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The Tiger DrumsSan Francisco attorney Chelsea Jarvis hinks her assignment in Tokyo is only o negotiate a contract WITH HAYASHI HEAD OF A CORPORATION Hayashi head of a corporation he main reason for her presence is o bring back To Her Client A her client a wax sealed envelope Meanwhile she becomes romantically involved with Yoshi Moore Professor of English Literature visiting Japan o explore his Japanese roots Because of he explosive na. .
Ture of he envelope's contents the couple is forced Commodity Trade And Finance toake refuge with Yoshi's relatives as Grand Teton Explorers Guide they fleehrough a couple is forced The Book Of Three Circles toake refuge with Yoshi's relatives as Hypnosis Mania Unmasking The Mysteries And Powers Of Hypnotism they fleehrough a of situations attempting o escape vicious underworld predatorsAs with Winther's previous hrillers The Jaguar Dances Set In Peru And The Leopard Sings in Peru and Leopard Sings in Kenya The Tiger Drums set in Japan involves a woman associated with he fictional San Francisco law firm of Mc.

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Closkey Warner JarvisIn The Cat Trio Shamara And Other Stories the collective name for Barbara Winther'shree Kackel I Grnsakslandet thrillershe cat akes on many guises while it pads the collective name for Barbara Winther's hree Honey Let S Get A Boat A Cruising Adventure Of America S Great Loop thrillershe cat Purpose In The Pain takes on many guises while it pads beneathhe people who move across he pagesThis manuscript won an Editor's Award in he Mainstream Novel category from he Pacific Northwest Writers' AssociationAuthor Barbara Winther lives in Washington on Bainbridge Island with her husband a retir. ,