Naxos By Nano Chatzidakis [E–pub/Pdf]

This series on Byzantine monumental In Greece Presents Mosaics "in presents mosaics wall paintings from the 7th to the #15th century it includes complete monographs on each #century It includes complete monographs on each written by specialists in Byzantine art plans and drawings rich photographi. Naxos By Nano ChatzidakisCheimastou Potamianou; Hagia Kyriake Hagios Artemios Agapi Vasilaki Karakatsani; Hagios Diasoritis Myrtali Acheimastou Potamianou; Nikolaos Sangri Nicos Zias; Hagios Ioannis at Nicos Zias; Panagia at Yallou Nicos Drandakis. C material and bibliography Table of Contents Introductory Notes Panagia Drosiani Nicos Drandakis; Note Manolis Chatzidakis; Protothrone at Chalki Nicos Zias Panagia; Hagios Ioannis Theologos

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