(E–pub/Pdf) [Shift (Shifters #5)] AUTHOR Rachel Vincent

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Shift (Shifters #5)Faythe ROCKS I just don t know how I am going to be able to wait for the next book Alpha It sounds like it is the final book in this series anyone knowWhen I first started reading about the Thunderbirds I was kinda like uh oh where is she taking this one What was I thinking Of course it was awesome It looks like the Thunderbirds will rove to be a handy dandy little ally for the Sanders Pride thank goodness because they need some owerful ammo on their side Oh and I am so glad that jackass Calvin their side Oh and I am so glad that jackass Calvin finally being exposed for the conniving little snake he is argh he gets my blood boilingI am Team Jace all the way Don t get me wrong I like Marc too I just like Jace better and i am so umped that he and I am so The Coming Storm 2025 pumped that he finally displaying hisotential I am curious to see how Greg feels about Faythe s dilemma between Jace and Marc I really think he is going to support her in whomever she chooses I think she has roven to her Alpha father that she is worthy of the osition she is destined to hold in the future so far from that spoiled little rebel we met in book 1 Oh the anticipation Reviewed hold in the future so far from that spoiled little rebel we met in book 1 Oh the anticipation Reviewed I Bookie Nookie ReviewsIf you like this type of book you might enjoy one of these groups Check us outMenage ReadersErotic EnchantsBookie Nookie s Erotic Lending Group I can t remember why I abandoned this series I love the whole A Recipe For Summer A Free Sampler pride dynamic the characters the writing I ve had this and the last book of the series sitting on my shelf for a long time now so hey let s see how this goes WOW I could so read a Thunderbirds series too Damn So awesome spoiler alert SPOILER ALERTOkay I ve got to say it I am losing all respect for this series There I said it so sue me As one of the few Tabbies female were cats in existence Faythe Sanders has gone through a lot to get to where she is today She has had to grow up and make some hard choices in therevious four books of this series and had appeared like she was developing into a strong forward thinking womantabby that is being groomed to lead her Eight Women Of The American Stage pride as the first female alpha With the help and unconditional support of Marc her father s right hand cat and Faythe s lovermate she seems to be set to do great thingsHowever here is where I am having issues in books 4 and 5 Faythe is seen making horribleersonal decisions and then is unable to own up to her mistakes Come on If she can t be honest with the ones she claims to love desperately gag then how is she going to be a trustworthy alphaIn book 4 Faythe screws around on Marc with Jace one of her The Lord John Series 4 Book Bundle pride mates Jace has always had a crush on her and is one of those flirty guys that you love to have around but would never seriously consider having a real relationship with In all of therevious books Jace is a laid back cat who has shown no real alpha tendencies until after he sleeps with Faythe the wonder tabby WTFNow in book 5 he is suddenly challenging Marc at every turn and oor Marc has no idea why Yeah she hasn t told him that she boinked Jace in a moment of alcohol induced horniness Oh but wait they were comforting each other because her brother just got killed and Marc was missing So your man is missing and your brother s dead so why not celebrate by getting wasted and totally betraying the one man who seems to love you despite your childish shitSo now she doesn t want to give up Jace and she can t bring herself to hurt Marc by clueing him in because she doesn t want to lose him either SOMETIMES YOU HAVE TO MAKE A TOUGH CHOICE KNOWING IT MIGHT GET YOU KILLED When vicious half human half bird creatures kill two of her Pride and kidnap young tabby Kaci sassy werecat Faythe is ready to wage war Yet with. N top of everything else they have were bird The Widow Of Windsor people showing up trying to kidnap her and the other tabbies while killing every male were cat they can find to avenge the death of one of their own moronically named Finn All because a rival alpha who wants the magic tabbies all to himself has told these birdbrains that Faythesride were the ones who were guilty of killing their bird buddyIn between attacks Faythe and Jace keep sharing meaningful looks and sneaking off to have heated debates about their so called relationship Now I have to say that Jace is trying to be a standup guy and wants to tell Marc what they did but the tabby in denial just won t own up to it Yes sir she s La Ragazza N 9 prime alpha material all rightAnyway the were birds manage to kill a few of the were cats and are able to hold the entireride lus a few other visiting alphas hostage on their own land and in their own house The kicker is they are supposed to be ranchers but they only have one measly handgun on the entire ranch Because these cats don t like gunsagainWTFSomeone has the bright idea that all the tabbies will be safer somewhere else and Faythe is charged with getting herself Kaci a recently adopted young tabby Manx a traumatized declawed tabby with getting herself Kaci a recently adopted young tabby Manx a traumatized declawed tabby Manx s infant to safety Yeah that is so going to work Yep you guessed it they get caught and Faythe and Kaci are spirited away to the badass thunderbirds nestbird housewhatever Faythe is told that she Must Prove Her Prides Innocence In Two prove her rides innocence in two or Kaci will be killedHmmmwhat s a tabby to do I knowlet s call daddy Who Market Mind Games A Radical Psychology Of Investing Trading And Risk promptly sends help in the form of wait for it Jace and Marc Dang I just didn t see that one comin Can you say road trip Jace is snippy the whole way Faythe can t stop getting injured and Marc is still clueless Some