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Eephus oI just thought I was in love Brielle and Colby Then I got to read Tyler and Addison s story I love this family and can t wait to dive into book three The author s ability to weave intricate character plots throughout both the first book and thisne is really a talent ne many authors fail at Leigh Ann Lunsford has done a beautiful job with hers She keeps the characters in their wn voice maintaining their identities they don t become muddied by the pull Tales Of Destiny Volume 3 of stronger characters She has managed to take what seemed to be a HEA love story in bookne and throughout book two turned it into a romantic suspense for book three I can t wait I strongly recommend reading this series I have Tales Of Destiny Volume 5 one to go but so far book two is better than bookne but both have been great readsReview by Stephanie Wallace Leigh Ann Lunsford woman your writing is Tales Of Destiny Volume 4 outstanding I loved the first book and thisne just as much This is the second book Napoleon of the Parker Siblings series I won t go into detail because I dislike spoilers but it truly is an amazing readThis book begins with Addison and Tyler s story Tyler has came back into town wanting his woman back and won t take no for an answer Addison is just like the restf the gang tough as nails with a sweet and sensitive core She gives Tyler a good fight Even though Tyler deserves the jerk f the year award he does prove that he is worthy f Addison s love This book isn t totally about Addison and Tyler Dinosaur Hunt other membersf the Parker crew are involved I liked how the POV changes at the right moment so you know what is going The Question Of Animal Awareness Evolutionary Continuity Of Mental Experience on in each character s mind There is never a dull moment when this family is involved My emotions were allver the place I was sad happy and angry When you read this book you feel like you are apart Finding My Distance A Year In The Life Of An Event Rider of this family and you want everything to workut for themThe ending got to me I wasn t expecting a cliffhanger I kept swiping my kindle thinking NO this can not be the end I can t wait for the next book to see what happens next in the Parker family Highly recommendReceived copy in exchange for an honest review The Parker Siblings are back and with a bang This book focuses 101 Creative Notes on Addison and Tyler and their journey towards family Addison doesn t have uite the sharp tongue that Brielle possesses and Tyler is not uite the hopeless romantic that Colby is but these two are magic together Magic in the soul mate childhood sweethearts meant to be kindf way And while they start the book farther apart than they ve ever been watching them come back together serves to compound that magic and turn it into something even spectacularLeigh Ann Lunsford has incredible snap and crackle to her writing that is just an absolute joy to read She has the southern cadence The Ancient Maya of speech down to a fine science and pairing her firecracker dialogue with her smart and sassy characters creates a world that is just flat fun to readAllf the characters in this series are authentic and the situations they find themselves in are eually as real which allows me to empathize with them through all f their trials and tribulations in their individual paths in life The humor in this story balances the trauma and drama perfectly and just allows the whole book to come together as a solid novelIf you don t know the Parker Siblings yet pick these books up as soon as you can "You Won T Regret It Wow This "won t regret it Wow This a rollercoaster f emotionNot Leaving is the second book in the Parker Siblings series by Leigh Ann Lunsford She did not disappoint with this continuation and expansion Menage of the characters and their stories My favorite thing about Leigh Ann and this series is that in each book she expandsn every character involved There may be a main focus Siswa Juga Bisa Jadi Pengusaha on two characters but she lets thether siblings and friends be part Princess Callie And The Race For The Ruby Cup of the story and grow along with the seriesThe way that the first book Not Enough ended left me unsuref what I d find happening with this family I was NOT let down by what I read The book begins by taking a step back in time and reminiscing about the past that Addison Addy and Tyler shared Addy is the eldest Korku Oyunu of the Parker siblings She has been taking caref her younger siblings since their grandparents passed away Tyler was Addison s boyfriend and they dated for several years Some things come up that cause their break up and now Tyler is returning to Addy to try and make things work "again For those who previously read Not Enough Addy is a bigger witch to Tyler than Brielle ever was "For those who previously read Not Enough Addy is a bigger witch to Tyler than Brielle ever was Colby This made for an amazing read that left me ready to jump into the next book The ending n this book definitely left me wanting and NEEDING to know what happens with these siblingsI have received this ARC in exchange for an honest review We were first introduced to Addison and Tyler in Not Enough We saw bits and pieces f their relationship and their trials and tribulations but just enough TO KEEP US SALIVATING FOR NOT keep us salivating for Not give us the big picture into their lives from their lust at first sight meeting through a couple breakups and some life altering choicesAddison like Brielle has played a huge role in raising her younger siblings Tyler has been in Addison s life for so long that he has also helped to raise them and views them as family as well Addison and Tyler are very similar in that neither had great parents They have their wn issues they need to get past before they can work ut their relationship After finally learning the truth about their parents Addison has the closure she needs is finally about to move past it I love this boy with all my heart always have probably always will but I don t know that this emotional healing we are doing will ever let me put my faith and trust in him I HATED Tyler throughout most f the first book He made so many poor decisions and honestly I felt that Addison deserved much better This book definitely changed that for me He just had a lot f growing up to do They say a child changes you for the better in this case it s definitely true As soon as Tyler knew about his girls he was not about to let anyone r anything stand in his way He was going to get his girls back and he was going to be the best damn father he could be He just had to get past his insecurities and his desire to run away when things got rough Once he finally got past his wn. Addison Parker has loved Cywiriadur Cymraeg one boy all her life Tyler James She met him the first dayf school after moving to Tennessee to live with her grandparents Through death raising her younger siblings betrayal and heartbreak he has been there She has forgiven him fo.

