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Devil Among Us (Lara Uri, #2)

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Proudly walk to services at their New York City synagogue greeting friends
the way Later they are to be the suicide bombers who strategically blew p the synagogue killing hundreds of their fellow worshipers and neighbors Why would this seemingly ltra orthodox family do such a thing As the facts emerge a Muslim terrorist plot is revealed Not so shockingly the facts reveal the support of religious right Christian leaders highly placed in the government The book is interesting as it lays out the strategies Of The Terrorist Leaders the terrorist leaders their backers book is the second in a series of which the main protagonists are Uri a Mossad agent and Lara an American FBI Special agent who also happen to be lovers Together they nravel the evil plot and save the world Since this is a series it clarifies to me why the ending is not completely satisfying The tale must continue in the next episode The book gets slow when the author gets bogged down in details of historical battles and too many forgettable names I think the story is very good but could be refined with careful editing There are some syntactic errors throughout the book that are distracting but not too jarring such as a satisfied puff of smoke The author Teaching Of Mathematics uses the same general but pointed description for several of the characters short in height but well dressed short and corpulent diminutive height It seems as if the author has a physical type for most of the bad guys In summary this is a story of strategy and war with just enough spice in the narrative to keep you reading in hope of excitement In the end my hopes were not gratifiedI rate this book 3 out of 4 because the plot is interesting and the book is very well researched I cannot give a perfect score because I found some descriptions to be repetitive and the syntactic errors were distracting People who like military strategy or war stories might like this book As a disclaimer I do not like this type of story This review is my own wasnsolicited and I received no compensation other than the free book download for writing the review Love the cover love the entire bookIt is a really good book I did not have the paperback thouBest of luck for Winnick and his future books Fast paced international thrillerLara and Uri meet again to nravel a sinister plot to destroy Israel physically and politically Working together they expose the imposters and their plans but at what cost You ll have to read for yourself It is an exciting read Exciting ReadThis is an exceptional book Even though it s the 2nd book it stands in its own It helps you nderst. Tempt to stop the US from providing aid to Israel PRAISE FOR WINNICK'S FIRST NOVEL EAST WIND In the genre of international spy thrillers from Daniel Silva and Vince Flynn Jack Winnick's East Wind is a fast paced page turner novel involving a credible scenario Muslim terrorists have penetrated the US detonated one small nuclear dirty bomb in a major US city and are threatening further attacks if the US does not cease its Well writen and engaging Absolutely gripping and excitingMore gripping excitingThis seuel is a intricately and beautifully woven tapestry of terrorism and counter terrorism fuelled by love for God and countryEvery lover of espionage will love this I enjoyed the story line as very realistic The characters were well defined My main objection to the novel were the several references to liberal Jewish groups sympathetic to terrorist groups While the Reform the novel were the several references to liberal Jewish groups sympathetic to terrorist groups While the Reform has objections to the refusal by the orthodox rabbis in recognizing Reform marriages there is no hesitation in supporting the survival of Israel I took offense in the phrase self hating Jews This is a derogatory reference to the Reform movement The Devil Among Us by Jack Winnick is the second book of the Lara And Uri series Lara Edmond an extremely intelligent FBI agent and Uri Levin an experienced Mossad agent have to work together in order to stop a terrorist attack from causing Americans to withdraw support from Israel which would lead to the deaths of thousands of Jews However nlike in the first book of the series they are not certain who their enemy truly is Is it an Arabian terrorist organization a radical group of the Jewish population or American oil tycoons The two lovers and friends are determined to find outI was happy to see that the second novel in the Lara And Uri series delves deeper into Lara s psyche the story was focused on Uri Lara s combat skills and intelligence is displayed and tilized freuently I also enjoyed the author s inclusion of details relating to the religious and political motives for the conflicts in the Middle East The book both taught and entertained me I disliked the author s portrayal of Americans in the Southern states Characters from this region have rather exaggerated and ridiculous accents I found it hard To Focus On The focus on the because of this embellishment in vernacular I rate this novel 3 out of 4 stars While I enjoyed learning about the conflicts in the Middle East about which I was before largely ignorant of the author also included a large amount of nnecessary information This distracted me from the plot and was rather hard to read However I did enjoy the plot and the action scenes were very interestingI would highly recommend this book to those who are interested in the conflicts in the Middle East I would also recommend the novel to those who are searching for an entertaining way to learn about religions and violence in the Middle East This book would also interest people who like military weapons and tactics An orthodox Jewish family. A New York synagogue is leveled by an explosion on Yom Kippur Hundreds are killed and maimed An investigation indicates Jewish members were responsible But were they Simultaneously the threat of an organized Muslim Brotherhood attack on Israel looms on the horizon FBI agent Lara Edmond and Mossad field agent Uri Levin lead characters in Winnick's debut novel East Wind are assigned the dangerous task of solving this new at. And a lot about the different extremely groups in countries in the Middle East It can be a little violent in the different terrorist attacks Some get a little descriptive while others are implied The only thing that might be offensive to some is how the different religions are talked about If you can t be offensive to some is how the different religions are talked about If you can t the truth about some of the extremist religion then I wouldn t suggest you read this book I really enjoyed it A New York Synagogue is destroyed by an explosion Hundreds of innocent Jewish families are injured or killed As an investigation ensues evidence points to Jewish involvement However are the investigators getting the right information Simultaneously a brotherhood of Muslims is planning an attack that will ltimately destroy Israel and much worse cause another major war FBI agent Lara Edmond and Mossad Field Agent Uri Levin are on the case and are met with much resistance as they try to stop the terrorist attacks and solving this new attempt to stop the US from providing aid to Israel While also trying to decipher their feeling for each other Will they be able to rekindle their relationship and stop the next terrorist attackThe Devil Among Us is Jack Winnicks second book in a series However reading the previous book is not reuired FBI agent Lara Edmond and Mossad Field Agent Uri Levin are the main characters in Winnick s debut novel East Wind These main characters are well laid out with enough background information to help paint the picture for the readersI enjoyed the relationship between the two main characters Lara and Uri seemed to really connect and the author did a good job of portraying them as professionals but yet also as professionals that cared for each other on a deeper level I was really pulling for their story throughout the bookOne of my dislikes of the book was the Appalachian Trail Wall Map use of so many different groups and political standpoints Several times I had to stop and reread simply because so much political jargon was beingsed I do feel that readers who have a background in politics a veteran or former law enforcement would find this an enjoyable readTaking into consideration my likes and dislikes I am giving a rating of 3 out of 5 stars I did find the book enjoyable despite my lack of knowledge in politics The plot was well laid outthe characters were interesting and there were few errors throughout Due to some gruesome details and few bits of profanity I do not think this book would be suitable for young readers Not well writtenThe book is written as if it s for 5th grade students to much Hashbara will not recommend this book for anyone. Upport for Israel Lee Bender Philadelphia Jewish Voice Only from an engineer with over 40 years of experience in nuclear and chemical engineering could an international terror plot thriller be so detailed and effective Gerard Casale Jr Shofar Magazine A riveting thriller with real world connections East Wind is a fine read and highly recommended Midwest Book Review Book Cover design by Richard Lucas Dancing Tornado Design. .