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Men who goes from woman to woman looking for that elusive spark that will make him feel complete Scott is a musician and a successful one at that who has never felt the pull of true loveWhen the two men meet under very odd circumstances it is Scott who falls first while hank is trying to sort first while Hank is trying to sort his life and his feelings he realizes eventually that he shouldn t have been looking for the right woman but the right person Scott knows he s falling for Hank and can t seem to stop himself but never imagined that Hank would be there to catch him when he falls In the background there is Brian Scott s brother who is wrestling with his own past failed marriage and his current feelings for a co worker a female helicopter pilot loved that part There are many little plot twists that you think may lead somewhere but as usual Marchwell keeps you guessing It s not any one person or group of people that threaten to keep them apart I won t spoil the lovely ending to the story here but you ll understand when you read itOne piece of advice When you read this story read it knowing that it is a sweet romance between Scott and the two men who mean to him than anything his brother and HankIt is uirky and full of tender moments between Scott and his brother and Scott and Hank I found it to be uite a eparture from Mr Marchwell s earlier works especially Sins of the Father and I kept having to remind myself that it was the same author who From A Distance d written both If you re thinking of reading this booko not expect another intense character The Poems driven story as Sins of the Father if youo you ll be Ghosts And Gravestones Of Haworth disappointed It was a book I needed at the moment Full of love laughter and love Not too complicated a lot of love making and a lot of I love you s and where I m normally not a huge fan of that in this story it was than okay Scott Scrappy saved HankHank saved Scott 25 stars from me While initially the logging setting and Hank s gruff characterrew me in the moment Scott arrives in chapter two the whole thing fell apart for me I just couldn t relate to his character at all His brother is in ICU supposedly for a bump on the head something else that idn t make sense to me yet once he sees Brian lying unconscious in the hospital bed he s instantly sure his brother will be fine all worry gone jokes at the ready even though Brian has yet to regain conscientiousness his reactions made no sense to me Hearing a scuffle in the hall he goes out to find some loggers trying to toss out the man they believe caused Brian s injuries Scott ecides to step in and pretty much caused Brian s injuries Scott Taking Sides decides to step in and pretty much mother to the man everyone is saying caused his brother s injuries Again Scott just knows Hank is in the clear even though he s a total stranger and before you know it they re making CAMPING plans while poor Brian is still in the hospital for his bump on the head not even a concussion That was in the first few chapters and well itidn t get any better from there Whole book felt very anti climatic While there was plenty of potential for some great tension Scott waves his hand and shoos it away whenever conflicts arise There s also this odd focus on pet namesmaybe another reason I found it hard to take ScottyScooterScrappy seriouslyI guess you could call it a sweet read though I found it slow meandering and sort ofodd. Ue The Better Man d'aimer uelu'un sans leuel on ne pouvait pas vivreScott a besoine savoir si les sentiments Tall Tales From The High Hills de Hank se transformeront en un grand éclate passion ou simplement une amitié calme ce ui ne correspond pas à ce u'il ressent Mais il peut être Tsuga S Children déjà trop tard Scott ne peut tout simplement pas s'empêchere tomber pour Ha. ,

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 Dargo Island The First Tale
Falling AUTHOR D.W. MarchwellWhat I love about DW Marchwell s work is the heart that goes into them He literally had me gripping the edges of my laptop breathless them He literally had me gripping the edges of my laptop breathless heart pounding as I read much of the story I alternated between that and sinking back in a sort of contentment Marchwell is a master not just of character but of character emotion These people are real and not contrived He will make you care and he will sweep you away on a great romantic ride and always bring you safely home If you re hungry for a great Okay so there s cute cheesy and then there s ridiculous cheesy Parts of this book were cute and parts were ridiculous but it was nearly all cheesy The ridiculousness got to the point a few times that I wanted to stop reading I even closed the book and came here to add it to my Death Of A Russian Priest dnf shelf but all of the glowing reviews convinced me to keep at it I suppose I m glad Iid the end id earn the book another star from me but I had to skim over a LOT as in "Whoa Wait They Re "wait they re it AGAIN Is that physically possible of sex to get thereExample of cute cheesy I on t think anyone has ever seen t I really enjoyed this story The MCs were very likable and it was very interesting to watch as they explored their feelings for each other I loved how they not only fell in love and had hot sex but from the very beginning it was clear that they had built mutual respect and were comfortable teasing each other without getting all angsty and self Pastures New destructive and talked about their feelings and about their uestions rather than to just assume the worst like in some other mm romancesI also greatly enjoyed the triangleynamic between the straight brother Bryan who took care of his little brother when they had no one else the gay brother Scott or Scooter Scrawny Tazmanian The Moolala Guide To Rockin Your Rrsp devil loved the nick namesand his lover Hank who works for his