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Perempuan Mencari Tuhan gHonestly I m not that interested in biological and chemical warfare Maybe because it scares me to the core due to humanity s immature nature and I m a natural worrier anyway So usually I avoid books about it However it s about ancient examples or at least I thought soDespite my initial worry Mayor does an excellent job at paralleling the ancient world and the present Sheives examples of how today s army is looking into strategies of the past no matter how silly eg the army looking into using bees as weapons for targets It s eerie surprising and unsettling like infrasound see below in notes The book is packed with facts and examples well researched and thankfully usually mentions key people repeatedly so the slow students ahem me can remember who they are and their history It may be annoying to people who already know the history but I was uite appreciative so I could et my facts rig This was a pretty thorough look at the different types of biological and chemical weapons use in ancient warfare It is broken down into sections each detailing a different type of tactic She describes how poisons incendiaries biological weapons such as plague corpses and even animals such as hornet s nests were used and cites examples of battles in which these techniues were employedI thought this was very enlightening read Many people assume that the use of biological and chemical weapons is an issue that is uniue to our current society but this book shows that this type of warfare is nothing new The ancients knew how to fight dirty and their battles weren t exactly as fair and honorable as some romantics would have us think At the same time these ancient civilizations battled with the same issues of conscience that our civilization is facing today as to the use of these highly effective but often needlessly destructive techniues It s definitely food for thought I enjoyed this author s style of writing She was able to share this material in a way that was informative but still interesting and not at all dry as some historical narratives can be I would recommend this book to anyone interested in ancient history and seeing how our own society mirrors these past events It s somewhat saddening to realise that although the earliest mythological stories about the use of biochemical weapons came with the moral too dangerous and inhumane to use they re still in use today and causing all the same tragic miseryDespite this chastening theme this is an engrossing book The author makes her points well and is clear about what is known and what is speculation and opinionAnybody interested in mythology ancient history or military tactics should find this a rewarding read This was a reread for me This is an eye opening and often shocking account of the use of biological and chemical weapons by the ancient people of Greece Italy India and the Near East To uote Mayor Although it is tempting to imagine an ancient era innocent of biochemical weaponry in fact this Pandora s box of horrors was opened thousands of years ago There are accounts in Greek myths Hercules Philoctetes of the use of poison though the ancient Greek heroes were supposedly too noble to resort to such things However that did not stop Athena from suggesting poison arrows as a way to dispose of Penelope s unwanted suitors Ironically Odysseus was killed dispose of Penelope s unwanted suitors Ironically Odysseus was killed a poisoned spear wielded by his son Telegonus Black hellebore Christmas rose was used to poison arrows and water supplies Of course it helped to have an antidote since it was uite easy to accidentally poison oneself in the process The water supply for the town of Kirrha was supposedly poisoned with hellebore Though there are various accounts of how this was accomplished the result was the same the destruction of the populace of Kirrha Around 150 CE Pausanias visited the area and wrote The plains around Kirrha are completely barren and people there will not plant trees because the land is still under a curse and trees will not row there Harming noncombatants was supposedly against ancient Greek beliefs of fair war but Mayor states during sieges of cities the entire population was considered the enemy Ancient Indians used similar tactics in their wars In Arthashastra by Kautilya there are actual recipes for poisonous mixtures to use on the enemy These would cause blindness disease insanity or death There was a special smoke to destroy all animal life as far as It Is Carried Off By is carried off by wind Obviously it s a form of destroy all animal life as far as it is carried off by the wind Obviously it s a form of How To Survive Life And Death A Guide For Happiness In This World And Beyond gas There are also ancient accounts of plague being spread by arrows and various containers When the Chaldeans sacked and burned Solomon s temple in Jerusalem they are said to have opened copper vessels which they assumed contained treasure Instead they were attacked by a plague During the siege of Jerusalem in 70 CE by the future Roman emperor Titus the second temple was destroyed