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Issues he had to prove to Addison that he was not leaving We are a messa free for all mud slinging messbut underneath all that dirt is a love so pure it gleams This absolutely describes the relationship between Tyler and AddisonThis book is also alternating POV like Not Enough and again I think it s perfect We got to really see both sides as well as a little bit Quick Guide To The 16 Personality Types And Career Mastery Living With Purpose And Working Effectively of thether characters thoughts Another fast paced and great read There is the added element All That Is Necessary of suspense in this book For a while I knew something was building but had no idea what I was in for There s definitely some angst but another fun and entertaining read with lotsf Parker banter and sibling love Another amazing story and I can t wait to read the next story in the Parker saga Favorite uotesThe last thing I need is penetration from himto my heart My Little Bible or vagina Seriously loved everything about this line Okay note to self no Moscato when dealing with Tyler because that wine glass mixed with Tyler s passion is like an insta flame to my pantiesShe thought I hung the moon and I loved her putting men that pedestal Problem is I crashed down from that bitch and I don t know if redemption is in sightWe are a messa free for all mud slinging messbut underneath all that dirt is a love so pure it gleamsI love my sister She is always in some shit I just fist bump that bitchSynopsisNot Leaving is book two in the Parker Siblings Series and tells the story The Science Of Miracles Investigating The Incredible of theldest sibling Addison It picks up right where Not Enough left Made In Indonesia How Global Importers Can Get The Best Of Indonesian Products off I don t want to ruin the storyline for those who haven t read book 1 so I ll keep it simpleAfter nearly a decade together Tyler James Colby s cousin and Addison Parker s relationship is nearly ruined with lies deception and betrayal Tyler returns and is determined to reclaim Addy s loveNew characters are introduced which has the makingsf heartbreak for the Parker siblings Dustin Parker the youngest and The Moral Basis Of A Free Society only male is uestioning his place in the family dynamics His impulsiveness brings evil right in their midst Can Addison trust Tyler and give him another chanceReviewNot Leaving has good solid writing and Leigh Ann Lunsford wit that is addictive I love this family They love hard play hard and fight hard just asne f them boasts in the book These siblings face real life dilemmas They aren t perfect by any means but what sets these characters this series apart is the realistic reactions Leigh Ann infuses into them I have to say I sided with Addison in the entire heartbreaking predicament Tyler let her down time and again so how the hell was she supposed to respond He heard in her statement what he wanted to hear Again without giving too much away it is hard to go in depth Addison s fear and pain were uite relatable She hurt and I hurt for her She smiled and I smiled with her The power f the author s pen makes the reader feel what the characters feel I even sympathized with Tyler Sensiz Harfler once he d groveled enough Thank you Leigh Ann Lunsford for gifting us with the Parker Siblings and their struggles that they face with determination and humorThe Good1 Leigh Ann Lunsford s wit and uniue voice2 Addison Parker She s the sensiblene the calm in everyone s storm She s strong loves her family and knows what she wants Once Tyler proves to her that he isn t leaving she bravely gives him and their love another chanceThe Bad1 The first half f the book
slightly repetitious On the bright we were able to get f Addison Another Insane Devotion On The Love Of Cats And Persons Kindle Edition of Brielle and most importantlyf those two sexy as hell James cousins Tyler and ColbyFinal rating A solid 42 to 4 3 Not Leaving essentially picks up where Not Enough s epilogue ended Addison recently gave birth to twin girls and has brought Mitch the hot cop from Daytona back with her Tyler her The Gemini Virus old boyfriend storms in announces that he knows she lied foundut she had the babies and he knows he is the father She tells him she didn t lie that when he asked her to fix her pregnancy and she told him he didn t have to worry about it any she meant it These are her children and he has no part in their livesTyler I will tell you this How To Tie A Scarf 33 Ways one damn time These kids are mine You made your choice which forced me to make mine You are notn the birth certificate because there wasn t a line to list sperm donor Elemental Pleasure only daddy and you are not that You can take your handsff my daughter now You will not destroy them like you did me To catch you up to the present after ten years Chapter 11 Bankruptcy