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This was an absolute joy ride and like my friend Karin put it it was lovely and heartwarming Genre Fiction ClassicPublication Date 1911Ofcourse there must be lots of Magic in this world he said wisely one day but people don t know what it is Begins as a slow story of an unwanted and ugly child who grew up to be very disagreeable Mistress Mary uite Contrary I felt that the curiosity lement in this book is the strongest which makes us curious too Description of the moor its plants its breeze its dampness its animals and birds is heavenly Its saddening to me that owing to urbanization we are destroying these very forests and moors The Puerto Rico En El Siglo Americano Su Historia Desde 1898 emotions conveyed are strong and the character building is real nice The friendships Oh my god Are so good and simple It made me want to be closer to the nature that I actually went to a nearby park on reading it Its a neat piece of writingverything is clearly conveyed the messages the motion the characters the garden The Yorkshire accent does sound fun There is a Magic in this book I know this book seems out of place among the fare I usually read but hey all I can say is that I like what I like There is some intangible uality to this book that really strikes a chord in me The whole idea of that sickly child being healed with love attention and forgive me an LDS joke wholesome recreational activities just somehow speaks Truth to me I think this book has strong application to today s problems with the rising generation I really believe that kids these days are getting fatter less healthy and less disciplined I think that a good romp on the heather and a breath of fresh air would do kids a lot of goodOn another level I really believe that some people are only as sick as they think they are Working in the healthcare field it s obvious to me that some people find it uite asy to take the role of a victim Again this book speaks Truth concerning the value of attitude and perspective in overcoming perceived problems and finding out that they weren t as bad as you thought they were I first read this wonderful and Ngon Syr R Det Du En Bok Om Unica Zrn Och Hans Bellme evocative absolute and utter gem of a story at around the age of twelve and it was likely one of the first longer novels I readntirely in English not counting those books read Mark Dikter entirely for school And I simply adored Frances Hodgson Burnett s The Secret Garden when I read it as a young teenager or rather a tween I continued to love it when I reread it multiple times while at university and I still massively loved the novel when I reread the story for the Children s Literature Group in 2011 and I much continue to love it having reread it at least twice or so since then And indeed I honestly do think that I have actuallynjoyed The Secret Garden Memoirs Of A Dirty Old Man In Thailand even as an adult than the times I read the novel when I was younger and that is definitely saying an awful lot For when I first read The Secret Garden as a young teenager I was certainly muchnchanted by the garden and of course the Robin and really liked and Wicca For Beginners A Practical Guide To Earth Magic Rituals Spells Wicca Philosophy Basics Practice enjoyed reading about the Sowerbys but I did kind of consider both Mary and Colin as somewhat too spoiled and selfish I understood their problems and indeed feltmpathy but I also felt than a bit annoyed at and by them something that I certainly did not Faire Socie Te La Politique De La Ville Aux E Tats Unis Et En France experience as much during my adult rereads Because as an adult reader I actually and firmly believe that most if notven all of both Mary s and Colin s problems and behavioural uirks be they Super 8 The Sequel To Smog City emotional or physical were and are the result of parental abandonment andmotional neglect maybe ven Abuse They Act And They act and towards the world the way the world or at least how most of the world has always acted and reacted towards them And without the garden but also without characters like Martha Susan and Dickon Sowerby without Ben Weatherstaff and the Robin there would never have been any change in and for Mary or at least not ver Lacrimi I Sfini enough change and byxtension there would never have been any change in and for Colin and his father My Name Is Radha The Essential Manto eitherNow one interesting and thought provoking fact presented in The Secret Garden is that there actually seems to be a real and almost palpable absence of nurturing father figures throughoutxcept maybe Dickon but he is just a boy and in many ways resembles a Pan like nature deity and Ben Weatherstaff really is too old and curmudgeonly to be considered nurturing and fatherly We do have uite a number of nurturing mother figures portrayed who aid Mary and later Colin in their recovery Susan and Martha Sowerby and Shattered By You even Mary later becomes somewhat of a motherly and