brother A lot of interesting stuff thereI thought theramatic high point was very well written as well even though it made me a bit ueezy I was on the edge of my seat and thought it was very effective I must admit though that I felt there were too many loose ends for me and the novel took the easy way out too often If it were just part of a series I would understand keeping so many interesting plots for later in the series but there were a lot of storylines hinted at but never explored on t want to give too much away but I mean things like Hank s familyIt seemed that the novel always made certain to keep away from any areas that could made certain to keep away from any areas that could bring problems The people who weren t nice were removed from the story and never heard from again though it would have enriched the story to include what happened to them The MCs never had to really test their relationship The few people who knew they were together 3 people accepted them rather uickly It seemed they were in a bubble the whole time and I always find it interesting when the characters have to get out of the bubble and face reality This idn t really happen Danger fear sure But they The Infinite Sea didn teal with Scott s band mates whom he simply left behind without looking back The Fury Of The Fae didn teal with Hank s family or with any people who might give them trouble for being gay or anything of that kind really Soo I actually really liked the audio book while listening to it and would have readily rated it 45 stars Lorsue Scott Alan reçoit un coup Skin de téléphone le prévenant ue son frère a été blessé lors'un travail Finch Amore Non Ci Separi d'élagage il se précipite aux côtése Brian pour The Family Unit And Other Fantasies découvrir ue ses blessures sont mineures – mais rencontre Hank Ballam un bûcheron à la recherche'adrénaline ui est un paria parmi ses collèguesHank est. ,
Irectly afterwards Misao The Big Mama And Fukumaru The Cat Goodbye Hello Japanese And English Edition decided on 425 stars when I began writing up my review and after thinking about everything that was missing for me while writing it up would almost like to give a 375 to the story I guess 4 stars is the perfect rating It is a comfort story I guess and as suchoesn t go into any territory that might be Qualities And Actions Of Effective Therapists dangerous to that feel Iid really enjoy it and have no problem recommending this book but I just feel like it could have been much 35Sweet story with little angst or conflict sort of surprising considering Hank went from straight to gay without even blinking The MC s have an instant attraction and take time to build a friendship I liked the story my only niggle were all the nicknames and how often uncut had to be pointed out 35 StarsIn lieu of writing reviews I m taking an extended break I Loretta Lynn Coal Miner S Daughter decided to leave this list showing some of the reasons for the stars I ve given to the stories I ve read 5 Stars Given to stories that had me falling in love with the characters or stories where I hated the characters but the author had me hooked For stories that had me so engaged in the plot I couldn t put the bookown and stories that either made me cry buckets andor laugh until I cried In short these ones rocked my world 4 Stars Given to stories that I REALLY REALLY enjoyed reading but had me wishing for just a bit 3 Stars Given to stories that I thought were well worth the read but they Tiger S Eye A Memoir didn t knock my socks off2 Stars Given to stories thatidn t work for me I couldn t connect to the MCs or feel any sort OF CONNECTION BETWEEN THEM I COULDN connection between them I couldn Follow The Plot Or the plot or wasn t a plot Every so often one of these stories just needs work to fix what went wrong but mostly 2 star reads are stories that leave me wondering why I kept reading until but mostly 2 star reads are stories that leave me wondering why I kept reading until end1 Star I RARELY give out 1 Star so when I Inner Paths To Outer Space Journeys To Alien Worlds Through Psychedelics Other Spiritual Technologies do it means the story was a complete train wreck I know what I may love another reader may wonder what the hell I was thinking and vise versa but I m okay with that 33 StarsNothing wrong with this one but I found it hard to keep readinglistening Charlie Davidid a good job nothing spectacular so the narration idn t etract from the story I just wasn t invested in the story or the characters overly much Gah that sound harsh Don t get me wrong it s a sweet and sexy read I think I m either spoiled or over sensitized to expect Destiny drama than was prevalent hereI loved the setting as well as the hella impressive attention toetail on all things logging related And I really Heinous did like Hank after listening to him grow maturebut Scott was sort of well just meh He was a little too perfect and perfect is boring Honestly his brother Brian was interestingReading the reviews for this one I veiscovered that evidently there s another book by this author that has feelzdeeper characterizationso I ll give that one a try This one was amn near perfect for me I totally love Hank So big and strong but with a heart as soft as marshmellow p The story was nicely paced no jumping into bed as soon as they meet but a build up of feelings and enotions To me it was a romance book Recomend to all looking for love before sex lol As with his other works Marchwell has given us a character study of two men who never thought they would end up with each other Hank is one of those. Un véritable paradoxe il vit pour l'excitation e l'escalade et Mfa Writing Thesis Catalog 2006 de l'élagagees arbres presue autant u'il aime la paix u'il trouve à explorer les montagnes u'il considère comme étant sa maison L'attraction Burn In Hell de Scott pour Hank est immédiate et époustouflante et représente ce u’il a toujours voulu savoir ce u'était.