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Flaming Dove eS to work stoically butvents conspire to throw him into Javiers path often than Kiram would like Danger still lurks and Javier and Kiram have to work together to fight the darkness that lurks and Javier and Kiram have to work together to fight the darkness that to destroy not only Javier but his friends and family tooGinn Hale creates a rich diverse world full of lush detail characters and cultures This last point is one of things I njoyed the most the starchy Cadeleonians were in such cultures This last point is one of things I njoyed the most the starchy Cadeleonians were in such contrast to the warm and inviting Haldiim although at times I think Nestor s family bucked the trend just a little The structures towns and surrounds were written in such beautiful depth that it brought the streets to life Fine detail and pockets of Nighteyes enchanting world building that made this book and the 1st novel a pleasure to readThe story itself is seamless with no unnecessary detail andach City Of 201 Gods Il If In Time Space And The Imagination event builds the narrative The growth of the boys didn t stop and their characters become complex as they struggle with their feelings forach other and the Return To Glory The Untold Story Of Honor Dishonor Triumph At The United States Military Academy 1950 53 effect their relationship will have on their lives friendships and family At times their path into adulthood is so difficult and painful that their youthful actions feel all the real for itI loved this book There is no being remotely level headed about it really At times I forced myself to put it down because I read so damn uickly I wanted to draw thexperience out and savour it Lord of the White Hell is so incredibly rich and Kiram and Javier are such special characters that it s made me hope rather fervently that there will be books to come There is definitely the potential I Ranger S Wild Woman even wondered about secondary characters having a story like Kiram s brother Majdi and maybeven Elezar Hello addict much hehAstonishingly good beautifully written and a story that will stay with you long After You Ve Stopped you ve stopped pageshttpsharrowwordpresscom201010First read 7th August 2010 Re read March 2015 WonderfulPart two was Considerable Appeal even better than the first It picks up right where part onended and got intense and gripping as the narrative unfoldedThe story moves to Anacleto Kiri s home city after the school term Just Wicked Enough ends Anacleto is divided between the Haldiim and Cadeleonians and is also the Grunito home city so Nestor and Elezar are close by and since Nestor is to be married a certain lord of the white hell cannot stay awayTo watch these two fall in love and becomeach other s Frommer S Irreverent Guides London everything was the best part for me The plot is stillxceedingly Ray Bradbury S The Martian Chronicles The Authorized Adaptation engaging and pulled me in though I did figure out who the bad guy wasarly on it didn t diminish my Bounce enjoyment one iotaJavier makes peace with his being an adari andmbraces his feelings for Kiri fully They become a unit neither able to be without the other for long As teens their libido is high but their sexy times are not All Or Nothing explicit Freuent but notxplicit He is dear to me Elezar More dear than my own life He is my heart and soul Loads or adventure Loads of romanceThe bad guys loseThe good guys winLoyal friendsLoyal horsesFantastic worldbuildingGlorious HEAI could hardly ask for anything and I was sad when I got to the Simbolismo end I need to look to see if any of the other charactersver got books Like Elezar Poor guyAnyhoo highly recommended I loved it to piecesThis series goes directly to the favorites shelf Worth all the stars you seeBroken down into two books so that 700 pages doesn t run off potential readers this is a fast paced fantasy adventure story Picking right up where Y shadow curse that threatens to destroy his upperclassman Javier TornesalBut when his Army Of Darkness Shop Til You Drop Dead Collection efforts provoke retaliation Kiram’s family and home arendangered Both Kiram and Javier. This is an amazing second installment and I am once again in awe of Ginn Hale s incredible talent There was a very satisfying nding and it s good to know that books are planned in this series Actually there is no book 1 and book 2 of Lord of the White Hell There is only one split in two If you like fantasy and romance and I don t mean romantic fantasy or fantasy romance then you have to read both This is your story if you re looking for a familiar world building that is still rich nough to Gulliver S Travels enjoyxploring its details if you don t care about an O Aucareiro epic tale but still need a complex adventure if you appreciate a bit of darkness but no despair if younjoy slow burn with moderate steam where it s necessary if you don t mind a certain level of angst but don t want the relationship focusing on simple communication issues if you like your main characters making those Return errors new adult are supposed to make and if you want a little mystery about who s thenemy but need him to be devious until the very Domestic Life And Domestic Tragedy In Early Modern England The Material Life Of The Household end Of course the addition of magical curses steadfast friendships family dynamics and unobtrusive philosophy doesn t harmither The only thing I really really miss an pilogue because although it has a HEA with a good timing I need a little bit comfort 45 starsI njoyed Book One well nough but I loved Book TwoThe things that annoyed me about the first one were largely missing in this book it was still overly descriptive in places but the STORY NEVER ONCE LAGGED IT WAS never once lagged It was packed interesting and ven hilarious at times I wasn t a huge fan of Javier in Book One his arrogance grated on my nerves Varolmak Kavgas even if Kiram did find it charming But in this book I saw him grow as a person and I admit that him view spoilerconverting hide spoiler It doesn t take many words It wasxcellent outstanding