nurturing figure towards Colin but we never see or hear much about a Mr Sowerby he is a complete nonentity And while indeed much is made of the fact that Mary Lennox mother did not seem to want her child a fact that is rightfully criticised that Mr Lennox did not trouble himself much about his daughterither while mentioned briefly is also seemingly accepted as an acceptable Societal Given Also That given Also that Craven has spiritually and motionally totally abandoned Colin and cannot stand to ven see him when he is awake just because his son s Love Loss And What We Ate A Memoir eyes supposedly remind him of the boy s dead mother while this is indeed noted in The Secret Garden his rather vile and nasty attitude and behaviour towards Colin towards his son is not at least in my humble opinion subject to nearly the same amount of harsh criticisms that Mary smotional and spiritual abandonment by her mother is And while I do realise and Doki Doki Game Over even understand that the death of Mr Craven s wife was traumatic for him both Mr Carven s and Mrs Lennox actions or rather their lack of love and acceptance towards their children have had the same horrible psychological and psychosomatic conseuences basically turning both of them intomotional cripples and Colin into a hysterical hypochondriac who thinks he has a crooked back The Secret Garden clearly and lastingly demonstrates that children no that anyone can only show love can only be lovable if they have Beating Goliath Why Insurgencies Win experienced love themselves In the beginning of the novel Mary is described as tyrannical unpleasant thoroughly unlovable and also as somewhat odd But how can Mary know anything about love if she has neverxperienced love. Since its original publication in 1911 The Secret Garden has ranked as one of the worl. ,

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Ply loved local boy who shows the spoiled unhappy upper class children how to take on a responsible role for their life and how to make active and positive decisions rather than throwing fits to let others step in and take overChildren need boundaries and nurturing and meaningful connections to their surroundings If they are treated with fear and submission they will turn into tyrants to see how far they can go before they receive some kind of direct attention negative or positive If they are handled with too much severity they will duck and hide and develop chameleon like survival strategies To create a happy mature and responsible human being a balance between rights and duties must be struck with limits the child knows it cannot overstep without facing conseuences and with areas of creative Nyawa experimentation where future freedom of choice can be safely practisedJust like a flower in a garden a child needs both space time and air and a lot of nurturing to blossom I am grateful for the connection I found between my childhood reading pleasure and theveryday worries I face in my profession A smile a word of Wild For You encouragement a nudge in the right direction all the small signs that show students that their teachers believe in their power to achieve great things that s the magic ofveryday life And giving in to their tantrums is not helping those sensitive plants grow It is stifling their development When they claim they are too tired or bored to read The Secret Garden and prefer to watch a movie version if at all they are in dire need of overcoming the obstacle of long term under stimulation than the protagonists of the story itself They need to be trained to love reading just like the two unhappy children in the mansion needed to be trained to show interest and care for the garden Responsibility and care are acuired skills Book 16 of 30 for my 30 day reading challenge The Secret Garden Frances Hodgson BurnettThe Secret Garden is a children s novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett first published as a book in 1911 after a vers Love love loveAlso counting this as my first BookTubeAThon read Warrior S Possession even if I read only 2 pages during the actual readathon I NEED ALL THE BOOKS I CAN GET I am now confused I do not know any what is my preference when it comes to booksWhen I was a kid I wanted to read only books with pictures like the illustrated Alice in the Wonderland or Rip Van Winkle Until I read Silas Marner with no pictures and I said wow books with no pictures are also great When I was a teenager I said I don t like to read books that are hard to understand and read by adults until I read Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov and I said wow I did not know that there are authors who write this way When I was a young man I said I do not want thick books because I do not have time for them until I read War and Peace and The Fountainhead and I said wow thick books can be reallyngaging and finishing them can give you a different high When I became a husband my sex life became busy I stopped heavy reading and concentrated on my job not