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Wray Tornians #2P expecting me to behave that way drama re hashedMore of the Goddess s curse is explained as well as how other races planets are effected by it The Goddess makes a in person appearance to Kim via her dreams on several occasions SPOILERS The book seemed to be in two parts Part one was Kim s abduction abuse by the Ganglian s which was actually a very short portion of the book and Wray s rescue of her Followed by red shirt pilot Wray and Kim crashing on an uninhabited planet Pilot dies of course There is some ind of massive storm on the planet The Scrap Happy Guide To Dots N Doodles keeping any shuttles from landing thus giving Kim and Wray a week alone in their cave to get tonow each other Wray refrains from telling Kim that he is the Emperor as well as hiding the fact that he washed her while she was still unconscious No Honeymoon For Death Gilded Age 2 kind of a skeevy scene with him fingering the unconscious near death rape victim he has just rescuedKim reflects on her poor past behavior in adolescence and finds her way to forgive and understand Wray s washing her Part two is Wray Kim s rescue from the uninhabited planet after the storm finally stops Wray and Kim are separated when the Emperor s warrior s arrive Two warriors try to rape Kim seeing her as available since she is not a Tornian woman and scenting of Ganglian sex Wray rescues her but refrains fromilling the warriors because the law is on their side Kim realizes Wray is actually the Emperor and her trust in him is temporarily destroyed He explains how he wanted her to History Of Gibbs Of Fenton In Dartington County Devon know the man not the title She understand forgivesWray has business on planet Vesta with Lord Reeve Co Conspirator to Lord Bertos from Grim Drama ensues with Wray s only living son the two bad warriors and the bad doctorNothing politically gets worked out with the law allowing non Tornian women to be abused by anyone but Wray clearly has his eyes opened to the situation Kim finds out she is pregnant and they decide toeep it to themselvesueue present day with baby Destiny nursing and Kim remembering all that s occurred I have raged and cracked myself up in eual parts writing this looonnng review because the book was soooo bad I feel like the author cheated me out of a good book My bubble just burst When I read Grim I was happy that I had found a book that was part of a series I could grow to likelove While it wasn t perfect Grim had potential It had characters I loved and it was written at an acceptable paceMy fault for thinking that Wray would be at least as good if not better than Grim The book started well enough and was Ok ish till Wray and Kim left the cave They should have never left the damn cave Never Because after that the book was just nonsensical to the point of madness I ll list my grievances in a little while The one thing that was running through my mind after finishing this book was WHY WHY DID WE NEED THIS BOOK It did not reveal anything that was not already in Grim Seriously not a single new thing Nope Ok here comes my list CONTAINS SPOILERS duh1 I was probably wearing my rose tinted glasses while I was reading Grim But even if I hadn t been I would have accepted it But in Wray all bets were off from the beginning Because Kim decided to say I love you Why you ask this irritated me to no end Because she had just been rescued from an alien ship where she was raped for than a week and then having woken up finds another huge alien with her A couple of days and then aboooooom she loves him I think she was either disturbed or the FRICK UP fairy was strong with that one Am i being too harsh here ok i am letting this one slide2 another I am letting this one slide2 Another I couldn t stand was the idiotic dialogues Oh my god Here is an example Your love of The Life And Son life and son drowning how do you reactToraHis First MaleKim His LoveThis was actually how it was written For real It was a part of Wray s inner monologueI am going to try this the next time something happens Rose My tenth goldfish 3 Wray is the Emperor of all Civilized Planets If it wasn t mentioned I wouldn t now because no on gives a Shit or Respects his orders Again for exampleWrayShe is Kim the EmpressAnyone other than Wray or Kim No she is notThis is repeated with every single person in the book Every single one Sometimes twice Or thrice You get my point4 The crap about respecting females No one seems to do that other than the Main character and his sidekick I don t want to waste my time on pointing out the 1008 times where this happens Also all Tornian females are stuck up bishes so much so it has become the norm for males to assume the same without thought So if you happen to visit the Tornian World and ask a male How are you he would probably genuflect and gaze at you in wonder for fricking ever and build you a temple or something5 There is no need for a Frick Up FairyFUF for this book because the Goddess plays it perfectly I can t help but say it again The Frick up Fairy is strong with this one Again here is an example This was said by the GoddessFUF right after Kim goes through a deadly drowning and escaping by a hairs breadthGoddessFUF What about your warriorKimWhat warriorGoddessFUF Have you forgotten him so easily Perhaps you aren t the right female for my