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To find a natural way healthy to healthy exercise and Spiritual Growth The Method Of Co Operating With Our Own growth The method of co operating with our own healing and creativity has been known and used for centuries In Japan it is called Seitai in India Shaktipat; even the early Christian used this simple form of AND OUTER HYGIENERECENT RESEARCH HAS LINKED THIS ACTIVITY and outer hygieneRecent research has linked this activity self regulatory and dream proces wi.

By using body movements and postures as doorways to our own natural healing process we can actively release tension; find between the mind the body; learn to dream creatively while and areas of the unconscious thought unaccesibleMost physical movements and exercise are disconnected from our deepest drives feelings and sources of healing MIND AND MOVEMENT shows how. Mind Movement: The Practice of Coex

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Thin us But no other Has Made Plain To has made plain to public how to co operate with these internal functions one's own benefitTony Crisp has been writing about natural health and self help for thirty years His special interest in the healing potential of the dream process led him to work "AS A THERAPIST DURING THE PAST FOURTEEN YEARS IT "a therapist during the past fourteen years It out of this experience MIND AND MOVEMENT was writt. .

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