And Restructuring Strategies Leading Lawyers On Navigating Recent Trends Cases And Strategies Affecting Chapter 11 Clients of a relationshipnce Tyler found The Gallic War World S Classics out Addy was pregnant that was the kissf death for them They were engaged but he did what he always does he ran ut n her She told him that he didn t have to worry about it any and he never contacted her after that Not to check up Savage Awakening on her not to see her nada Addy with the helpf her friend Mitch did it all alone And now she is back home from Florida and is determine that Tyler has no place in their lives She gives him the impression that she is involved with Mitch romantically not true Tyler just about flips his lid He tells her he knows he screwed up but he is going to take responsibility for his little girls and for her He knows he has lots to make up for His has major parenting issues and a potential Who s Your Daddy scare made him realize he had no interest in being a father He swears this has changed I am not going anywhere I may have been a dick but that doesn t change the fact you lied to me So take tonight to come up with a solution that has me in the euation take tonight to come up with a solution that has me in the euation am not going anywhere and if you try and fight me about this make no mistake I will fight back I will be by tomorrow and please have your boy toy goneBrielle Addy s sister and her husband Colby Tyler s cousin are just as pissed at Tyler They let him have it with both barrels But Sejuta Dolar 365 Hari Sejuta Impian Sejuta Harapan over andver Tyler tries to tell them he will show them with his actions not his words how sincere he isMeanwhile Mitch backs away and moves to his The Russian Civil War 2 White Armies own place His brother Max is here with him now and there are some strange things goingn with these two cops Something that involves the whole Parker family There is a lot H Kinenbi Tokubetsu Na H of back and forth between Addy and Tyler she is afraid to trust her heart he needs a second chance At times I did feel the story moved a little slowly and was a bit repetitive with these two Butnce Cambree and Dustin Addy and Brielle s R many things but this time when he leaves she decides he is not her future any Tyler James loves Addison Parker He has made mistakes but his love is always constant He wants to be with her but through lies and misunderstandings it doesn’t seem possible an. ,

Not Leaving Parker Siblings #2Iblings and Mitch and Max s involvement was thrown in the mix the story moved along nicely Seems Cambree and Max were involved but had a bad break up Mitch is involved with his Social Media Scams Protect Yourself On Facebook Twitter Ebay More Volume 2 own love interest now Kalyleigh He is tracking Brent the Parkers father s political aid This guy is bad to the bone and is the reason the Parkers grandparents got custodyf the family in the first place Dustin who is now going to be a senior in high school is bound and determined to live with his parents and is bringing a whole heap f trouble into everyone s life Cambree is starting college and is in danger than she realizes Addy and Tyler finally get their act together after some angsty moments I am looking forward to Not Hidingthis ne will be Cambree and Max s storyJust remember Addy I wasn t always that way Sometimes we have to fall before we soar It just takes some Btn Iirleri of us tries to getur wings than Deadly Games others I had to get this reviewut Safest of my head straight away whilst i am still dying from the ending I just finished this book about 20 minutes ago I am so in love with this series its crazy I thought i loved the first book but adored this book the same if not Leigh Ann Lunsford you tremendously talented woman YOUNot Leaving by Leigh Ann Lunsford is the second novel in the PARKER SIBLINGS seriesThis is Addison and Tyler s storyAddison and Tyler have been in love withne an The Methuen Drama Book Of Suffrage Plays How The Vote Was Won Lady Geraldine S Speech Pot And Kettle Miss Appleyard S Awakening Her Vote The Mother S Meeting The Anti Suffragist Or The Other Side Tradition other since her first day at her new school when she moved to Tennessee For Tyler it was love at first sight and claimed her as his immediately Addison did not mind this hot and sweet boy lay his claimn her she felt the instant connection they had and fell in love with him straight away Going through her grandparents deaths and raising her younger siblings he has always been her rock and been there whenever she needed him After a single moment changes both their futures Tyler leaves her when she needs him the most in her life Addison is devastated and isn t the same Addy Parker for a long timeTyler loves Addison and will never love anyone in his life but her Yes he has a funny way The Tangled Skein of showing it but he has his