[E–pub/Kindle] (Kismet BY Jakob Arjouni) Autor Jakob Arjouni

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Frankfurt a city he is both fond of and acknowledges to
Be The Ugliest City 
the ugliest city Germany One good result of the German Reunification that took place about a decade before the action of this novel is the new targets it has given local bigots for their racism Kayankaya by no means gets a free ride from his fellow Frankfurters but they can now complain about the Ossies East Germans that are ruining the economy the neighborhoods and the overall uality of lifeKayankaya lives in a ethnically diverse milieu In the opening scene he has enlisted his Polish friend Slibusky an reformed small time drug dealer turned ice cream entrepreneur to provide some added muscle in a showdown with the new crew of protection racketeers bothering his Brazilian friend Romario A s I m a sucker for both hard boiled detective novels and international fiction so when I came across this gritty story about a Turkish PI in Frankfurt I was in like Flynn For the most part the book delivers exactly what it promises a tightly plotted urban noir complete with wise ass detective and sucker punch dialogue plus some social commentary on being a visible minority in Germany in the years just after unificationI really wanted to rate this one four stars but I can t because book is so full of poorly crafted nonsensical sentences I can t because book is so full of poorly crafted often nonsensical sentences I the fault for these errors is not with the author but with either the translation or the editing likely a bit of both Set in Germany with a Turkish protagonist and characters who are Brazilian Bosnian Croatian Albanian and Russian whew it would have been a perfectly spiced dish had not the translator over peppered it with British sayings and slang This might have helped anchor the British readers but it just adds a confusing extra layer of noise for the American reader to cut throughJakob Arjouni wrote four noir novels featuring detective Kayankaya and I certainly enjoyed Kismet enough to read the others once they become available but I am disappointed to discover that they will not be brought out in the same order in which they were originally written In fact Kismet the first Kayankaya book to be available in America was the last in the series Why isn t Melville House bringing them out in their original order And couldn t Melville House have done a translation free of British collouialisms and non seuiturs. ?t zweier Mordopfer Und er gerät in den Bann einer geheimnisvollen Frau die er in einem Videofilm gesehen hat. ,

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Erman born son of Turkish guest workers he comes across as a classic American PI "a guy whose smart mouth and streak of compassion lands him in plenty of trouble "guy whose smart mouth and streak of compassion lands him in plenty of trouble gets him roughed up uite a bit and who wears weariness cynicism and disgust like beloved overcoat His adventures often involve immigrants and this one is no exception as a Brazilian restaurateur asks him to help Scare Off A Couple Of Weird Gangsters Demanding Protection Money off a couple of weird gangsters demanding protection money small favor gets him entangled in the operations of a Croatian gang an Albanian gang and a young Bosnian girl whose mother is missing The story is perfectly fine uick paced well translated but for all that feels somewhat stale It s now been twenty years since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Kayankaya books are of the decade immediately after that this last book is set in 1998 which is why the focus is on the Balkans While they provide an interesting angle on Germany in the late 80s and 90s they feel decidedly less relevant or fresh than when I originally read them Still worth reading if you re interested in international crime fiction and Germany in particular but not vital I m not sure what the significance of the title is In addition "To Meaning Fate In "meaning fate in ismet is also a wireless network detector a robot designed by MIT to assist research into social interactions between robots and humans a 1920 film and a musical For simplicity s sake I ll go with the first definition It works because the narrator is a Frankfurter PI of Turkish descent The most interesting aspect of the story is the anti immigrant jive and flak the Turks ie any immigrant from the East get from those who think themselves real Germans It doesn t matter that the narrator was born in Germany and speaks perfect Hessian German To some Germans he s a foreigner The story revolves around an attempted takeover of protection rackets in Frankfurt by Croatian gangsters Not surprisingly the most prominent police character is a man who deals with immigration crimes Arjouni eeps the pace moving his style is economical and he conveys well the personality of the narrat ok you still have the funny banter of Kayankaya but i was not as excited as the first 3 books Well one and I will be caught up lets hope the next one is better Private eye Kemal Kayankaya is a Turkish immigrant raised by Germans in. Eutsche Großstadt zuvor erlebt hat Kayankaya ermittelt – nicht nach einem Mörder sondern nach der Identit?. Darkly witty writing doesn t get much better than By Jakob Arjouni The German Jakob Arjouni the German author of Kismet It stars the private investigator Kayankaya who wisecracks his way through a violent takeover of the streets of Frankfurt possibly Germany s dullest city by a bunch of Croat nationalists There s butchery galore mafiosi fall by the wayside Kayankaya an ethnic Turk usually finds himself on the margins of German society facing racism and occasional odd jobs from immigrants When one a Brazilian asks his help in dispatching the new thugs in town the case uickly escalates into a war between rival gangs and rather unpleasant details about human trafficking and poisonous confectionary reveal themselves A very crisply written crime novel translated from German Kemal Kayankaya is a Turkish German private investigator living in Frankfurt He is the typical hard boiled cynical loner detective As someone of Turkish descent living in Germany Arjouni uses many of the standard tropes of hard boiled detective fiction murders physical violence wome This was a funny engaging fast read I was confused at times but I don t now if that was me the translation or the writing style Overall really good char For crime fiction this was rather great for me Prtf So good I came across this book on accident it had a very nice cover and I had been looking for something ind of pulpy It s perfect Another detective novel it perfectly fulfills the reuirements of its genre and yet while fitting in with Raymond Chandler this Kismet felt much contemporary taking for granted the socio politcal landscape of our times Everything takes place in Frankfurt and a nearby also shitty landscape Kismet is a Turkish immigrant raised by Germans and as such he is often the subject of racial prejudice Nevertheless "That Prejudice Never Seems Directly "prejudice never seems directly but rather an easy target for insult which of cours The Kayankaya uartet of which this is the final book was originally published in Germany between 1985 and 2001 the previous installments being Happy Birthday Turk More Beer which was previously released as And Still Drink More and One Man One Murder Set mainly in Frankfurt they use the hardboiled detective genre to examine the changes underway in German culture especially with regard to immigrants Although private eye Kemal Kayankaya is the ›Kismet‹ beginnt mit einem Freundschaftsdienst und endet mit einem so blutigen Bandenkrieg wie ihn eine Kismet By Jakob Arjouni