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Electronic GagsLYou will be hooked instantly and won t want to put this book down A gripping story about resistance to tyrannyThe gags in Electronic Gags are not jokes about computer technology In fact there is nothing jokey about these gags at all They re just the latest fiendish invention devised by the corrupt and all controlling government by the corrupt and all controlling government President for life Brandon Ward of the 10 provinces of America to terrorise an already petrified population This book introduces us to a state which has succeeded the United States of America and which in its totalitarian megalomania makes Stalin s Russia seem like a democratic paradise The ntire population is spied on by an all seeing security service and the slightest hint of dissent or criticism of the president is guaranteed to mean instant arrest followed by a date before a firing suadWhen the oppressive government rolls out a policy of Unbored Adventure Serious Fun For Everyone electronically gagging all adults with a collar which limits free speech by administeringlectric shocks to the people when they talk too much it provides a spur to resistance for one brave freedom fighterI don t want to spoil things for the reader by giving out any details of how this really Betting On Fate exciting and dramatic story develops Suffice it to say that Ixpected to spend at least a couple of days reading this book but because once I started it proved impossible to leave down I got finished in a morningThis is the second book I ve read by K Muzira The first one was called The Thirteenth Disciple I gave five stars to that Mechanistic Nonmechanistic Science An Investigation Into The Nature Of Consciousness Form excellent book and without hesitation the same number goes to this one This tale may seem particularly apt in a world driven by technological advancement and terrorising leaders forever trying toxert their powerFollowing the plight of Michael and Freddie who dare to rebel in a country ruled by a cruel and heartless despot this tale is a journey of determination and hope Against the odds Freddie battles to rid himself of his feelings of guilt for letting down his friend Michael as he devises a plan to rid people of their lectronic gags and kill the presidentWith the help of his hapless cousin and the sharp shooter Jennifer Freddie brings new hope and light to the people of his countryThe narrative is tense as it transfers between of his countryThe narrative is tense as it transfers between poor and the mighty in a battle of willsCharacters are very real and the pace is fast An xcellent read This book is set in the not to distant future in what we now call United States of America A disgruntled veteran a former hero of the war in Ira and others has seized power with vast popular support People were Selby The Lobster eually fed up with Democrats and Republicans and had their legitimate grievances When the story begins it s too late People have jumped out of the frying pan into the fire so to speak or much worse So this is fantasy but kinda close to home The hero overweight Freddie is totally likeable and we fear for him in his uneual battle for freedom of speech and things like that Writing is straightforward the book is very readable I d put it bewteen three and a half and four stars Maybe I d give it if I was into the famtasy genre Some bits. N hero He is fat and he is not anx special forces operative But what he lacks in agility and combat training he has in brains His life changes when the government arrests his best friend Michael for attending an opposition meeting Michael’s mother accuses Freddie of betraying her son Against all odds Freddie must prove his innocence and save Mic. Were really really good The world is in crisis banks unemployment poverty drones spy satellites greedy corporations democracy sinking beneath a flood tide of corruption dishonesty neglect and incompetence It s hardly surprising that the dystopia concept appears in so many new novelsThus it is with Electronic Gags by Kudakwashe Muzira who sets his novel in the present dystopia where people are being spied upon and repressed in new and unimaginable ways Enter the hero of the tale an overweight hamburger munching biologist by the name of Freddie Young Accused of ratting on his best friend Michael Freddie must prove his innocence and save his pal now sitting on death row At a time when civil rights have gone back 100 years and the all powerful government now a purely fascist regime has the yes in the sky to watch veryone Orwell s 1984 projected forward 100 years Freddie Young has only one option bring down the governmentA fast moving page turner I won t ruin the rest of the plot Just get this book Electronic Gags by Kudakwashe Muzira is an intriguing futuristic science fiction thriller although neither times nor technology are far ahead from nowSet in a totalitarian USA governed by a military dictator the book sets a grim future of oppression and state control Reminiscent of 1984 and great political thrillers we focus on two unlikely heroes control Reminiscent of 1984 and great political thrillers we focus on two unlikely heroes Freddie is the only person People Of Esarn escaping a police raid on their secret rebel meeting while hist best friend Michael is put on death rowIn the mean time the government issueslectronic gag devices to Grandmothers Pearls exertven control over its citizens which leads to a very depressing and bleak looking future for our heroesWhat follows is however far pleasant than would be Wake expected Muzira manages to see through the action packed thriller part of the plot but without going over the top and turning his young heroes into supermen With the use of their own talents Freddie and some friends of his try to save their friend and the nation from the oppressing dictator s ruleI loved that Freddie was overweight and a bit of a nerd but when forced to survive in the wild his skills suddenly come up trumps It makes the characters much real and relate able and the book incrediblyngaging Those scenes were definitely my favourites while others probably will prefer the imaginative technological creations and well paced action seuences of the book Besides the rather inventive lectronic gadget of the title that the author introduces and the technological and tactical struggle between the government and the resistance there is also a deeper personal and psychological side to the conflictIt felt as if Muzira sends a message to his readers that however hard governments try to break the spirit of their people it Is Imperative To Resist imperative to resist the threat from terrorism and the many governmental attempts to gain legal rights to get a grip on it this book adds some food for thought to this discussion This is a great and understated thriller with much originality some satirical humour and very likeable characters A great find amongst its peers in the genre. Hael from death row The only way for Freddie to save Michael is to overthrow the government But the government is watching him It is watching veryone During his fight for freedom and survival Freddie meets Jennifer a self styled tough girl Jennifer hates Freddie at first sight She hates fat people but she needs Freddie in her own fight for survival.