badlylanned escapades ensue Faythe gets hurt again and finally yes finally Marc finds out the big secretOkay by this The Cubans The History Of Cuba In One Lesson point in the book I am getting reallyissed I like Marc he s hot he s dependable and he will do anything to keep his woman safe He s given her time to adjust to her new role in their ride and has asked her to marry him So what does this ossessive alpha male do when he finds out his woman slept with someone else who is within ass kickin distance no less The don t touch my woman or I will smear you on the In The Mystic Footsteps Of Saints 1 pavement me Tarzan badass gives someathetic speech about getting the job done and goes silent Well almost silent he throws some vague threats Jaces way and tells Faythe that she has to choose that s about it Faythe tearfully apologizes assuring Marc that she still desperately loves him but Killer Brothers privately is frantically trying to figure a way to keep them both By now I am firmly rooting for the birdeople to kill them allThey manage to get the Catholicism And Catholic Mass For Dummies Two Ebook Bundle Catholicism For Dummies And Catholic Mass For Dummies proof they need by kidnapping the were cat that really killed the birdman and handing him over in exchange for the Kaci He of courseromptly grabs one of the were bird children and demands to be let go He takes off with his hostage into the woods Faythe and Marc give chase Marc manages to rip out his throat while Faythe grabs the baby thus saving the day Mamma and baby bird are reunited the bad dudes body is handed over to be consumedeaten by the bird Highland High The Sandy Mantle Series peopleand now the were birds owe the were cats a favor for saving the cute little babynice rightThe last two books have almostut me off the whole series entirely which is a shame because this story arc had su. An injury reventing her from shifting into cat form Faythe has to rely on her intelligence – and the help of hot headed enforcers Marc and Jace who are both ready to do battle for her heart With only forty eight hour. Ch Milk Tooth Bane Bone promise But come on whatride is going to be able to hold up their heads at any were conference when they get their asses handed to them by skinny bird Loving Miss Darcy people I don t care if they do have razor sharp claws and can fly Get some damn guns and go huntin Do you think the wolves would be hiding in the house waiting to geticked off Hell no they d be The Rose In Twelve Petals preparing to kick bird butt If the birds can beat you up then what are you going to do when the were mice decide they wannaiece of your assFaythe is supposed to be developing as a strong intelligent woman who has the opportunity to change the status uo for all female were cats but she can t seem to keep her legs closed or be honest with the man she claims to love She can make the hard choices like handing over one of her own kind to be eaten but she can t say no to one guy while being committed to another Yes I know that mistakes happen that s not it my issue is with how she has dealt with that mistake that sets my teeth on edge If you have feelings for another The Buck Stops Nowhere person then woman up and say so don t continue to sneak around and rationalize your behavior byretending your Black Beauty protecting someone from getting hurtbadbadkittyFinally if you re a collector then go ahead and get this book but don t expect too much If you re not then I would tell you to skip itJust one chicks opinionKatThis is a reost had to reload entire library So I gave the What I Want To Be When I Grow Up previous book Prey 5 stars but have dropped this one down to 4 There s one reason for this the bloody love triangle It s ridiculous and I know the whole thing willlay out till the last book and yet I know who she will chose I mean really it s no contest Even if you Vanished The Truth About The Disappearance Of Madeline Mccann prefer the underdog ha or cat you still know exactly who Faythe willick And it bugs me that it s being dragged out hurting everyone I really detest love triangles But now that I have gotten my cryptic I didn t want to give spoilers whinge out the way lets move on to the glowing 4 stars I did give Shift All 4 of which are because I love the fast ace and story and the addition of the Thunderbirds made the whole thing exciting I am dying to see how things addition of the Thunderbirds made the whole thing exciting I am dying to see how things out and I another aspect of this series I love is just how much I hate the bad guy Malone It isn t often that the bad guy Evokes This Kind Of Deep Seated Resentment this kind of deep seated resentment me but Vincent has out done herself and really created a character you can t help but despise It s a strange thing to enjoy about a book but I get so sick of bleh baddies so having someone like Malone really made me back Faythe and co I really need to see that guy suffer Another good book despite my whinge and I both look forward and dread reading the last book in the series it will mean it really is over re read Oct 2010 I am really glad I took the time to re read this before starting Alpha It was good to revisit all the characters and where the book left off Still a 5 star book to me Original Reviewrunning around in a anic Arrrrghhhh I shouldn t have read this so soon I thought it would take me several days to finish but I burned through 300 Reclamation pages this evening because I couldn tut the book down Now I have to wait until Alpha comes out later this yearAs always this book is full of action just like the last 4 books You never know what kind of hole Faythe will dig herself into before you start the book And believe me she has dug herself one heck of a hole in this oneAlso as usual Faythe. S to save Kaci Faythe faces impossible choices in the biggest test of her Alpha otential yet A MUST READ for fans of KELLEY ARMSTRONG “I look forward to reading the next book in the series ” Charlaine Harris on Str. ,