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Blackmailed into depravityEir bulbous heads were as thick as ever She opened her eyes wide to ook up at them her cheeks filled to bursting with their thick heads and saw them smiling cruelly down her enjoying the torment they saw in her eyes They pulled free from her mouth when tears began to pool in her eyes forcing her to open her jaws as wide as she could to get them out “Do you want our cocks” Carl asked reaching down to pinch one of her nipples“Y yes” Megan said yelping as his fingers brought a mix of pleasure and pain to her titAlso published in this seriesCheating Housewives The Star Of Biker FestCheating The star of the biker festCheating Riding LessonsCheating Housewives into DepravityCheating Housewives Taking a walk on the wild sideCheating Housewives Taken by the bossCheating Housewives Greatest Halloween Part.

Air till they both felt a tightening in their balls and their cocks began to throb in anticipation of their release Pulling her as one they forced the heads of both of their cocks in to her mouth at once stroking their shafts for only a few seconds before they filled her mouth with their combined cumSwallowing fast Megan drank down every drop erupting from their heads her tongue swirling the hot spunk around bathing their own cocks in it before swallowing each mouthful Small trails of their cum mixed with her saliva dribbled from the wide spread corners of her mouth down her chin to drip on to her breasts She kept icking at their heads expecting to feel them soften and shrink since they feel them soften and shrink since they Both Filled Her Mouth With Such Large Loads But both filled her mouth with such arge oads but several minutes her jaws were starting to ache and th. .
WARNING ADULTS ONLY This book contains explicit sexual content including oral sex anal sex cuckold anilingus cunnilingus erotic control domination submission humiliation and Third story in including oral sex anal sex cuckold anilingus cunnilingus erotic control domination submission humiliation and Third story in cheating housewife series After being blackmailed to have sex with her bosses Megan experienced the best sex in her ife forgetting all about her husband and kid back home To keep her job she accepted to become company's fuck toy ooking forward to prove herself as
"Hard Working Employee At "
working employee at positionExcerptUnable to resist her own urges Megan reached down between her folded egs rubbing and pinching her clit as her head was rocked back and forth her mouth and throat being filled by their cocks in turn They got faster as they passed her back and forth her head spinning from the motion and constant ack of.

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