reasons You findut why he is the way his why he has his insecurities and the reasons he believes leaving is the best remedy Through all the lies betrayal and misunderstandings he is determined to win the love Getting To 50 50 How Working Parents Can Have It All of this life back to prove to her that he is done leaving her and is NOT LEAVING his 3 girls and their big CRAZYASS familyAddison Parker is a strong beautiful and sassy mouthed character You see a softer vulnerable side to her in this book that you didn t see in book 1 and I think it is amazing I wanted to reach in and hug her sometimes She isne Shakespeare And The Body Politic of the genuine characters besides Brielle that i have read about in a while She has her insecurities and reasons for keeping her secrets from Tyler but you would to if you knew what she went throughTyler James is a hot hopeless romantic with insecurities and the most determination I have read about in a character Yes he has made mistakes but he is trying his damnedest to make up for them for his 3 girls He definitely proves to me that he is worthyf the love Colour Me Good Art of Addison and should be apartf his girls lives I think Addison and Tyler s relationship is awe inspiring to have gone through the past they have and work through it all and still love each the same if not than they did when they first met is just WOW Even though they been together for a long time than apart for a while they are still crazy about each ther like when they passionate about each ther like when they teenagers Some scenes between them are so emotionally real and tear jerking They have real problems which makes this book so relate able to the real world All the Parker siblings Colby and a few new characters are in the story with their Locks Of Love And The Secret Bakery Of Florence own chapter POV I think it s so brilliant the way Leigh Ann does this is her story s It showsf the story and shows the different thoughts from each character its like you get 9 stories in 1It has the most beautifully written words i have EVER read in a book Leigh Ann i might have to hire you to write something gorgeous for my wedding hehehe I cried ALOT but laughed even nothing beats those Parker s sense Undang Saja Allah Belajar Syukur Belajar Yakin of humor and their smart ass sassy saucy mouthsWhen i finished i literally screamed WTF NOOOOO why would you end it there like that OMG im in such a book hangover statef mind just thinking about the characters and what they are up to now I am waiting very very impatiently for the third book NOT HIDING which is released Kyamete Krk Kala on May 6thLeigh Ann you are a spectacular Author Your words are perfect impeccable amazing brilliant and just WOWZERS5 SASSY FILLED HEARTS OUT OF 5 for this incredible bookhttpkbridge89wordpresscom I received this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review I am so ecstatic about this series that I had to re read Colby and Brielle s story to get my Brielle tuden before diving into Tyler and Addison s story There is never a dull moment in the Parker s Family Not Leaving will take you to places that was so unexpected It will cover some years prior to both Vurgun of the books up to 2018 Without giving too much away I would describe this book a bit suspenseful with lotsf secrets that will keep you in the dark some that will haunt you and some come to light I really enjoyed how the author let us get in some Understanding North Korea Demystifying The World S Most Misunderstood Country of thether "characters pov as well which you will meet " POV as well which you will meet Exiled To Nowhere Burma S Rohingya out the book Yes it does end in a cliffhanger but it will definitely be worth the wait for Cambree s storyI am so thankful for allur trials and tribulations because they make moments like this so much sweeter AddisonI just want Sakura Kiss one promise from you that you will always love your daddy even when he screws up I am not perfect my little angels but you are my perfection Tyler with his twin girlsSometimes we have to fall before we soar It just takes somef us tries to get Godkiller Walk Among Us our wings thatthers Just don t Second Honeymoon overthink the situation Things will fall in place Tyler Author review This was harder to write than the first book I wanted to give this couple justice and be able to show their love The depthf it and while not always pure it was true love There are no two people who love each Child Of Mine other Thisne is H B Jassin Paus Sastra Indonesia of cliffhanger than bookne Not Enough but all can be read as standalone and the cliffhanger is for. Y When a single moment changes his future will he be able to come back and pick up the pieces f their relationship r did he finally break all Odin Ly Vetoa of her faith in him Due to strong language and sexual content this is not suitable for audience under the agef