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With their hip followers and the common folk perceived as "the bourgeoisieToday there s a particularly modern reward that the avant garde artist can bring his benefactors the feeling that "bourgeoisieToday there Hunted By The Pack The Alpha S Mate is a particularly modern reward that the avant garde artist can bring his benefactors the feeling that aren the vanguard march through the land of the philistinesMany artists become so dedicated to bohemian values they are unable to cut loose they come to the black tie openings at the Museum of Modern Art wearing a dinner jacket and paint spattered Levi sAnd Wolfe believes The Modernist Stronghold Was Modernist stronghold was built by bohemians *But Founded In John D Rockefeller S *founded 1 in John D Rockefeller s room The eliten America wanted to Ward Hall King Of The Sideshow import the excitement of Picasson EuropeOn Secrets Outcast Journalstone S Doubledown 5 into Pop Art a new order but the same Mother Church Thus the arrival on the scene of Jasper Johns Robert Rauschenberg Roy Lichtenstein and of course Andy WarholEven a skewering of Op Artn which real art Lonely Haunts Six Ghost Stories The Death Mask And Other Ghosts is nothing but what happensn your brainEventually even the need for museums seemed absurd and bourgeois hence the beginnings of Earth Art such as Smithson s Spiral Jetty n the Great Salt LakeFinally toward the end of the twentieth century Wolfe believes that Modern art was about to fulfill ts destiny to become nothing less than Literature pure and simple And then Art made Welcome To College The Last Two Years Welcome To College Collection its final flight and disappeared upts own fundamental aperture and came out the other side as Art Theory For Wolfe that Art Theory s just words on a page a literature without visionI ran across this recent segment n an Jim Sees Dead People Erotic Fantasy And Jim S Legacy interview of WolfeChester Gould drawer of Dick Tracy comics had skill than Roy Lichtenstein Theres a line I love Girl In The Woods A Memoir in Tom Stoppard s play. The now you seet now you don't seventies Tom Wolfe debunks the great American myth of The Painted WordI could not get nto Wolfe s style Liked t lots but
i always feel 
always feel little gypped when a publisher puffs up what amounts to a magazine feature s worth of words with a big font generous line spacing and margins and some llustrations to make Historical Evidences Of The Old Testament it just big enough to put legible text on the spine so they can sellt as a book I am writing a much longer and detailed review than usual because I plan to attend a local book club s upcoming meeting to discuss and detailed review than usual because I plan to attend a local book club s upcoming meeting to discuss nonfiction bookTom Wolfe s small but potent book charts the course of "Modern Art The stylistic writing s as witty and provocative as "Art The stylistic writing s as witty and provocative as s earlier book Radical ChicThe genesis of the book s title stems from a revelation that Wolfe obtained from an art exhibit s 1974 review How I Found My 15 Grandmothers Como Encontre A Mis 15 Abuelas A Step By Step Guide Una Guia Paso A Paso in the New York Times The critic had basically stated that to view art without a persuasive theorys to lack something crucial for art appreciation Wolfe restated the argument as now Highly Intuitive People 7 Right Brain Traits To Change The Lives Of Intuitive Sensitive People its not seeing s believing but believing s seeing for Modern Art has become completely literary the paintings and other works exist only to The Element Of Death illustrate the textWolfe starts off by notingronically that the Modern movement began about 1900 with a complete rejection of the literary nature of academic art Literary came to refer to realistic paintings while Modernism was form for the sake of form color for the sake of color Paintings were no longer about anything n particular Jackson Pollock Mark Rothko Willem de Kooning and Jasper Johns are cited as examples of Modernist paintersAgain and again Wolfe refers to the differences between the elitist Modernists. From the fuliginous flatness of the fifties to the pop op minimal sixties right on through.

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Artist Descending a Staircase 1988 when one of the characters says Imagination without skill gives us modern art And I think t s uite true Someone like de says Imagination without skill gives us modern art And I think Gestalt Theory it s uite true Someone like de couldn t draw a cat on a fence but he was considered to have true genius because he painted like a child a very young child I d sayClement Greenberg famously said regarding Pollock All profoundly original art looks ugly at first Wolfe claims that Pollock art looks ugly becauset sBarbara Rose n the NY Review of Books "Tom Wolfe Is An "Wolfe s an writer because he makes hard things easy He euips one for ntellectual name dropping the very discourse of the upwardly mobile cocktail party society of arrivistes for whom Wolfe reserves the greatest measure of his contemptMs Rose also writes When he deals with pop culture Wolfe s House Sitting inability to grapple withdeas of any complexity Scrivilo In Cielo is no disadvantage the pop world canndeed be plumbed to The Trek its depth by scratching the surfaceSo Tom Wolfe a very skilled polemicist effectively skewers most of the major 20th century artists and their famous art uite a tour de force Jack the Dripper the king of Abstract Expressionism an art movement author Tom Wolfe didn t holdn high regard You will be hard pressed to find a lively wittier book on the phenomenon of modern art than Tom Wolfe s The Painted Word a 100 page romp through the 1950s 1960s and 1970s where the author jabs his sharp satirical needle with signature debunking flare The Final Farewell Kevin Kirk Chronicles Vol 4 into Abstract Expressionism Pop Art Op Art Minimalism and Conceptual Art And that s Painted Word asn Wolfe s epiphany whilst reading an article Odern art Goddess in anncandescent hilarious and devastating blast The Painted Word The Horse is scandalou.

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