on copulating you silly so I just grabbed some Sherry Tells Stories easy read bestsellers like The Da Vinci Code The Kite Runner until my daughter came and I had to read some children s books to her and she loved them but I secretly hated them until I read to her The Little Prince and said wow there are still children s books that can speak to meven if I am a grown up manWhen I became a middle aged man I discovered Goodreads There is an option to screen members who apply to become your friend by asking the applicant a uestion I thought then that the choice of genre was important so I chose this uestion What is your favorite literary genre and from then on I have been accepting and ignoring invites based on hisher answer I generally don t accept invites from people who say they don t have any preference I thought that that kind of answer is wishy washy or indecisive that reflects his or her not being a serious READERPRIOR TO LAST YEAR I SAID I T to year I said I don t to read fantasy books I am too old for that Until I read the whole series of JRRTolkien s The Lord of the Rings and I say wow wow wow I did not know that I could still be amazed by a fantasy book about wizards trolls flying horse monsters and little creatures This book The Secret Garden is a kind of book that I would not ven consider reading It is neither a 501 nor a 1001 book The reason why I read this is that it is one of the Top 100 Favorite Books of The Filipino Group here at Goodreads We challenged ourselves to read all the chosen books so I gave this a tryStory wise it is too sweeet Saccharine corny Predictable Inappropriate for a middle age man like me Almost insulting to intelligence feisty girl turns sweet girl Sickly like me Almost insulting to intelligence feisty girl turns sweet girl Sickly boy turns healthy Then the boy and father mbrace Spring In Hyde Park each other and profess love for one another Hu hu hu Books can just hit you without any warning I was sad yet happy when I closed this book this morning I think I am going crazy reading different books andxperience all the different O Esqueleto O Incio emotions while reading them So I don t know any I don t know what I like in books No preferences Ask me now what is my favorite genre I don t know But the writing in this book is flawless I have attended a novel writing workshop last year and all the ingredients of a good novel are here well developed charactersach of them has hisher own distinct voice and transforming towards the A Mother S Conviction end milieu the garden is clearly described and very significant in the story the internal andxternal conflicts are arranged like small to tall majorettes in a parade the hooks at the Spitalfields Nippers end ofach chapter the climax the falling action the denouement ties up the loose nds from the conflicts The theme is solid The lessons though corny are school textbook kind of reminders that love is important to make this world a better place and nature is beautiful so we have to take care of itI guess my realization is this yes at some points in our lives we tend to prefer some literary genres over the others However the genre is secondary to the writing If the writer is good no matter in which genre the book belongs heshe should be read It is not the genre it is the writing. Secrets and revelations growth and renewal and above all the transforming power of lov.

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The Secret GardenHer parents certainly do not seem to want her and she has basically been abandoned to the care of servants who have also been instructed to keep Mary out of the way as much as possible and in her innermost soul Mary likely also realises this and much and rightly resents this Mary s temper tantrums towards her Ayah and other servants her desire to always get her own way are not merely Mary imitating the behaviour she witnesses among the x pat community in India although that likely also has a major part to play I believe that in many ways the servants also act as representatives of her absent parents and by lashing out at the servants Mary is also lashing out at her careless unloving absent parents by proxyAnd ven when Mary first arrives at Misselthwaite there is still a real and Sounds Like Me My Life So Far In Song ever present danger that she will never be able to change tomerge out of her shell or to change Baptist Hymn Writers And Their Hymns enough for at least in England Mary has the opportunity to go outside and playrun which was not possible in India due to the hot stiflingly humid climate for many of the inhabitants of the manor butspecially Mrs Medlock and Mr Craven regard Mary or seem to regard Mary the same way that her parents did A Mind Of Your Own What Women Can Do About Depression That Big Pharma Can T either not at all or as a cumbersomeven loathsome burden And without Martha Dickon and the influence of Martha s mother Mrs Sowerby and of course Ben Weatherstaff and the Robin who is a bird but might just represent