EBOOK (Роль читача. Дослідження з семіотики текстів) ç Umberto Eco

The Bookchemist reads The Role of the Reader300 pm I am reading The "Role of the Reader by my main man Umberto Eco I am intelligent302 "of the Reader by my main man Umberto Eco I am intelligent302 eheh that tree is yellow whopsy Back to work315 pm All of this makes admirable sense316 pm Woh OK that s an IKEA instruction sheet317 pm And just like IKEA stuff it s in a language I don t speak322 pm Interesting topic let me check the bibliogr ops nope French again445 pm OH COME ON THAT DOESN T EVEN MAKE SENSE500 pm Superman at long last504 pm Aaan it s as difficult as the othersThe Role of the Reader is an excellent as difficult as the othersThe Role of the Reader is an excellent on semiotics and the dynamics of reader s interpretation It is wonderfully clear until it isn t I am still not sure whether Superman is bad for me i don t know if it s because these concepts are well aged by now or because it s too similar to things I already knew around semantics and processing but I found this book difficult to. У цьому збірнику есеїв Умберто Еко обґрунтовує діялектику між відкритими і закритими текстами й забезпечує теоретичний каркас для розуміння їхніх семіотичних стратегій Дослідник розглядає як вербальні так і невербальні тв. .
Роль читача. Дослідження з семіотики текстівHat point Given that and a few other brushes with critical theory that also pointed me to Eco in recent months I look forward to returning to this in a possibly mythical future when I m less harried and distracted If you hated literature at school cause you were supposed to understand what did author wanted to say then this boos is perfect choice for youWritten with crystal clear precision it is still fun and cool long winded but very thorough exploration of the various roles of the reader how the reader might be able or not correctly able to interpret and de code the writer the essence of semiotics I confess some of the "High Flown Semiotics Went Over "flown semiotics went over head and I have a hard time paying attention when Eco starts using logical notation but this is a thrilling book nevertheless Chapters on Superman and Bond and the finale in particular are some of the best stuff I ve read on fictio. ?тик пов’язує модальності текстуальної інтерпретації з проблемою можливих світів “Роль читача” захоплює своєю ерудицією спонукає до важливих пошуків та роздумів і є науковою провокацією в найкращому розумінні цього слов?.

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Read and unenlightening I ll stick to his fiction I uess I ave "up on this finally and return it to the library after incurring 590 this finally and it to the library after incurring 590 overdue fines No reflection on Eco s seminal text I m just *Too Busy To Clear My *busy to clear my and spend the many hours it was taking even to et through the 30 page Introduction The intro felt like it pretty clearly encapsulated his Eco s post structural approach and was probably the only part of the book I had the intellectual background to say nothing of the patience to make my way throughEco s Six Walks in the Fictional Woods which I found lively layman ish and readable is kind of a Cliff Notes version of The Role of the Reader I think I mean I Kincir Api got far enough to suspect that at least I found the former so provocative and foundational or whatever the proper term is for something that provides the foundation ex post facto for everything you ve readlearned up ори мистецтва які або прагнуть інтерпретаційної співпраці реципієнта або намагаються досягти обмеженої й заздалегідь визначеної реакції адресата Аналізуючи художні твори що передбачають наївне і критичне прочитання семі?.