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E singing I m a SurvivorHekat fails to carry her long heavy narrative and it comes crashing down on top of her spoiling what was otherwise a good read This is the worst book I ve ever readFirst was otherwise a good read This is the worst book I ve ever readFirst dialect uickly grows tiresome The native language of the characters is formal ritualistic and somewhat broken at the same time Were it only the dialogue it would be tolerable but the narration is written in the same dialect 700 pages of it is too much especially since an integral part of the language seems to be the misuse of the comma If all of the run on sentences were removed there would be no book leftSecond the book revolves around a stifling oppressive religious system that all but kills any sense of free will in the characters This creates a certain amount of inertia and predictability that again grows tiresome On a related note the number of things named after the god is tedious Godstone godpost godbraids godpool godbells godsmite etc Enough already Think of a different name to call thingsThird it is 100% impossible for any person except for a sociopathic serial killer to relate to the main character She is nothing but selfishness jealously ruthlessness hubris and merciless hatred She is devoid of any redeeming uality I ve heard arguments that ou re not supposed to like her but 700 pages of loathing the main character is too much It may not be necessary to like a main character but retaining a reader s interest usually DOES involve being able to sympathize with the main character on some level Sympathizing with Hekat is impossible it s only possible to wish she would have died in the first chapter so that one wouldn t have had to suffer her existence throughout the entire novelFourth the last 50 100 pages of the novel are sickening I have read many novels that contained graphic violence and none have ever nauseated me the way this book has Graphic violence sometimes has its place in a plot but there is such a thing as gratuitous violence Some details are so morbid and grotesue and needless that they are not worth the time it takes to write themAll in all I was disgusted with this book and will not read anything by Karen Miller ever again If her other books are better then it s just bad luck that I read this one first because now I will never know what those other books are like I somehow doubt that I m missing much This is now my Favorite Book I Strongly book I strongly anyone who hasn t read this to read it and to read it with this in mind Hirmus Henry you re not SUPPOSED to like Hekat I grew tired of seeing reviews with people rating it only one star because she s too mean or there s just something about her that makes me hate her Hekat is set up in the first book to showou the background of the villain to give ou a look into how she got the way she did later On If This Book Wasn T Here If this book wasn t here next two would make ou wonder why is she like that This book is the answer to Fika 30 Classic Swedish Baking Recipes From Bite Size Cookies To Festive Cakes your uestion beforeou even ask it And ou re SUPPOSED to hate her which means that the author actually did a fantastic job 425 Gahhh This was one very difficult read but totally worth it Empress is dark bleak vile desolate and disturbing but I could not stop reading for a second The opening scene throws us into a horrifying denigrating and very telling of the world episode in the kitchen of a Man and his she bitch discussing the fate of the she whelp which by the misfortune of being female is only good for barter or selling for money since otherwise she just uses up the resources rightfully belonging to The Man and his six sons In this world a female doesn t even get a name this is how little they are regarded The place is mostly desert the people very poor the G ds always present and in communication with the world s inhabitants This World is reminiscent of the time from the Old Testament when G d was often in a very bad mood liked to smite folks for the slightest insult real or perceived and made His desires clear to the few he deemed worthy to hear His voice The Unnamed G d with the Scorpion as His sign is not a very loving G d It demands constant animal sacrifices and hundreds of thousands get killed in its name The g d speakers are its priests and they are the creators and enforcers of the g d laws The only other individuals who could enforce and create rules and laws are the Warlords and their entourages They rule over free men and slaves with an iron fist This is. Lord he takes her in and teaches her ways that an orphan might use to prosper in an uncaring world When the warlord's family dies the way becomes clear for Hekat to carve a dynasty out of infidelity and betraya. .

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Them altogetherAll in all this leaves ou with a thoroughly unlikeable character surrounded by a bland supporting cast following this leaves Felice Ye Mektuplar you with a thoroughly unlikeable character surrounded by a bland supporting cast following schizophrenic poorly interpreted puppeteer The complete lack of an overarching plot or theme renders the actions of the characters meaningless while their obvious roles as plot device guaranteesou will never form any emotional connection Empress has some instructional value to aspiring writers and fans of the genre Karen Miller shows considerable skill in with dialogue and scenery but ultimately her artifice has no heart no message and very little appeal So I ve read a few of the reviews on here so far about this book and I m frankly appalled Not at the book at the reviewers It s a horrible book nobody and nothing to identify with that s the point boys and girls If American Cipher you identified with the characters in this book well with a notable exception then I hope to never run intoou in a dark alleyI am not going to give away the book or the ending or the characters Well maybe one of the charactersThe main character of this book is Hekat and The Missing Quilter you are not supposed to like her or want to be her or even live in her world She looks down on slaves while being one herself and refuses to accept her lot in life This is good right Well why look down on slaves as being inferior ifou feel Os Sofrimentos Do Jovem Werther you aren t supposed to be one The inherent contradiction in her character is what dragsou in You don t identify with her Frias De Natal you identify with the people she abuses and destroys She uses them to her own ends She has god on her side and there s some pretty powerful mojo backing her up in that There s a couple of why exactly did that happen moments such as WHY exactly she ends up with some items but they are few and far between God exists in this world Is it the god we re used to Not by any stretch of the imagination but it DOES exist It s brutal uncaring and it speaks to these people Some directly than othersWhy people are berating the author for completely fleshing out a world a society a religion and characters I simply cannot fathom it Every page I want to know I want to see who did what and what happens next The gore fits the world The author does not put it there for the sake of saying look death and blood and raaaargh it s there to explain something and to