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The Dandy and Lady PenelopeA number of Margaret Bennett S Books And I Have books and I have them all as they are well written sweet and funny at times In this book I as they are well written sweet and funny at times In this book I liked Max he was funny compassionate and a dutiful son and patriot also he got the baddie in the end as well as the girl I would recommend this book A fun story about an agent for the Crown who reinvents himself into a Dandy To Catch French to catch French The only problem is that Max the Earl of Black is attracted to a Lady Penelope who is engaged to another man And for some reason she seems to think he is attractive to men rather than her What a dilemma. Aldwyn she experiences an abusive and possessive side of Victor that he’s managed to hide from her Still she’s reluctant to break the engagement While Lord Aldwyn makes her heart sing she can’t help but to notice his penchant to chase after ,

Liked but found her a bit TO WILLING TO SACRIFICE HERSELF TO to sacrifice to causing shame to her family I did like the book overall and will get from this author A good story did like the book overall and will get from this author A good story liked Max a lot The story is told from Max s point of view probably 70% of it I did find the clothing descriptions a little tedious after a while After all his wardrobe was very flamboyant but after the 2nd or 3rd outfit I mostly just skimmed past those descriptions While I liked Lady Penelope she felt a little watered down compared to Max None of that prevented me from enjoying the story I enjoyed this book I have read. A Pink of the Ton He also discovers his interest in a certain young lady threatens his independenceLady Penelope Lenwood has been engaged to marry Victor Bynes since she was fifteen years old However as she finds herself drawn to the flamboyant Lord. ,

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25 out of 5 stars I received a Kindle copy Of This Book Thru A this book thru a Giveaway This is the first book I ve read by this author It s a nice regency romance with some spying by the French thrown in I liked the characters and the storyline it seems that it could fit well in a series but there doesn t seem to be one I ll read by this author if I have the opportunity A uick fast paced historical romance that puts a smile on your face Thoroughly enjoyed reading this in one sitting I absolutely loved Max who was willing to become a figure of fun in order to capture the villain Lady Pen Returning from the war Lord Maxwell Aldwyn recruited by the War Office to capture a spy decides to reinvent himself as a dandy His father the Duke of Blackmoor is appalled by
*his son’s transformation *
son’s transformation when Max discovers he likes playing.