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Suspense till the end and was fast moving Very well don. Part of a task force charged with solving the illings Together they are sent to
Protect A Newly Declared 
a newly declared for the US Senate For the first time in her career Alex is named the agent in charge and when the candidate is assassinated she can't help but take it personallyDuring the investigation the agents run into ex CIA assassin Teren Mylos who Is Convinced Her Partner's convinced her partner's is somehow connected to the FBI case While wary of each. Conspiracy of SwordsGreat book Thanks for *The Download Robin Hicks This * download Robin Hicks This FBI AGENT Alexis Reis is an out lesbian determined to make it in the Bureau As a junior agent she spent time in the research department as well as The Serial Crimes Unit Where She And Her Partner David serial crimes unit where she and her partner David were recognized for their work After breaking several major cases the two are moved to the hate crimes unit which is for their work After breaking several major cases the two are moved to the hate crimes unit which is true area of expertise Following the murders of several prominent activists and politicians Alex and David become. E suspensemysterythriller Definitely a recommended read. Other Alex and Teren agree to share information in an attempt to find answers to the deepening mysteryThe case takes them to Europe and back searching for pieces to the unfolding puzzle As they dodge illers and turncoats they come Face To Face With Nazis Old And to face with Nazis old and stumble upon a hoard of looted gold and uncover "A Conspiracy That Stretches "conspiracy that stretches forty years and two continents And somewhere along the line they discovered each other as well.

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