show that even the most evil beings have a reason for what they do It s what makes the best villains I was never scared of Sauron because he was a nameless faceless and rather boring character he didn t exist Hekat her little kingdom which becomes an empire it frightens me It makes me fear for the future of the world in which it exists Not because the evil hordes are coming but because Hekat is coming and the hordes are following her Not that this series will be the next Lord of the Rings but the villains are FAR fleshed out and not just there Don t skip this series unlessou truly cannot handle any gore or strange fictional religions bother ou Empress is something different Kudos to Karen Miller for doing something that I have been ranting about for too long Creating a strong resourceful female protagonist She does this in the form of Hekat our eyes and ears to the uniue world of EmpressNow if only I could convince her to write a strong resourceful female protagonist that I actually likeThe story is extremely well Written The World That The world that Miller creates is something that many authors fail at a world that is immersive She manages to bring to life Hekat s surroundings in a way that is both artful and colourful Yes sentences run on slightly at times and some parts seem unnecessary and repetitive but ou can excuse these things when the over all effect is that O Pai Goriot you can almost see taste and smell what the narrator is tellingou aboutYet like someone giving Fahrenheit 451 you the best foot massage ofour life before ripping off O Americano Tranquilo your toenails Hekat will undoubtedly ruin all Karen s hard workThis is the fatal flaw of Empress You can not have such a long story based on a protagonist so unlikable Now I don t mean that protagonists should always be perfect or even flirt with the side of wholesome fluffy bunnies But they must be either relatable or likable despite their shortcomings Ifou re going to be a ice hearted wench then ou need to at least have style and charm Hekat wouldn t know charm or style if it rose in front of her from the ground and danced naked with a sparkly dildo whil. T' after a slaver's observation that she is uite the hellcat the girl is taken in chains to Mijak's largest city but makes a bargain with a ruthless god and escapes her captors After she saves the life of a war. ,
Perhaps it s because I m coming down from a China Mieville high having recently finished Embassytown but trying to read this was an awful experienceWhen the author s idea of representing the ignorance of peasants is to have them talk like The Cookie Monster ou know ou re not in a good place literature wise Mea culpa I impugn The Cookie Monster at least he used verbs I give this book 4 "stars because the world Karen Miller creates is truly uniue she manages to make it terrifyingly real and complete "because the world Karen Miller creates is truly uniue and she to make it terrifyingly real and complete story is different also If at the I picked up this trilogy in Hastings for my birthday this ear I had seen it a couple times on the shelves before and my mother has always gave me this rule If A Simple Picture Of The Future you see a book or a series on a shelf andou are unsure of it then leave it be If The Muses Of Resistance Laboring Class Women S Poetry In Britain 1739 1796 you come back the next two or three times and the book is still there thenou re meant to pick it up So I finally picked it up My friend advised me to only get the first book just in case I didn t like it I wouldn t have wasted money on the other two However I went ahead and bought them all together I did not regret it a Update I ve been rereading with a writer s eye lately This book is probably not for everyone but it is brilliant We are so accustomed to identifying with the protagonist We want to root for the hero Hekat is no hero which spoils the enjoyment of this book somewhat But this story deserves to be told and Miller s writing pulls ou in If ou can find a way to be as brave a reader as Miller is a writer Taking Turns Political Stalemate Or A New Direction In The Race For 2012 you won t be disappointed On to book two Karen Miller s writing doesn t disappoint But be warned Hekat is notour typical fantasy protagonist hero I did not find myself rooting for her as the book went on uite the opposite I found fewer and fewer redeeming ualities as the story progressed That s the real reason for the low rating On the one hand I want to applaud Miller for creating a non traditional atypical relationship with a protagonist On the other I kept hoping something would happen to help me understand Hekat or the direction that the story was taking It didn t happen but I was certainly drawn in by Miller s writing Despite the single star I gave it I m tempted to recommend this to serious fans of the fantasy genre as a case study While I found it belaboured it has some genuinely good ideasThe main character Hekat is fascinating for all of several minutes After a childhood of neglect and abuse she enters adulthood with a pathological commitment to the acuisition of power This combined with boundless arrogance and cruelty makes her completely inhuman an archetype The sympathy her childhood suffering had evoked in the reader is uickly burned her childhood suffering had evoked in the reader is uickly burned In its place is left contempt and distaste for her narcissism She is not a vehicle or touchstone for the reader not a narrator or witness As soon as this transformation is complete reading Empress becomes a chore We have hundreds of pages of ranting and self congratulation to go with not a single likable or morally courageous character to balance the narrativeThe only other major character is somewhat unusually the god This god is not unknowable or aloof but a god of the fire and brimstone persuasion terrible and unpredictable The god is referred to on just about every page and its presence uickly becomes oppressive At seemingly random intervals it dispenses directives or punishment through a human avatar Though the punishments run the gamut of medieval tortures and an occasional bolt of lightning the order of priests who support this seem utterly unburdened by moral doubt You ll be hard pressed to find a serene cheerful and loving group of religious zealots anywhere This absence of genuine sentiment is universal so the overwhelming impression of this book is one of great debates and moral uandaries neatly sidestepped The priesthood cheefully follows every monstrous contradictory decree the rulers perpetrate one atrocity after another and the common citizenry seem prone to faint with pleasure at the mere sight of their social superiors Despite the tagline She will be a slave to no man class upheaval is not the order of the day Far from it after Hekat escapes slavery it is never mentioned again Slavery sexism class struggle religious oppression dictatorship familial obligation self determination racism Miller weaves these themes together with undeniable skill then invites ou to ignore. When a scrawny unwanted child so lowly that she does not even have a name is sold into slavery a chain of events is set in motion that will have a profound impact on all the civilised world Naming herself 'Heka. ,
Empress AUTHOR Karen Miller

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