(E–pub) Maimonides and Halevi BY Harry Austryn Wolfson

Maimonides and HaleviWHAT most characteristically distinguishes Jews And Greeks Is Their Respective Views Of Life That Of Greeks is their respective views of life That of former was ethical that of the latter was cosmological Of course neither was exclusive In the rocess of the development of their respective ideas Jews became interested in cosmology and Greeks in ethics Rabbis of the Mishnic the development of their respective ideas Jews became interested in cosmology and Greeks in ethics Rabbis of the Mishnic assiduously cultivated cosmological studies OvEro news and Greek hilosophy ever since Socrates was for the most Injury Ecstasy The Lake Lovers Series Book 2 part ethical Yet the emphasis has always been laid on theoint of view with which they started Jewish cosmology has x always been ethical while Greek ethics has always been cosmologicalThe Jews beheld nature. Subjectively and based their view of life on the inner experience taken as roduced by the response of their selves to the external world rather than on the flat observation of the external world itself The flux Of Nature Sweeping Over Their nature sweeping over their stirred its chords to feelings leasant or unpleasant and out of these notes registering the impact they constructed their life view Thunder lightning and death were not for them merely hysical events; nor was it the tremendous noisethe flashing light and the sudden disappearance of life that they dwelt upon their concern was the they dwelt upon Their concern was the dazzling and terrifying effects of these henomena upon their mind.

 The Judas Disciple

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S All natural henomena appeared to them as either Age Of Wonders physically good or badleasing or ainful But things appeared to them not as either hysically good or bad The Outer Rim Space Journal pleasing orainful But things appeared to them not as hysically good or bad but also as morally good or bad Death they recognized is bad and is good; but why they also asked is murder terrible than natural death and why is saving of another's life a leasure to the saver By utting this uestion they realized the existence of moral good and evil and began to judge things in these terms So by means of Introspection Rather Than Inspection rather than inspection their version of the world rather than its own version of itself the Jews developed their organized ethical view of life.

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