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Asks me to find them a "SEX SHOP I ASK 'DO YOU "shop I ask 'Do ou a brothel''Women in action' explains the circumstances of a trip when I drive two women who might have been bisexualsThe twelve stories I present here about pleasant clients includes one about a gentleman who almost died twice and another when I drive two American women a short distance They tip me with an American dime'The 280 fare' explains how I accepted a very short taxi fare and this resulted in me winning a much longer fare afterwards'One Upmanship' and 'Explain this' are pleasant stories with funny conclusions while 'Inspiration' explains how a client gives me motivational and inspirational adviceAnd 'I frightened me tells the story about a high powered businessman who has unrealistic expectations about the time needed to travel to the airport The chapter 'Problem Taxi Cab Clients is the biggest in this collectionSeven films showing re enactments of stories from this collection appear on You Tube My You Tube Channel address is cleverstoryThis is Life The stories are called 'On the street' 'No one exists like Natasha' 'Men are

All Assholes' 'Explain This' 
assholes' 'Explain this' 'A bad cabbie' and 'Raving Nymphomaniacs.
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Ny remarkable incidents and conversations when I began driving taxis I couldn't help "Myself I Just Had "I just had write tell and share them with readers worldwide'The chapter presenting thirteen 'Provocative Taxi Cab Passengers' stories is about incidents where clients display sexually provocative behaviorFollowing them is the twelve story chapter 'Pleasant Taxi Cab Clients' which demonstrates customers acting in delightful unusual and intriguing waysAmong the thirteen provocative stories 'No one exists like Natasha' explains how I felt when I drove four beautiful women to a police stationThree of the stories involve sex workers and one of them explains the circumstances that encouraged her to invite me into her home at the end of our trip'sex sex sex' is about a stunning The White Witch Of The South Seas Gregory Sallust 11 young woman who appears so obsessed with sex she is probably mentally ill'Give it to mebaby' is about a drunkoung woman unable to pay her fare who lies down across the front seat and falls asleep resting her head on my thigh'Big mouths explains how a passionate oung couple were in lust than in love'Find us a Sex Shop please' tells a story when the female passenger of a couple who are arguing suddenly.

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In December 2012 I redesigned book "hoping to make it attractive to people I have placed the 13 stories sexual content later "to make it attractive to people I have placed the 13 stories with sexual content later the collectionLots of unpredictable things happen when ou drive a taxi and many of them involve weird conversations and circumstances This story collection explains fifty 50 of these eventsSusan Pepper reviewed a smaller collection of these stories in 'Swag of Yarns' She wroteDoug Western has published a collection of short pithy tales about his experiences as a taxi driver The stories provide some insight "INTO THE ANSWERS TO UESTIONS SUCH AS'HOW DO YOU "the answers to uestions such as'How do A Chance Of A Lifetime Lee Kuan Yew And The Physical Transformation Of Singapore you rid of someone hanging on to the bonnet ofour taxi and won't get off'What do Doctor Who The Death Collectors you do if a passenger won't get out'What doou do when five drunken ouths pour themselves into our taxi'What do Fantasy Creatures Colouring Book Creative Art Therapy For Adults you say to the passenger who insists on smoking'What doou do if the passenger runs away without paying'and 'What do ou do if they are having sex on the back seat'After reading Doug's stories Diversional Therapist June Smith wrote 'Doug is an A student in English and expression He has an excellent flair for description and use of words' Doug said 'I was amazed to be involved in so ma. 50 True Weird Taxi Cab Stories

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