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Ks and yet borrowed this as soon as i saw it at the library Guess it s like wanting to know the nd ven though you don t like the at the library Guess it s like wanting to know the nd Our Husband even though you don t like the This is yet another boring tale of someone who travels to other countries and waxes lyrical about how much they learn but they never actually step off the tourist trail and away from other travellers to really get to know anything substantial about the countries they visit I know that s a commonxperience but at least when you have it don t pretend it s anything profound or makes you deeper than you are The local people are nothing than staff or used to add some Wired For Story The Writer S Guide To Using Brain Science To Hook Readers From The Very First Sentence exotic stereotypical colour to the story I can t believe anyone would see this as informative orducational It s orientalism at its worst I really really won t be reading any further installations Latinalicious is well and truly amazing in "ALMOST EVERY WAY THE AUTHOR OFFERS A GREAT BLEND "every way The author offers a great blend wittiness and Real Dangerous Girl entertainment combined with some uite useful and practical advice and convincing reasons for visiting South America What I really love about this book though is the vivid rich writing style that Becky uses to write the book with it s funny and creative yet also does a great job of not sacrificing pure information forntertain. Tchers are From dodging naked Aussies on Bolivia's Death Road and diving with sea lions in the Galapagos Islands to conuering the Inca Trail just being crushed at the Rio Carnival and having her fake designer bag snatched in. Even though I m not in this book I managed to sneak an appearance in "Balilicious I still loved it Becky is the funniest person I know in the interest "I still loved it Becky is the funniest person I know in the interest full disclosure we are friends and have ven written a book together And her books are brilliant OK hated this I didn t finish it because she is shallow and irresponsible That s OK but I m getting too old to waste time on drivel Like This Fine For Those this Fine for those have 40 or so years left to read but since I don t I m cutting it loose Deleting it from Kindle Glad I only spent 199 A true travel story This felt like a really honest portrayal of her journey through South America I really njoyed it I felt like I was traveling along with her without needing to leave the house Summer Kisses entertaining reminded me of my youth and made me feel like going off to buy a plane ticket to fly off to another continentven though my Sweet Jealousy A Bdsm Domination Submission Romance experiences woul Interesting book about Becky s travels in South America She definitely visits places your casual traveler would not visit She goes from going onxtravagant tours to staying on hostels in which you would not catch your regular travelers in but she s got her youth to help her do this not for me though I swore to myself that i wouldn t read any of her boo. In her latest laugh out loud travel memoir intrepid traveller Becky Wicks sets her sights on both the natural and ahem man made attractions of South America and discovers that while gauchos aren't always hot strangely birdwa. ,

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Ment value the book "definitely has the best of both worlds when it comes to staying pleasurable while also being informing at the same timeI the best of both worlds when it comes to staying pleasurable while also being informing the same timeI pleasantly surprised when I came across the rundown of the Ayahuasca retreat in Peru in the it s The Ghost Of Cabin 664 extremely interesting and Becky s added vibe and spice made a topic that I was once wary of instead a very interesting and thought provoking subjectOverall it s DEFINITELY worth the read I had high hopes at first but the book went way above and beyond my initialxpectations This isn t your ordinary travel memoir by ANY means Becky Wicks offers a refreshingly new approach that I am sure will leave A Dark Place To Die even the most critical readers out there thoroughly impressed I m currently planning for my trip to South America next year so this book was both a blessing and a curse It s hard to narrow down what to do in 5 weeks when you read about so many great things that one person did in a yearBecky s writing style wasasy and conversational I laughed out loud on several occasions and felt like I was along for the journey Her personal xperiences have inspired me for my own trip and the balance between sharing good and bad xperiences of travel have given me realistic The Skeptic S Guide To American History expectations of what toxpect. the balance between sharing good and bad Vivaldi experiences of travel have given me realisticxpectations of what to Foreign Faction Who Really Kidnapped Jonbenet expect. Colombian ghetto Becky tangos gallops bikes and treks her way through this spectacular continent offering heaps of handy travel tips and hilarious insights along the way Andxperiencing a good few vino tinto hangovers to. Latinalicious - The South America Diaries
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