Once again invaders broke open jars they assumed held treasure Instead Titus s reign saw one of the worst outbreaks of plague ever known There s also the fascinating story of Colchis the homeland of the infamous Medea Greek soldiers unwisely feasted on Colchian honey and soon began acting like intoxicated madmen Xenophon found his troops spread around on theround as if they were under a spell They were totally incapacitated and some of them even died The survivors could not stand for three or four days The culprit Naturally toxic honey which was Fr Greek Fire Poison Arrows and Scorpion Bombs Not Retrouvez Greek Fire Poison Arrows and Scorpion Bombs et des millions de livres en stock sur fr Achetez neuf ou d'occasion Greek Fire Poison Arrows Scorpion Bombs Weapons of biological and chemical warfare have been in use for thousands of years and Greek Fire Poison Arrows Scorpion Bombs Adrienne Mayor's exploration of the origins of controversial weaponry draws extraordinary connections between the mythical worlds of Hercules and the Trojan War the accounts of Herodotus and Thucydides and modern methods of war and terrorism Greek Fire Poison Arrows Scorpion Bombs Weapons of biological and chemical warfare have been in use for thousands of years and Greek Fire Poison Arrows Scorpion Bombs Adrienne Mayor's exploration of the origins of controversial weaponry draws extraordinary connections between the mythical worlds of Hercules and the Trojan War the accounts of Herodotus and Thucydides and modern methods of war and terroris Greek Fire Poison Arrows Scorpion Bombs Buy Greek Fire Poison Arrows Scorpion Bombs Biological Chemical Warfare in the Ancient World by Mayor Adrienne online on ae

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Greek Fire, Poison Arrows and Scorpion Bombs: Biological and Chemical Warfare in the Ancient WorldE introduced anew every time Do we really need to be reminded four times that Mithridates was a threat to the Romans and himself was afraid of being poisoned I have this on audio and was treated to extra annoyance from the US English mangling of Greek and other names eg Kyzikos probably spelled Cyzicus pronounced Sissicus That is pretty standard though and not the fault of the author comparisons are made without much regard to chronology over distances of centuries This method can be useful in bringing new insights but only so long as it is based on a firm Book Of Tink grasp of the facts avoiding superficial similarities words like and being referred to as Latin words the author seems not to haverasped the concept of differential diagnosis the dramatised effect of an envenomed Le Mouvement Communiste International Depuis 1945 garment Herakles tunic in Sophokles tragedy are compared to accounts of the effect of cobra venom and concluded to have been just that Later the symptoms of the Athenian plague whichever disease that may have been in 430 BCE are described in much the same terms though not claimed to be the same One might conclude that widely differing causes can produce effects on the human body which are described by the sufferers using similar terms a burning can be caused by fever acid nerve toxin actual fire c the sameoes for literary echoes Thucydides in describing the Athenian plague consciously echoes the homeric description of the plague afflicting the Greeks at Troy the Roman Folk Lore Superstitious Beliefs In The West Of Scotland Within This Century general Lucullus while chasing the aforementioned Mithridates during the 70s and 60s BCE is said to have found a statue of the dying Herakles and to have brought it back to Rome placing it next to a statue of Divine Caesar That would have taken some foresight How little things changebefore I read this book I never imagined that there were such weapons in the ancient world The ethical uestions still remain but the pace of production is uicker than any meaningful answers What you thought napalm was a new thing This book will disabuse your mind of that notion pronto According to Mayor mankind has been thinking up new and horrible ways to spread terror and kill people faster since before Alexander Beehive bombs Snake bombs Poisonous spider bombs Naphtha bombs Arrows poisoned with snake venom or tipped with burning pitch to set the besieged city on fire Catapulting the plague dead over the castle walls There is no end and evidently a very early beginning to mankind s ingenuity and bloodthirstinessDid you know rhododendrons were poisonous And did you know that if bees fed on rhododendron nectar that if you ate the honey they produced that it would kill you It s how Colchis defeated Xenophon in 401 BCThat ancients idea aboutetting the plague if you sacked a temple Might very well have been based on fact There are lots of stories about attacking troops breaking into sanctuaries and plundering what they found there only to find that they were filled with the Retrieving The Ancients An Introduction To Greek Philosophy garments of those who had died from the plagueThere is a legend that Pharaoh defeated Sennacherib with the help of theod Ptah who sent thousands of mice into the Assyrian camp to eat the leather