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Readers who strictly adhere to homophobic religious doctrines probably won t make it past his first sexual experience and almost certainly won t be converted to his liberal view Snarky atheists will hate the book for Venn Brown s insistence on faith despite his falling out with his church People inbetween might really et something out of this it touches on homosexuality in the developmental stage how social pressure effects developmental mindset Flame gives a pretty detailed case of hostile religious reaction to a believer who comes out rather than to an outsider survivoruilt with the HIV crisis and my The Snottle greatest point of curiosity how aay man could marry and foster a family I m heterosexual and picked this up because I have several homosexual friends who I ve tried to support through awful family crises but have always felt inept I don t have their experiences of bigotry to sympathize from just a eneral humanity I want to be a better friend to them While I found most of Venn Brown s descriptions of homosexual experiences Cliche And Trashy Except and trashy except first experience as a boy which was exceptionally relatable by the end of the book he managed to dispell some of my culturally engendered discomfort with the practice of homosexuality that a lot of people who are tolerant of the mere concept feel and hide with humor or denial Any heterosexual person who can Make It Fifty Pages it fifty pages this book ought to finish it just to expand their tolerance as this invaluable Venn Brown accomplishes this primarily by taking us on a detailed account of the events and people of his life which is storied enough that it ought to have some part relatable to anyone There are some jagged edges there isn t nearly enough sympathy for his wife and his abusive relationship with one particular needed much explanation for me to even understand why he d see such a person let alone keep oing back to him but particularly in the second half of the book he hits a very Skulduggery Pleasant good stride in describing his own development There are also many sentences or paragraphs that reference very interesting sounding stuff and are frustrating when you realize they won t be explained or expounded on being psychonanalyzed by an atheist in the military while suppressing his homosexuality really sounded like it should have been a chapter while other parts seem unnecessarily long But these shortcomings can t detract from the aggregate experience of reading a sensitive spiritual well meaning human being s life In April of 2007 I met Anthony Venn Brown at the Ex Gay Survivors Conference at the University of California in Irvine California Anthony traveled from Australia to be present for this Historic Conference It was during this Conference that Darlene Bogle Michael Bussee and Jeremy Marks all former Exodus leaders made a historic public apology to the LGBT community I began to learn about Anthony s story of how as a long time Assembly of God Evangelist he came to a point he could no longer deny his true sexual orientation and with areat pain came out to his family and church in 1991 By 2004 he was reaching out to others who had suffered the same hurt and rejection from the church and society With complete transparency he told his personal story in his first edition that he wrote in 2004 of A Life of Unlearning Coming out of the church One Man s Struggle When I met him at the 2007 Ex Gay Survivors Conference he had just released his second edition of A Life of Unlearning a Journey to Find the Truth As we had lunch together one day during the Conference I shared my story of being a Fundamentalist Baptist Pastor for 25 years and how I chose to walk away from my ministry and start living my life as a Nemesis gay man rather than stay and bringreater harm to my church and family I also told him that I had lost all of my friends The only person who understood was my dear wife Joyce She had seen me fight my battle to find healing for 16 years and finally fail She did not condemn me but continued to love me and pray for me Anthony totally identified with this which I will let him tell you for himself in his book Hearing my tale Anthony with compassion and understanding ministered to me as he saw how wounded I was and insisted on Tall Dark And Deadly Seven Bad Boys Of Paranormal Romance giving me a copy of his newly released second edition His integrity and complete honesty in searching for the God of love andrace for himself an. To some degree we are all living a life of unlearning unlearning the things we have accepted without uestion but which have no truth in our lives On the surface everything looked perfect Anthony Venn Brown was a happily married father of two and a high profile preacher in the mega churches of Australia Behind the scenes. ,
A Life of Unlearning – a journey to find the truth’Found within the church May euality come to all churches A Deeply Personal Book Touching For Anyone Who Has Struggled deeply personal book touching for anyone who has struggled find their true self in spite of indoctrination I recommend this to anyone wanting to understand the turmoil of someone rappling with sexuality and religion Writing this review a long time about a month after I finished reading the actual book although on the other hand I m also writing this review after a week at the UCA Assembly where we discussed various issues relating to what ended up being called same ender relationshipsmarriage I kind of don t want to discuss the ins and outs of that debate in this review but I will say this I really am lad that I ve finally say this I really am lad that I ve finally Venn Brown s book I remember when this book was first released Venn Brown s situation had Love Under Two Introverts garnered a little press the bookot a hell of a lot It was a thing naturally a clergy person from a conservative Christian roup not only coming out but coming RIGHT out But reading this book in light of the UCA Assembly coming up that kind of wasn t what I was focusing onI found Venn Brown s dismissal Of Mainline To Borrow A mainline to borrow a from the US Christian bloggers denominations hurtful as a member of one and adherant of another technically although I entirely understand that s where he comes from Doesn t make it less annoying to be honest I found his lack of knowledge of mainline denominations throughout the book infuriating but again that s because of his subject position and mine Which are significantly differentI could have done with a trigger warning in the early stages of this book damn specific triggers and I know that doesn t form part of the standard marketing etc I really do find it difficult I acknowledge the honesty of Venn Brown s writing as much as it hurt me in myriad ways I appreciate the perspective of a ay male and particularly a ay male Christian who is willing to write about these things I still think however that the letter to all denominations at the end shows an ignorance of the position of the Uniting Church which although it is far from where I believe we ought to be as a church is still far beyond where Venn Brown seems to think any church is at allIt was a valuable read and I m lad to have finally finished it Do you belong to one of the rainbow communities and have struggled to know if God accepts youIn A