new beginningNew beginningI mean seriously Someone commits a crime so instead of punishing the concerned ones she damns three planets For 500 fricking years She even admits that cursing them was a mistake There will be no need for a new beginning if not for her idiocy But how does she act Like a FUI am pretty sure I can go even further but these are the main thingies that made me rate this book 1 star One may ask why I did not add this to my Dnf death bed and move on but I wanted to see how much suckier this book could get and in doing so I have become an unwilling masochist Phew I am done with this 82816 And another rereadone of my favorite of all time I m sure I will continue to reread it Original review 2015This was a re read for me Not sure if it s the 3rd or 4th time but I still love it I love the romance and how Kim grows from a selfish spoiled brat to an amazing strong woman Wray is one of my all time favorite heros He is so patient and loving He is just what Kim needs and she is just what he needs I *Love MK Eidem And I Love This *MK Eidem and I love this JUST FINISHED IT I loved it It was a LOT shorter than Grim but I loved it Review to comeI can not waitEvery time they mentioned Wray and Kim in Grim I was just like And now I hear that we get to read it So excited Can I just see it nowPlease. E captured by the Ganglians and it is then that she learns what happens to the ‘unprotected’ females of the universeWray finds himself drawn to the small female he finds beaten and abused on the Ganglian ship She resembles a Tornian female but is much smaller Could she be what he’s been searching for Wray and Kim are both doing the same thing trying to survive But what they find is that there are important things then just survival And once they learn that the universe changes foreve. ,

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Ns with our heroine Kim while searching for her missing sister and her brother in law is Rising River kidnapped by Ganglians where she is raped and beaten and when Wray comes across the Ganglian ship and rescue the slaves on the ship he finds Kim barely alive He heals most of her injuries until they are attacked and their shuttle is forced to set down on a planet This is where the relationship between Wray and Kim really develops and some real intense feelings form between them Once Wray s men find him and Kim this is where Wray tells Kim the truth about who he really isan emperor and that he wants Kim as his empress And we see that Kim doesn t take Wray not telling her the truth very well But I did like the way that this hero grovels when he is in the wrong Wray and Kim work through the delicate politics and treachery of enemiesThis story takes place right before Grim the first book in the series so we get some great background information on a couple that makes an impression on the reader through the books I did enjoy seeing this story develop in many ways and seeing Kim normal human being work through her new life and responsibilities and showing the Tornian s that there is another and better way to live We see some in depthnowledge of the Tornian culture and history and why they were cursed by the goddess Another aspect I enjoyed seeing was Tora Tora is Wray s son who is full grown and I just love the way that Kim wins him over which isn t easy Kim is so different from the females they A History Of Cornwall know and I had a blast seeing her strength come through and stand on her own and strive for a different and better way for them to liveOverall I found Wray to be an enjoyable read that takes us deeper into this Tornian world and story of immense character growth and a love story you can delve intofoogallery id50089 Spoilers Inew that reading and enjoying the first book would be too good too be trueThe second book started off in a manner that made me uncomfortable very UncomfortableWray finds Kim and saves her from Slave Traders ok we Corazon De Mierda knew that from book oneand in my opinion that was enough background needed on the coupleWraynows that Kim has been beaten abused and raped and yet the FIRST thing that he does when he gets her alone is to bathe her fondle her feel her up and Probe her while she is unconsciousWTF Creepy Much What happened to all of his so called Honor The Wray in book 2 was NOT the Wray in book 1Kim was too young and annoying for the Pimsleur Spanish Levels 1 3 kind of woman Wray would need an EmpressAnd Wray was too old and creepy in the beginning of book two for my comfortBoth characters did a total personailty change from book oneIt is almost as though a different writer wrote the first book Kim was almost the same age as Wray s son it would seem that she would have done better mating with his sonI m tired of reading novels where the Male Leads are way older than the females have had a wife withids and the Female Leads are barely legalWhy couldn t Kim have been at least 21 25 years old or OlderKim could have been older and still had an argument with her sisterI also had uestions about the timeline between Grim s book and Wray sWray saved Kim when she was 19 she became pregnant and in Grim s bookshe is about 8 months pregnant I thinkI did not like the fact that the author went back and wrote Wray and Kim s storyIt made the story line confusing and feel disjointedIf she really wanted to tell Wray s and Kim story *Their