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Pisodes this was the best representation of her strengths as a characterif i were to reread as a characterIf I were to reread these novelizations I d likely follow the following order final episode revisited in parenthesisHarvestAngel Chronicles Vol 1 season two episode sevenAngel Chronicles Vol 2 season two episode tenXander Years season two episode sixteenAngel season two episode sevenAngel Chronicles Vol 2 season two episode tenXander Years season two episode sixteenAngel Vol 3 season two episode seventeenWillow Files season three episode twoCordelia Collection season three episode fiveXander Years Vol 2 Season three episode thirteenFaith Trials season three episode fifteenWillow Files Vol 2 season three episode nineteenJournals of Rupert Giles season five episode thirteen Not sure why i read the novelizations I ve seen the episodes millions of times This book tells the story of the three episodes from the show Out of mind out of sight some assembly reuired and homecoming There isn t anything special about this book It tells these episodes exactly as they happened on THE SCREEN SCENE FOR SCENE THERE IS NO SURPRISE screen scene for scene There is no surprise find in this book nor is it a good addition It says it is a Cordelia collection It does not feel like it at all It ust describes the three episodes Cordelia has always been one of my favorite characters so I loved this collection I actually really liked this much than I thought I was going to It s a simple enough read being essentially three novelisations of Cordy centric Buffy episodes complete with an original prologue and epilogue Each episode is written to be read in one sitting They flow surprisingly well and are solid ways to experience the episode s plots Homecoming the third and final segment is a standout The epilogue is so precious too A really good homage to some of Cordy s best moments in Buffy 5 Liked seeing a novelization focused on Cordelia To be honest I didn t really like her in Buffy Glad she got better on Angel Sad that her friends shunned her when she started dating Xander Don t really see why someone would get worked up about being Homecoming ueen Also glad Buffy and Cordelia were able to bond during the Slayerfest. Envy and later she is deemed an ideal mate for a onetime Sunnydale football star problem is he's currently deceased But her most dangerous challenge is the race for Homecoming ueen Forget the dance ueen C will be lucky to escape with her lif. .

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The Cordelia CollectionIsbnoriginal LOL CORDELIA IS JOKES Very enjoyable loads of fun got to love Cordelia she has always been one of my favourite characters and makes me laugh out loudAgain it was ust a novelisation of three episodes Season 1 s Out of Sight Out of Mind AKA Invisible Girl Season 2 s Some Assembly Reuired Season 3 s HomecomingPerfect episodes to show the essence of Cordelia loads of fun and well written and I could see the episodes and it made me laughIf you love Cordelia you really can t go wrong with this Fun readings of episodes about one of my fave this Fun readings of episodes about one of fave Whedonverse However it is merely a script to narrative adaptation and nothing of major interest is added to these familiar episodes Unlike other episode novelizations there aren t even any connecting narratives between the episodes so it feels a bit choppy when you ump from one episode to the next Always fun to spend some time in Cordy s head though Per Goodreads the final of the character focused Buffy the Vampire Slayer novelizations is The Cordelia Collection listed as 12 of 13 the last being the novelization of season seven of the show I m guessing this is the last based on when it was published because the episodes revisited are not the last chronologically in the series and two of them are among the earliest in the series The framing device between the issues is mainly Cordelia at the Bronze thinking about her life and catching the reader up on what s happened in between issues Between parts one and two it s basically a summer vacation recap but between two and three it s recapping some of the craziest melodrama ever on televisionUp first was Out of Mind Out of Sight season one episode eleven which I think of as the one that had Clea Duvall in a small part as a girl that gets ignored by her classmates until she eventually becomes invisible The explanation is that reality is based on our perceptions or something along those lines It also foreshadowed government awareness of the supernatural that would be fully explored with the Initiative in season four As far as. Being popular is not A Man Who Rides just my right but my responsibility and I want you to know that I take it very seriously Cordelia ChaseFashionista and leader of the pack Cordelia Chase is known throughout Sunnydale High for her irrepressible blend of ta. Season one episodes go this is one of the better ones that has the characters figured out but the plot is still pretty simple invisible girl wants revenge on Cordelia and targets her and her friends and expanding it in prose doesn t add anything to itNext up was Some Assembly Reuired season two episode two which took placeust three episodes later This time around the plot involves a grave robber digging up the bodies of three girls who recently died in a car crash The Scooby gang tries to figure out what sort of demon or human is tries to figure out what sort of demon or human is but eagle eyed readers will spot a new character introduced who rivals Willow for science expertise and figure out the rest of the reveals from there Once again this plot somewhat foreshadows the Initiative in season four particularly Adam but the episode was of a standalone installment from before the show completely hit its stride On the positive side this episode featured some great dialogue Two of my favorites Sorry but I m an old fashioned gal I was raised to believe that men dig up the corpses and women have the babies Also When you wake up you ll have the body of a seventeen year old In fact you ll have the body of several There were also a few great one liners involving year old In fact you ll have the body of several There were also a few great one liners involving and gold dubloons One of the funniest episodes I ve read in the novelizationsFinally Homecoming season three episode five takes a big leap over a season s worth of storyline to get to Buffy and Cordelia competing for Homecoming ueen It definitely makes sense as a Cordelia centered story and even builds off the May ueen storyline from Some Assembly Reuired and better yet it s from the story and even builds off the May ueen storyline from Some Assembly Reuired and better yet it s from the of the show from mid season two to end of season three where the show was my favorite of all time By this point the show had a huge supporting cast of characters including multiple great villains like the Mayor and Mr Trick and could even call back a minor interesting villain from the show like Lyle Gorch to take place in Slayerfest 98 No there wasn t a Slayerfest 96 97 or anything after that As far as Cordelia centered Ctless maxims as much as she is renowned for her beauty Most students even the members of her anti fan club either want her or want to be herPopularity proves a tough cross to bear though First Cordy is stalked by an invisible being fueled by.

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