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Burning For RevengeG their failed view spoilerstrike against the air field hide spoiler Read via AudibleI love the narrator Suzi Dougherty for this Series She Does Such A She does such a jobAnother great book in THE SERIES THE LAST FOCUSED ON series The last focused on s PTSD whereas I feel this one focused on relationships within the group Ellie Homer the others are back among the action in this the 5th book in The Tomorrow Series After their failed attempts to hurt the enemy in the previous book this time they are back with a bang in ways than oneAction a plenty the teens dealing with the psychological emotional effects of the war their relationships with each other makes for another great instalment in this seriesThanks to Mish for recommending I try the audio for this series you were right the narrator really does suit the voice of Ellie Would have given this book 4 stars but Lee annoyed me so on principle I have taken off a star The Tomorrow series continues in this 5th installment of Ellie and her friends trying to make it through the worldThere s very little dialogue in this book most of it is action I don t really mind although I find that the dialogue helps continue to build the charactersThe funny thing about why I eep reading these books isn t the suspense I totally peeke What is it about Marsden s writing that has you believing a group of teens can save their country Blow up airplanes Kill soldiers and go bush and have you feel every pain tear angry and happy there were a few here and theremoment These are a Must read if you enjoy action packed heroic angsty books They stick with you Thinking about these Aussie teens like they are non fictional Thats Marsden. Ave been abandoned in enemy territory when the New Zealand general decides that they are not valuable enough to send a rescue helicopter Without any definite plans they sneak into the back of a truck only to find themselves at the end of the ride deep within the enemy's airfield How they battle out of the situation and leave the enemy's air power in ruins makes a breathlessly exciting story that will not disappoint the many teen fans of this excellent series Ages 12 and older Patty Campbel.

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Al life of an invaded country still at war this is one of the better books in the series This ends things with a bang and the unfortunately situation where they cannot trust anyone outside the group The book is slow burning this time around at least they don t leave the country like they did a few novels I think I could read about 20 *Books In This Series If They Existed Once Again The *in this series if they existed Once again the pull off some could read about 20 books in this series if they existed Once again the ids pull off some warfare with lots of great explosions and action Th First read June 27th 2010 Re read March 13th 2018 September 23rd 2020 Burning for Revenge is the fifth book in the tomorrow series and let me assure you the action and the explosions don t let up in this book As always the book picks up right were it left offThe journey to Stratton isn t an easy trip especially when the enemy s headuarters lie somewhere along the way And that s exactly where Ellie and her friends unwittingly find themselves With only five of them against hundreds of armed soldiers escape seems like a suicide mission But Stratton is where Ellie s grandmother lives so the journey must be made even though the odds aren t good Ellie must summon grandmother lives so the journey must be made even though the odds aren t good Ellie must summon of her courage and guerrilla instincts to surviveI found this book was one of the most action packed books than any of the other ones of the series which i thought was excellent made the series so much interesting and hard to put down I was glad to see some characters starting to pop up in the story than they had in the previous 4 books It was really one of those Oh my gosh books in reference to Fi s favourite words 375 5After the end of Darkness Be My Friend Ellie and co are hiding out in Wirrawee followin. Ss Be My Friend At the same time they are normal teens who id around fall in and out of love and think long thoughts about the meaning of life It is this poignant human dimension that lifts Marsden's series above the run of the mill spy action novel that and the fact that nobody is better at writing about things blowing up And his scenes leading up to the explosion create tension so powerful it is almost unbearable to eep on reading but impossible not to In Burning for Revenge the five This review was originally posted on The Moonlight Library After their failure to do anything successful in the last book our intrepid teens decide it s time to go out and fuck up the war effort some *Completely By Accident They Find Themselves Inside *by accident they find themselves inside very airfield the missing iwi soldiers were planning to the missing KIWI SOLDIERS WERE PLANNING TO SURROUNDED BY ENEMIES WILL soldiers were planning to Surrounded by enemies will heroes make it out alive and can they cause some chaos while they do itLee is completely unpredicatable in this book Half the time he s raging or cool as a cucumber or risking it all or planning ahead He s all over the place as the stresses of war get to him Kevin completely breaks down and is basically useless the entire book And Fi and Ellie grow even closer to totally and completely BFFThis book contains all of the explosions and firestorms and chaos that was missing in the last book Not only do our teen heroes manage to escape with their lives but they royally fuck up the airfield They escape Wirrawee down the river and end up in Stratton the same place they were held prisoner and was bombed by the Kiwis in Book 3 Stratton s uieter these days ruled by fearless street Malawi A Political And Economic History kids and not many soldiers Even then it s Lee who screws up and nearly gets everyone murdered by visiting his bit on the side If it weren t for Ellieeeping an eye on him and burning down a barn he d be dead As it is Ellie explores her feelings for him in this book She also spends a lot of time thinking about Robyn which I think is lovely because I freaking loved RobynWith the extra danger bigger explosions and general chaos interspersed with character building introspection and uieter moments demonstrating the norm. Ellie has started to believe she won't survive the war Their band of eight teenage guerrillas is down to five now Robyn and Corrie and Chris are dead and only she and Homer and Kevin and Lee and Fi are still trying to sabotage the enemy who has taken over their country They're growing numb and soul sick from the violence because they've been fighting for a long time through four previous novels actually John Marsden's Tomorrow When the War Began The Dead of Night A Killing Frost and Darkne.

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