holding their weapons together Mayor writes that a core of historical truth may lie behind the legend Greek Babylonian and Assyrian evidence refers to a military campaign that was aborted after Sennacherib s army was beset by disease carrying rodents who incidentally ate the leather parts of their weapons at Pelusium The bad omen and the rumor of the approaching Ethiopian army caused the Assyrians to abandon their invasion of Egypt and retreat through Palestine while the rodent borne disease perhaps bubonic plague or typhus incubated in the men As they arrived at Jerusalem the epidemic swept through the troops killing tens of thousandsAll I want to know is who scattered all those bazillions of crumbs to attract the plague carrying rodentsA fascinating and pretty horrifying read An outstanding detailed and well researched book about chemical and biological weapons since the dawn of time literally neolithic combatants tossed beehives into adversaries caves An engaging and illuminating read for historians military arts aficionados and eneral readers My only issue and what kept it from being 5 stars is that there is a lot of rehashing about the same items and those using them again in subseuent chapters Hell the book itself refers to its own references over and again So The Writer Makes You the writer makes you aware that it is self aware An informative survey of the various military uses of biological and chemical measures in antiuity It covers not only the straightforward devices from the Title But Everything From but everything from use of elephants suealing pigs make an effective countermeasure leaving wine in the buildings you retreat from so you can return to massacre the invaders after they overindulge and using animals sacred to your opponents as a shield Practical and ethical concerns are considered and are often shown in parallel to similar weapons of modern times I would have liked to see illustrations of the various plants and animals referred to and some of the illustrations which are there add no information The first chapter tells much of the myth of Hercules who created poison arrows from the Hydra s venom arrows which later caused much trouble for him and the uy who inherited them The afterword effectively ties the lessons from the myth to actual practices and problem. E retry Hardcover January Paperback Please Greek Fire Ancient History Encyclopedia Greek Fire was an incendiary weapon first used in Byzantine warfare in CE The napalm of ancient warfare the highly flammable liuid was made of secret ingredients and used both in catapulted incendiary bombs and sprayed under pressure A CASKET OF PLAGUE IN THE TEMPLE OF The earliest description of the conspiracy to send a Poison Maiden to the Macedonian conueror appeared in about AD in a Latin book based on an earlier Arabic translation of a lost Greek manuscript In that story the King of India sent Alexander many precious ifts among them a “beautiful maiden whom they had fed on poison until she had the nature of a venomous snake” Smitten by com Greek Fire Poison Arrows Weapons of biological and chemical warfare have been in use for thousands of years and Greek Fire Poison Arrows Scorpion Bombs Adrienne Mayor's fascinating exploration of the origins of biological and unethical warfare draws extraordinary connections between the mythical worlds of Hercules and the Trojan War the accounts of Herodotus and Thucydides and modern methods of war and terrorism. Roduced by bees from the nectar of the beautiful but poisonous rhododendron The powerful neurotoxin has no effect on bees but people are a different matter In very tiny doses it is used as a tonic or mild intoxicant It is still used today in a lass of milk as a pick me up believe it or not known as deli bal or miel fouAnother novel odd weapon is the use of insects such as bees and hornets There are accounts in the Bible of their use For example in Joshua hornets were used to drive away the Amorites In Nigeria the Tiv people kept bees in large horns which also contained a toxic powder The powder may have been used to calm the bees and make them safer to use During battle the bees would be released towards the enemy The Romans used catapults to launch hornets nests at the enemy This was a tactic that was still being used centuries later by the Germans in the Thirty Years War and by Ethiopians against Italian invaders in the 1930s Of course fire was also used as a weapon Writing around 360 BCE Aeneas the Tactician detailed how to supplement fires with chemicals He recommended pouring pitch down on the enemy or their siege weapons following by hemp and sulphur which would stick to the coating of pitch Then the pitch and sulphur mix was set afire The Phoenicians used fire ships against enemy vessels They would coat a ship with flammable mixtures set the ship on fire and send it towards the enemy with El Algoritmo De Dios great effect They also used a mixture of sand and tiny bits of metal which they heated until itlowed red hot and then catapulted at the enemy The sandy metal mix sifted down under the soldiers breastplates and seared their skin with the intense heat inflicting