Story Should Have Been Book One *story should have been book one Grim s story book twoIn book one Wray and Kim Had Already Met And Mated already met and mated well as Lord Oryon and Lady IsisYnyr and Abby met in book one and mated which makes their story being told after the fact as awkward as Wray and Kim s storyI don t see why the author would not write books about charcters who have not mated like Ynyr s oldest brother Ull especially since his mother was worried about him finding a good womanThe author could have also written about Callen and Rebecca or Tora Wray s son orany of the remaining unmated females on Luda instead of characters who were already mated The scenes with the warriors Fala and Gyula also got on my nervesYes I understand that their behavior led to changebut for warriors who claimed to have so much Honor they didn t practice itI was very disappointed with this bookAlso the author does not cover the life expectancy of a TornianDo they have long lives longer than humans If so how much longerWill the earth women s lives be extended when they mate with a TornianCallen and Rebecca should have had their story told but it seems that the author has moved on to a new series If I were the author I would have written 1Wray s book firstit did not have to be a long book just enough to explain the Tornian Empire add a little maturity to Kim and delete the Wray perverted scene in the beginning2Grim second 3Ynyr third And I would have skipped his mating at the end of Grim s book and start off his book with the ceremony Lord Oryon and Lady Isis s short story would have been apart of their son s book and 4the last book would have been Callen and Rebecca s story ending the series and ensuring a way for earth females to travel to the Tornian EmpireI can t stand when authors start a new series and leave the first one hanging open indefinitely I repeat this book does not feel as though it was written by the same author who wrote Grim Extremely Disappointed Preuel to Grim by the same author25 stars I m fairly disappointed with this book Mainly because I so very much adored her first book in this series GrimI have to say this book had much better editing than Grim did but the plot was not holding my attention well If there is a choice to be made I have to say I a choice to be made I have to say I take editing issues with a great story any day over good editing and a so so plotI don t want to make excuses for the author but I do Fatal Error know after Grim s popularity exploded people were clamoring for MK Eidem to write Wray s story So I wonder if this book was an author trying to please the masses instead of following her own muse inspiration I can t point fingers as I was one of the crowd who wrote her begging for Wray s storyThis book felt fairly preachy to me There were multiple veins of preachy One was racismelitism The Tornian s thinking they were above reproach and no one should sully the genetics by breeding outside of the race Another preachy avenue was the abuse of womenAlso there was uite a bit of the I m not a spoiledrotten Tornian Female so sto. Anglian ship leaving Tornian space The only reason the small female was discovered Could she be what they’ve been searching forKim Teel has had a hard life at least she thought she had until her parents were suddenlyilled and her sister disappears At nineteen she realizes she’s been protected from all of life’s hardships been taken care of her entire life expecting and accepting it she’d been terribly spoiled Determined to change her ways Kim goes looking for her sister only to Unfortunately I didn t like this book as much as Grim It was so disappointed as I really loved Grim I liked that it told Kim and Wray s story but Kim really just seemed like a weak heroine with all the crying and being scared I Inquisition Jack Howard 10 kept thinking that she was going to be the empress She really didn t impress me and didn t show me how she could possibly grow to be the empress she needs to be for Wray view spoilerI 4 stars A uick note in lieu of a review To everyone that read the first one this one is vastly improved in editing grammatical errors etc It s also thoroughly enjoyable as well as a great addition to the alien romance category Re read via audible increasing ratingPrior commentsI am giving this 3 stars because I really like the overarching story of this series and I believe the author is a good storyteller I admired the heroine But I had some big issues with Wray in the beginning that clouded my overall enjoyment of the book But for one of these issues it would probably have been 4 stars Kim had to withstand unspeakable horrors at the hands of her abductors Wray and his men saved her They became very attached I appreciated that they did not jump in the sack in a day For a rape victim it would be so shocking Even so it was still uick but at least they had bonded I did not like that Wray withheld information but I understood his reasons and I was totally ok with her forgiving uickly It did not seem an unforgivable offense I hated how he handled her attack by his own men but I got it He was in a tough spot I probably would not have forgiven as uickly as her but I can be a mean bitch that holds a grudge so I am happy she is better than me Clearly it was an uphill battle for Kim to join their society One that Wray completely underestimated