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Privacy is Dead Big brother no longer uses telescreens as He Did In 1984 Now He Has Got Electronic GagsThis did in 1984 now he has got Remove Negative Thinking How To Instantly Harness Mindfulness And The Power Of Positive Thinking The Girlbizmind Series Book 1 electronic gagsThis gripped me from page 1 to the verynd I liked the suspense and the humor I also liked the fact that this story has no super heroes We have ordinary folks fighting for their freedom survival Set in a futuristic America like The Hunger Games Muzira s Electronic Gags is a very original thriller which satirizes governments that spy on their citizensI judge stories by their plots and this story has a very good plot Sometimes it pays to gamble on unknown authors and sometimes it doesn t I m glad this time my gamble paid off A great dystopian storyIf the writer can continue this story then this is the birth of a great series I liked this book and I couldn t put it down because I was desperate to find out what would happen to Freddy and Jennifer This is one of the best dystopian books I have read this year I found this for free on and thought the plot sounded interesting so I grabbed it And in many ways the plot is interesting the world building is okay and characters are diverse nough I like the way interesting the world building is okay and characters are diverse nough I like the way works out in the Ebola Natural Remedies Government Conspiracies end The main problem for me is that it has been published too soon It almost feels like a draft rather than a published novel It s got the all thelements in place but the finishing touches are left Dialog is often too formal suspense points are not worked as well as they could have been and the author doesn t seem to trust the reader well Les Monades Urbaines enough so hexplains too much So I think this could become a good novel If this plot would be worked a little better dialog made natural and suspense built up better it might make an My Crazy Terrible Life excellent dystopia because the set up is in many ways imaginative and promising As it stands it is rather mediocre thriller with some uite interesting ideas Yes Big Brother is back and he is now sophisticated and than he was in the year 1984 Big Brother no longer relies on the telescreen he now haslectronic gags You pay him whenever you speak When you speak without paying the Sweet Christmas Love electronic I am very happy to have received a review copy of Electronic GagAfter a rebellious group of people get arrested for conspiring against the government the president decides to implement one of hismployee s new invention Originally called the Electronic Gag The National Antiterrorist Surveillance Tool or NAST for short would be given to ach citizen of the US to monitor their locations and spoken wordsWhen then main character hears about the mandatory program the National Antiterrorist Surveillance Program or NASP for short on the news he angrily said It s another measure to tighten the regime s grip on our necks not knowing just how right he wasthis well knowing just how right he wasThis well novel was xciting smart and suspenseful You don t have to know anything about politics or Titanic electronics tonjoy this book since the author provides all the necessary info you need to fully understand Tossed And Tumbled Toss Trilogy Book 3 each decisions and actions the believable characters makeElectronic gag reminded me of The Hunger Games as well as the popular show 24 but remained completely origina. Perfect for fans of The Hunger Games and Nineteen Eighty Four ‘Electronic Gags’ presents a chilling portrait of a dystopian United States ruled by a tyrant To tighten his grip on power the president introduces a new surveillance system that can monitor people’s offline conversations Privacy is officially dead Freddie is not yourveryday actio. ,