unavoidable pain Mayor concludes soberly Once created toxic weapons take on a life of their own resistent to destruction and threatening harm over William Shakespeare S The Empire Striketh Back generations Tons of still active chemical weapons from World Wars I and II lurk in long forgotten dumping areas releasing toxins and posingrave risks to unwitting finders She compares them to the plague demons in the jars in the temple in Jerusalem and the Second Quest golden casket in Babylon Amazingly during excavations of the historic fort at the Presidio in San Francisco archeologists discoveredlass vials of still toxic mustard La Gua Del Bibliotecario Mdico La Mejor Medicina En Los Estados Unidos gas that was buried by the US military during World War II 60 years earlier How are we to dispose of still deadly chemical and nuclear weapons This is the only second time I have read this book and it was definitely not easy The subject is sobering incredibly sad and terrifying Thousands of years ago people were using horrific weapons against each other Things have not changed This is stilloing on One can only hope that a deeper understanding of toxic warfare s mythic origins and earliest historic realities might help divert the drive to transform all nature into a deadly arsenal into the search for better ways to heal Then Appian s sorrowful words about war They left nothing untried that was within the compass of human energy could refer to human ingenuity striving to turn nature s forces to ood Adrienne Mayor starts with intelligently expanding the normal contemporary definition of chemical and biological weapons to include pretty much anything that causes biological harm such as poisons noxious chemicals and beyond to the use of animals heated sand and other unusual items Her book then combs all the ancient sources for examples of these in the ancient world There s a concentration on Greek and Roman sources but
There Are Repeated References 
are repeated references Indian and Chinese uses as wellThe problem is that the phrase unusual items above does describe the book While rouped into chapters for broad topics its really a bunch of mini essays on what are often one off uses of poisons and disease and shows little systematic use of any of these On the other hand it does very well with making the point that the concepts were not unknown and that even where deliberately spreading a disease might be difficult to do reliably people were thinking about how to do itSadly the first item in the title of the book Greek Fire is the last thing discussed and it doesn t Emily Climbs get much It is shown that it is descended from earlier petroleum based fire weapons What was special about it was the delivery system and that isn t even speculated onOverall the book does well in showing that despiteenerally being ignored in histories of the era chemical and biological weapons were very much on the minds of the ancients and it shows that they were probably in regular use with peoples we don t have a lot of records from It also shows that Western attitudes towards them match up with Greek and Roman lot of records from It also shows that Western attitudes towards them match up with Greek and Roman pointing out how the boomerang effect of poisons and disease feature prominently in early myths But the mini essay approach undermines the cohesion of the work especially when the same thing is re introduced over and over yes by the sixth time it s brought up I m pretty sure I remember that the Arthashastra is from India This is a somewhat slapdash treatment of a hugely interesting subjectPoints of annoyance the book could have been cut by at least a third by omitting repetitions the long self congratulatory introduction presents all chapters then come the chapters themselves and finally a conclusion repeating all the author s points several characters in the book dabbled in kinds than one of bio chemical warfare and so show up in different chapters to T best prices Fast and free shipping free returns cash on delivery available on eligible purchase Greek Fire Poison Arrows and Scorpion Bombs Greek Fire Poison Arrows Scorpion Bombs Will Catapult Readers Into The Dark will catapult readers into the dark fascinating realm of ancient war and mythic treachery and their devastating conseuences Preview this book What people are saying Write a review User ratings stars stars stars stars star LibraryThing Review User Review LuftwaffeFlak LibraryThing A very interesting book WAR OUTSIDE THE RULES Greek Fire Poison Meanwhile in China and India weapons of poison and combustible chemicals were described in military and medical treatises from about BC onward The story continues with the development of Greek Fire and other incendiaries described in Byzantine and Islamic sources of late antiuity from the seventh through fourteenth centuries AD Greek Fire Poison Arrows Scorpion Bombs Greek Fire Poison Arrows Scorpion Bombs Biological and Chemical Warfare in the Ancient World by Adrienne Mayor Hardcover – January out of stars ratings See all formats and editions Hide other formats and editions Price New from Used from Hardcover Pleas.