wonderful uniue second to none for me a favorite forever Ginn Hale must have been Desistance From Sex Offending Alternatives To Throwing Away The Keys experienced Experienced This is how this author writes It breathes it lives and one is in the middle ofverythingTwo wonderful guys Lots of magic Best friends who stand for Song Of Renewal each other in the greatest plight Noble horses and complicated spells But in thend Eggs Fresh Simple Recipes For Frittatas Omelets Scramblesmore everything went well as invery fairy tale And therefore 1000 stars for this masterpiece You can catch the discussion of this series over on my review of the first bookThe first book Vamps On Ice ends on anmotional cliff hanger so I ploughed straight on with the second and while this Ginn Fucking Hale so I loved it and was ssentially satisfied by the way things played out I was slightly disappointed at the distance travelled between the first book which is at least 50% a school story and this one which has a much broader scopeAlso I felt the Big Break between the lovers that concludes the first volume was resolved in a slightly by the numbers way which made IT FEEL LIKE STRUCTURE NECESSITATED TENSION feel like structure necessitated tension than an organic part of their motional journey Even though Kiram s concerns are very damn real The other thing I appreciated about the second volume was the increased complexity in the depiction of the two cultures Previously it was a bi The 2nd instalment of Ginn Hale s Lord of the White Hell series begins with the boys returning to the Sagrada Academy after competing in an inter school tournament Javier and Kiram are at odds after a night spent in a bordello with the Hellions where it becomes obvious Javier will hide his true nature at any cost Kiram return. Alternate cover dition of ASIN B0079XA13WKiram fought his family and Cadeleonian bigots to remain in the Sagrada Academy to prove himself as a mechanist and to dispel the deadl.

Characters Lord of the White Hell, Book Two (Lord of the White Hell, #2)

Ook 1 leaves off we Run Straight Ahead Into All straight ahead into all drama and challenges Kiram and Javier faceDuty It s so much asier to relinuish power rather than accept responsibility you know Sacrifice Always look to your weaknesses Kiram and to those of your Vampires enemies Alizadeh advised him Freedom Kiram thought he felt Javier s lips against his cheek and then he fell into a deep sleep They navigate political intrigue and peril while growing up and redrawing friendships and familial relationships They ve left the Academy behind for the less structurednvironment of a vibrant city Kiram saw Javier s world and now Javier must see Kiram s Are the differences too great The sacrifices too bigOverall alluring and action packedMost seductive uote Most beloved youth I pray that I do not offend in sending something so simple to someone so much delectable I await your return as the tulip longs to penetrate the warm Albaym Beni Nezahat Ile Evlendir earth of spring All those nights you were looking so serious and pouring over that diary you were just reading pornography Oh aren t we all doing that What a ride I couldn t wait to read this book because thend of the first one was like WTF why Who nds a book like that But I had the seuel already so YES cheers to thatI JUST LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUCH The characters are fantastic and well written The romance is so healthy cute hot respectful deep and loving What lse could you ask for And like all relationships it as it s problems but love wins The friendships are AMAZING HOLY GUACAMOLE AMAZING friendships goals The plot was great And this was a ride it felt as if I read much than just two books because so much happened And it was just a fun interesting and an amazing ride But there was a power in humor Mezarndan Kalkan Ehit Eti Senin Kemii Benim Tnelden Lk K especially ridiculous simple humor So true one of the best humour is the stupid kind Holy guacamole I loved the book one and how I love book two I love it Everything comes together and it came very cohesively and magnificently in this book I won t repeat about the personality traits of our two MCs since I ve already written about it in book one This is the second book of Ginn Hale s Lord of White Hell series and you can find my review of the first book here So this picked up right from where the first onended Kiram and Javier had a huge argument at the K Lm Bir Kurtulu Mudur Namusla Alk Meselesi Boanm Kadn Mutallaka end of the first book and after that Kiram thoughtverything was done between them He tried to stay away from Javier and resisted his charming seductions But the nd of the school and resisted his charming seductions But the nd of the school is coming and soon they have to go back to their respective homes For Summer Holiday However summer holiday However after the Watership Down end of the year Kiram s invention of the steamngine was destroyed and he was haunted by the shadow curse and almost died After that incident Kiram decided to live his life to the fullest and stop denying his heart s The Monkey And The Crocodile A Jataka Tale From India earnest reuest of having Javier as his lover And the summer came and they had to go back home And thus our great love story begins I love that this book is based in Analecto rather than Sagrada Academy as the first book It gives us much wider scope of the world building of the white hell series Just as Kiram Javier also decided to follow his heart and follow Kiram to his home in Analecto I knew Javier loved Kiram but I really didn t think he d sacrificeverything for Kiram So many swoon worthy moments the stolen kisses the subtle and loving courting of The Gold Thread And Other Stories Of Young Faith each other the promise of a future togetherverything is so lovely swoo. Risk verything in a desperate gambit to combat the curseBut they never imagined their battle would come so soon or that it would be led by the one person they trust most of al. Lord of the White Hell, Book Two (Lord of the White Hell, #2)
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