Persuasion: The Art of Getting What You Want) [Pdf] ☆ Dave Lakhani

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Ihmistieteet Ja Filosofia eUtesven if they re by bikeThis is definitely geared towards people in sales which I am not and while you can certainly xtrapolate the techniues he speaks about and apply them to your daily life I d much rather read about them in that direct context Additionally this particular book is meant as a very practical guide that doesn t go into any of the theory #And I M Very Interested In The Theory Really This #I m very interested in the theory Really this made me want to read Influence Cialdini a bit Made a promising start with some great psychological techniues that work really well It degenerated about half way through into The Standard Marketing Tips Spiel standard marketing tips spiel find verywhere The problem is Lakhani assumes that his readers are going to use the techniues in sales marketing advertising and business instead of self help I was also looking for generic techniues Even though he draws a continually clear distinction between manipulation and persuasion he just loses focus and tries to come across as a marketing guru In doing so he gets carried away talking about technologies which uickly became irrelevant So much of the content feels like filler It is a shame because true persuasion techniues on The Other Hand Are other hand are This book had some interesting points but for my taste was a bit too light to read Th. I tells you Lucha Loco The Free Wrestlers Of Mexico everything you've just got to know about persuasion in this book It is written provocatively yet clearly And it is sure to open your mind whilenriching your bank account I highly recommend it Fasten your seatbelt when you read it It takes you on a thrilling ride Jay Conrad Levinson The Father of Guerrilla Marketing and author of the Guerrilla Marketing series of booksDave Lakhani understands persuasion like few do and is able to break the process down so anyone can understand and use it I highly recommend this book to anyone who. The best The Skinny Rules The Simple Nonnegotiable Principles For Getting To Thin example on art of persuasion is how the author made buy this bookIt was fairly okay but i had biggerxpectations i didn t like it to be honest i also learned a couple things Some good principles discussed although the theme of the book was certainly geared toward and marketing Several times he made the distinction between persuasion and manipulation and focused on the need to avoid manipulation which was appreciated I can see how this book can be popular but it is not my style The author reminds me of a snake oil salesman The author talks about only making friends who are in powerful positions and can help you The content of this book was pretty good but a bit too philosophical Just a couple The Healing examples to demonstrate the techniues that the author was proposing would have made a huge difference in understanding the concepts and how to use them in practiceForxample one concept was that if you say things in a conversation that generate curiosity in the other person then you become far persuasive Ok great idea but what does that look like in an actual conversation No idea I picked up the audio version of this book from the library and if it weren t for the format I don t think I would ve finished it Audio books are absolute clutch for comm. Praise for persuasion the art of getting what you want Dave has Reel Terror The Scary Bloody Gory Hundred Year History Of Classic Horror Films exposed the secrets of the most powerful persuaders in the world This book is a step by step guide to changing minds and deeply influencing people in person in print on the air or anyplacelse you need to persuade This book makes persuasion so asy and predictable that it may be the most dangerous persuasion book ver written Naughty By Design especially if itnds up in the hands of your competition Mike Litman CEO Connect To Success Inc and coauthor of Conversations with MillionairesDave Lakhan. E author did say in the that instead of going deep into theory and psychology d outline the things that work and leave the of going deep into theory and psychology he d outline the things that work and leave the to others I still feel that the book would have needed a bit heavier base of theory of the subject instead of just us having to trust the writers word about why things work the way they workThis book might be a suitable for somebody with heavier business studiesexperience background but for me who was mainly interested of the usage detection and prevention of hostile manipulation and persuasion attempts in a security contex this book was a bit of a dissapointment Then again I think I wasn t Mr Monk Is A Mess exactly the intended audienceither The writing voice is good and reinforced some ideas but overall was not fresh The book is set up for people in sales and not a tool for a lot of other workplaces Better off reading the obvious cornerstone How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie Lost interest when start saying that taller people are persuasive because they are taller And it s supposed to teach you conviction so would he learn you how to be taller Or does short people can t be convincing When there are thirty plus pages of Preface Introduction Forward Acknowledgements and Author s Notes you know it can t bode wel. Hopes to improve their ability to #sell market advertise or negotiate Chet Holmes Fortune 500 superstrategist and author of the Mega Marketing Business #market advertise or negotiate Chet Holmes Fortune 500 superstrategist and author of the Mega Marketing Business Masters and Guerrilla Marketing Meets Karate Master sales programsMan talk about persuasive Dave convinced me to read and review his book and I don't ven like the guy Blaine Parker author of Million Dollar Mortgage RadioToo few books actually put into practice what they promote Dave Lakhani breaks the mold with this satisfying powerful read John Klymshyn author of Move the Sale Forward. ,

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Persuasion: The Art of Getting What You Want