and one she was probably not euipt to really take on It is clear to me that until Lisa who IS totally able to handle the battle comes on the scene in Grim a few months later not a lot of progress is made I liked the interplay of the Goddess and Warrior The dead ex did not bother me as much as in Grim but I still wish there were fewer references and comparisonsI am glad I did not read this before Grim because I may not have continued the series The men are total assholes The women are worse but we do not see a lot of them But having read and loved Grim I was willing to push through this bookMy biggest issue may not bother most people so I am not making a big deal of it But for those who have tonow here it isview spoilerWhen Wray saves Kim from her abductorsabuser she immediately passes out and does not awaken for days During this time he cares for her Perving out a bit on her But at some point he figures out how filthy she is and decides to bathe her During this bath he feels her up and even puts the tip of his finger in her vagina I was SO not ok with this I was a nanosecond from a DNF because while I can handle a Hero doing bad stuff that he is later held accountable for This Hero did something disgusting to a RAPE victim who was unconscious and he never told her He new it was wrong yet he did it anyway So he was never held accountable She figured out he bathed her and was upset by it I cannot imagine what she would have thought about his wondering handsThis is one very small detail that many may not have even noticed or thought twice about But it bothered the hell out of me All that being said I totally believe Wray loves and *adores her I am ok with their HEA and am actually glad that she never *her I am ok with their HEA and am actually glad that she never out because I am sure I would not have been ok with easy forgiveness hide spoiler So in the first book we ept hearing about the first Earth girl who had arrived in the Skittle alien s world Kim and how she overcame a lot of crap to become the Empress of this universe I ept feeling like I was missing a pretty big piece kept feeling like I was missing a pretty big piece the puzzle because the references to Kim were like something we were supposed to now but didn t Like your parent s anniversary your dog s birthday or your friend s phone numbers without our phones saving them face it we are all helpless and would never be heard from again Sure it would be nice if we Claws The Icefjord Saga 2 knew those things and maybe we should but we don t and advanced math Once you are an adult your brain dumps all of your higher math skills to make room for remembering where random things are left in your houseHoney where are my careys Under the bath mat in the Das Verhr Von Habana kids bathroomWhyBecause the 2 yr old was playing horsey and used the careys to start the horse and fell in mud and needed a bath and I had to pry them out of her hands while simultaneously refereeing a fight between the 5 6 yr olds So they ended up under the bath mat duhSo this book gave us the history of the emperor Wray and his wife Kim She went through a big old crap fest before she met him then he saves her life And then she goes through a big old crap fest to try and eep him Poor Kim Everyone Wanted To Rape Everyone wanted to rape and ill her It s like someone put a sticky note on her back or something She was a walking target That s right she s the George McFly of the Tornian universe OuchBut Kim is strong and she does a lot of ass Forever The Victim I Dont Think So kicking herself She won t put up with a bunch of misogynistic colorful aliens trying to push her around And really how seriously can you take a guy who is pink Yeah he s going to need to be a pretty good fighter to compensate for that Or have a sports car or something Cuz guys with giant trucks and sports cars we allnow there is something they are trying to cover for right girls You Calle Amazonas know we are all thinking itThis book has a lot of action fighting and devious plots along with the alien smutromance It is also edited better than the first book which seemed to have been edited by a dyslexic 7 year old with a crayon So all in all it was an enjoyable read in a pretty complex world I m looking forward to a lot of the story This review was originally posted on Addicted To RomanceWray is the second book in the Tornian series and was the last book of the series that I read which doesn t count the novellas and I have to say that even though I adored this couple in so many ways especially in the ways that we see them in book one Wray I will say that this is probably my least favorite book of the series Not saying I didn t enjoy this book because I truly loved it but it didn t have the thrill or chemistry that I felt in the other books but there are some uniue dynamics in this story that the others books don t haveWray begi. Emperor Wray Vasteri is the ruler of the Tornian Empire his House has ruled the Empire ever since the great infection struck over five hundred years ago and he fears he will be the last The number of compatible females is dwindling faster than anyonenows and if compatible females aren’t found soon their entire civilization will cease to exist It’s the reason he agreed to meet with Liron the Emperor of the Kaliszian Empire in Kaliszian space The only reason they crossed paths with a .