the spirit of Colin s deceased mother not much would likely have ver changed for Mary or within Mary There might well have been some physical improvement of her health but her mental health her soul would likely have remained for the most part sour and disagreeable and stagnated Finally I do have to admit that I have a bit of a problem with the fact that oh so many of the adults portrayed in The Secret Garden and ven inherently positive individuals like Martha and Susan Sowerby keep bringing up the fact that Mary s mother was supposedly very physically attractive and that in many ways Mary is often judged negatively because she is plain while her mother was considered very beautiful However Mary s mother does not in any way care about or for her daughter and had in fact never wanted a daughter and in my opinion her careless unloving attitude and that of her husband as well is reflected in Mary s countenance her whole being Thus Demons Imps And Incubi even though Mrs Lennox might have been physically sweet looking she basically has a careless and unloving and massively sour read nastily ugly soul which is in my opinion reflected in her daughter both spiritually and physically And just to further point out that this here Norton Critical Edition of The Secret Garden which seems to have been published in 2006 is to be most highly recommendedspecially for anyone interested in both the novel the narrative and its historical contexts diverse critical voices tc as it provides not only the text proper which is simply and utterly magical of course but also much supplemental information and materials about Frances Hodgson Burnett and her timeless literary classic And although I do not think that this dition lists Sauced every piece ofxtant literary criticism on The Secret Garden there truly and fortunately is a goodly amount presented as as a solid although xtensive selected bibliography most definitely a than adeuate starting point for serious academic study and research Two sickly arrogant lonely neglected little children from wealthy families both ten cousins live continents apart Mary Lennox in hot steamy colonial India and Colin Craven he in rainy cold Yorkshire northern England a cripple just before the start of the First World War they don t ven known the other Omul Care I Confunda Soia Cu O Plrie exists but will soon both like to show contempt to servants by yelling at them while giving orders Mary is spoiled unhappy and angry her beautiful mother loves parties doesn t look kindly at the plain offspring father too busy also helping govern thenormous colony truth be told they dislike the unlovable girl Cholera strikes and both parents fall the little orphan child is not Weird Wild Animal Facts emotionally attached toither one and never a single drop of tears is shedShipped off as uickly as possible by the authorities to her uncle Archibald Craven in England Colin s father owner of an ancient family mansion 600 year old Misselthwa Two worst things as can happen to a child is never to have his own way or always to have it As a child I read this book at least four way or always to have it As a child I read this book at least four five times along with Frances Hodgson Burnett s other childhood stories about Sarah Crewe Little Princess and Cedric Lord Fauntleroy They represented a rite of passage for me as a person and as a reader There is magic involved in coming of age stories where children strive to find the kind of life they are meant to live against all odds and I felt deeply satisfied ach time I closed one of those books knowing that the protagonists had once again made it through various challenges to live a better natural and fulfilled lifeSo far so good Some childhood classics are better left alone later signifying a certain phase that can only be demystified by rereading leading to bitter disappointment and loss of the initial nchantment I hadn t touched The Secret Garden for decades as I feared the slightly xaggerated dramatised plot might put me off and destroy the magic of my memory But then I happened to discuss a phenomenon among students in a wealthy over privileged area Many children and teenagers appear phlegmatic angry frustrated lacking initiative to learn and develop and they demand unreasonable attention without showing any willingness to commit to tasks themselves We could not make sense of it seeing that these students had verything they needed and and met with no restrictions or boundaries from their parents Shouldn t they be happy But they aren t They are among the most neurotic anxious children I have Tratat De Descompunere ever metThat s when The Secret Garden came to my mind again anarly case study of childhood neglect in wealthy nvironments in which children s physical and material needs are met but their psychological development is completely left untouched In The Secret Garden it is the poor but well raised and dee. D's best loved novels captivating children and adults alike with its luminous tale of. ,