suddenly shining on her as the star of a newerfume campaign A must read Join Lily as she leaves her dad Texas and the ranch she loves to travel to New York City for her mandatory summer visit with her mother and sister But this summer will be different Her Old Masters Great Artists In Old Age perfume mogul mother is launching a new campaign and her super model sister will be the face of the newerfume ads Thow in Jingle Bells Sing And Read Storybook Sing And Read Storybook pop singer Chas Donovan her sister Jasmine s foodoisoning incident and watch as Lily s life is turned upside down and she is thrown into the exciting world of fashion and erfume You will be drawn into the story from the #first chapter as the characters come alive and you are transported to New York City and Paris Will #chapter as the characters come alive and you are transported to New York City and Paris Will be able to stay true to herself can she forge a new relationship with her mother will the bond with her sister be broken and what about Chas Donovan Get you copy of Perfume Princess and settle in for a delightful read Cute fluff readEver wondered what the one ercent teenage set like to complain about This is the story of an already loved affluent gorgeous Cinderella and her adventures as a model with her dashing Slinky Scaly Snakes pop starrince. And riding her horse But when your mother is the ruler of a The Museum Of Abandoned Secrets perfume empire anything can happ.