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Mmon sense but ultimately obvious advice about how not to be a dick at your kid to be a dick at your kid soccer game The guy who IS a dick at his kid s soccer game is never going to read thisThat said there are some interesting pieces of information He talks a little about a Canadian initiative for long term athletic development and motivating people to be active for life It uses scientific research to back up theories about what kinds of activities and how much competition kids should be doing at different ages It s interesting stuff but I wish the book went into detail there aren t many actionable specifics Research shows that a 51 ratio of positive to negative feedback is optimal for motivating kids He covers the mindsets research by Carol Dweck which shows that people who believe mindsets research by Carol Dweck which shows that people who believe ability can be changed through ffort achieve greater success in many areas not just athletics than those who believe that ability is fixed Therefore it s always better to praise Night Of The Big Heat effort rather than success it sends the message to work hard The difference between goals andxpectations goals are something we strive for but may not be achieved Expectations are always in our control It s fair to xpect your child to always work hard but not fair to xpect them to win the state championship The to xpect your child to always work hard but not fair to xpect them to win the state championship The is in their control the second isn t It s important to keep this distinction A lot of athletic drills and activities mploy an limination techniue nsuring that the kids that need the most practice get the least Employ the slanty line theory the least athletic kids have to jump over the low nd of the line the most athletic over the highest to ncourage children to compete against their best and not others An ye opening loo. Ere is a solution John O’Sullivan shares the secrets of the coaches and parents who have not only raised lite athletes but have done so by creating an nvironment that promotes positive core values and teaches life lessons instead of focus. .
It gives ssential knowledge how to act as a parent of an Athlete How To Help Your to help your child what to avoid what to ncourage him withGreat read Excellent ResourceI thoroughly how this book approaches giving parenting advice in today s hyper competitive youth sports Grundriss Philosophie Des Humanismus Und Der Renaissance 1350 1600 environment I m looking forward to telling my daughter how much I love watching her play A must read for all coaches and parents Whilst many may think that O Sullivan is at times stating the obvious they will then see how they themselves have also at times fallen prey to outside pressures and unrealisticxpectations All parents and coaches need to read this book Our children deserve it If helping your child to get the most out of their youth sports Meant To Be A Malsum Pass Novel experience is important to you this book is for you The author offers parents fantastic advice on how to return the sportsxperience to where it belongs with our children With advice and a perspective that is Sirkus Pohon every bit as relevant to parenting in general I took a lot from it Especially powerful were the Game Changing uestions sections inach chapter Great starting points for rich discussion Great book A huge recommendation for all youth sports parents Really puts things into prospectiveSome of the biggest ideas in the book are the following1 Design what you want your child to get out of sport How Far We Ve Come experience2 Include your child in the design of the sportxperience3 Release your child to the sport It is their xperience4 Fan Ref Coach Pick one role cant be all three The only realistic role is that of a fan5 I love to watch you play Say that to them after very vent This is a good book but it sort of suffers from preaching to the choir syndrome Lots of good co. The modern day youth sports nvironment has taken the njoyment out of athletics for our children Currently 70% of kids drop out of organized sports by the age of 13 which has given rise to a generation of overweight unhealthy young adults Th. K inside the world of youth sports Good to know I am doing a few things right Some great ideas sports Good to know I am doing a few things right Some great ideas where to go from here GreatI have been that crazy parent on the sidelines talking through the game on the ride home My daughter started to xpress burn out and not having fun I realized I needed a new perspective on parenting and sports This book has helped me so much I now go to the games and just Azul Suenos En Prosa De Vida Cotidiana enjoy them and my daughter is now confident and having fun again I highly recommend this book Really good This particularly resonated with me since the author s background is right in line with thenvironment we are in right now club soccer I wish Betty Crocker S Hamburger Cookbook every sports parent would read this book I agreed with all of it but yet it can still be hard not to get sucked in to makingmotionally driven mistakes when you are dealing with your own child I just really liked the attitude that the book carried and the fact that it was backed up with plenty of research This book is a validation of my opinion of where sports are today I wish the author would have discussed about the pressures put on parents to pay to play not just for highly competitive and highly achieving kids but for kids who just want to learn the game It appears to be an all or nothing deal If your kid wants to learn the game and play at all competitively then lots of money needs

to be spent 
be spent than a rec league where kids often pick daisies There is no in between Sports at ages younger than 10 are played year round so my kid is playing multiple sports at the same time rather than seasonal Parents may be an issue but if we want to change the game we need to liminate travel teams and bring back seasonal sports like the old days. Ing on wins and losses scholarships and professional aspirations Changing the Game gives adults a new paradigm and a game plan for raising happy high performing children and provides a national call to action to return youth sports to our kid.

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