Life of Unlearning Venn Brown opens up about what happened when his sexuality and faith collided A former Pentecostal pastor he was forced into marriage to convince people he was straight but eventually learned that sexuality is not a choice He s now reached that point where he s Jennifer Blood 1 gay and Christian and works toward creating a accepting faithHis book is frank and he doesn t shy away from his own flaws as well as the church s I borrowed my copy from one of Venn Brown s friends and the book is littered with references to people I know or have interviewed or takes place at places I ve worshippedAttitudes about sexuality are at a tipping point in Australian Pentecostal churches and it will be interesting to see where we are in 18 months time This book is for people who want to understand what it s really like beingay and Christian A heart breaking and inspiring book about a preacher coming to terms with his sexuality and moving from self persecution to self love It is incredible that despite what Anthony experienced he has chosen to work with faith communities to break down ignorance through education information and just being himself For me reading Anthony s book moved me earthed me dissolved me and filled me with determination and love to refute ignorance and judgement in any way that I can Coming from a Christian background I found the narrative helpful in validating my own journey out of repressive fundamentalism and self hatred to empathy and self love What an important book so pertinent for men and women of faith and non faith backgrounds Thank you for writing it Anthony shares his story about life in full detail I was disappointed by the fact that he does not really reconcile his sexuality and faith but writes off one in favour of the other For Christians looking for a place to find how to do this reconciliation I would look elsewhere Chad Thompson has written an excellent book on this topic with focus on this reconciliation Loving Homosexuals as Jesus Would A Fresh Christian Approach. Ssed and came out and the results of that confession took him on a lonely journey that made him who he is today This honest account highlights not only the costs but also the rewards of being true to oneself Whether you are ay or straight Christian or non believer all will find relevance in this triumphant autobiograph.

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D the rest of our LGBT brothers and sisters was healing and uplifting at the same time We have kept in touch through the years and the same time We have kept in touch through the years and again connected at The Evangelical Network Conference in 2009 in Phoenix AZ I have followed HIS MINISTRY AND REJOICED IN HOW GOD HAS USED ministry and rejoiced in how God has used in so many lives including mine Last year he released his third edition of his amazing book A Life Of Unlearning A Preacher s struggle with his Homosexuality Church and Faith I read a copy that my ministry partner had purchased and was again so moved I had to have my own and immediately sent off an order to It was wonderful to see in print an update to the present time of how God continues using His servant Anthony Venn Brown I cherish his final statement GOD I LOVE MY TRIBE I bear witness that I have seen him live out that love unconditionally This is one of my favourite books of all timeA Life of Unlearning is the autobiography of Anthony Venn Brown The story begins with his fall from race by having his position in ministry taken away by the Assembly of God oversight which involved a public confession of his sin As the book progresses Anthony explains his confusions and disconnection with his Christian life and for lack of a better word The Two Windmills gay life style It had to be one or the other and soon he decides to live completely in the Christian world Anthony builds up a vibrant and busy ministry and is heavily involved in a number of ministries My particular interest was in the very first Youth Alive rally in Sydney well worth a read Unfortunately history behind long standing ministries such as Youth Alive aren t well represented or documented online Completely unexpectedly Anthony falls in love with a man and makes the heartbreaking decision to leave his family and ministry behind Again it seems his two worlds can t connect at all but relationships and lifeet in the way and there is some healing and reconciliationWhat I loved about this book is that it s not used as a platform to explain away the decisions made along the way Anthony even The Luthier S Apprentice goes as far to say that he doesn t want to disclose his spiritual life in detail Havingrown up in different churches and working in ministry for a number of years the struggle depicted and the treatment by some of the Christians in this book reads very true to life None of the God stuff is explained away and is acknowledged as works of God And the struggle with dealing with not being true to yourself I can relate to even as a straight married ladyFor a long time my friends and I have had difficulty finding anything about the LGBTIChristian world that is a personal testimony The closest we have Massa Misterius Malari Rusuh Politik Pertama Dalam Sejarah Orde Baru got is listening to the teaching of Sy Rogers who seems to be an exceptional man of God but is really over represented by mainstream Christianity as an example of who someone could be This book was a true Godsend Anthony s book is a brave and deeply personal account of a life formerly defined by the rigid and misinformed boundaries of traditional Christian views on same sex relationships Havingrown up in a similar environment it has taken me many years to shed what I now believe to be inaccurate interpretations of the Bible and the nature of God towards LGBT people As a Christian straight person I have chosen to engage in understanding what it means to be ay and I am no longer willing to accept the harmful environment that many but definitely not all Christians perpetuate towards LGBT peoples Reading real life stories such as Anthony s has been the most impacting and influential part of my own journey of unlearning I would encourage you to read this book and others such as Mel Whites Randy Eddy McCains Cecilia Wilsons with an open mind to understand the heartbreaking struggles of people such as Anthony His book is a window into the heart of a man s soul Anthony Venn Brown was a successful Pentecostal preacher in Australia The only problem was that he was ay This Autobiography Tells The Story Of tells the story of Brown coming to terms with his sexuality and making the difficult decision to live authentically no matter the cost My life has paralleled Mr Venn Brown s life is so many ways so this book was a The American Tradition great confirmation of my own journey I recommend this book to anyone who may be an Evangelical and who is struggling with their sexuality It s also areat read for Evangelicals to see the laring judgmentalism. He fought a constant battle to conform believing his homosexuality was unacceptable to God and others After 22 years of struggle meeting Jason forced Anthony to make the toughest decision of his life; maintain the façade he had created or be true to himself and lose it all Tired of feeling torn and fragmented he confe. .

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