[PDF KINDLE] Western Star Saddle Club Super Edition #3 author Bonnie Bryant

Christmas at the Bar None a snow storm and some horse rustling a classic Saddle Club Christmas In regards to the book I ll just say if you like the Saddle Club or similar horse books you ll probably enjoy this Otherwise it s not going to be the best fit for you What I do want to mention a bit specifically in this review is the cover artIt s always been one of my favourite covers and what you can t tell from the Goodreads image is that it s ind of two covers you lift the picture of the mare and her *FOALS TO REVEAL THE SADDL. *to reveal the Saddl. WINTER BREAK FROM SCHOOL STEVIE CAROLE AND LISA winter "BREAK FROM SCHOOL STEVIE CAROLE AND " from school Stevie Carole and west to the Bar None Ranch. Western Star Saddle Club Super Edition #3

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See he died a few years ago at the fairly young age of 51 I just wanted to take a moment to express thanks to someone who I obviously never met but who contributed a great deal of joy of to my childhood his covers often fuelling my own imagined versions of adventures for the Saddle Club I realise his career spanned far beyond the horsey books I devoured as a id but I think for me the covers did were the first time I remember being stopped in my tracks by image He really something special to the and my life. m and reminds them that holidays mean M and reminds them that holidays mean presents and time off from their studie. E Club trio riding across the same scenery *recreating starlight ride it s truly beautiful *the Starlight Ride It s truly beautiful I have always loved it single time I ve read this book Yesterday was the first time it ever occurred to me to see who painted it Paul Casale it turns out He did many of my favourite Saddle Club covers there were uite a few different artists over the years all good and also covers I loved for the Thoroughbred books created by Joanna Campbell There s something uite magical to his work I Googled him last night and was sad to. During their stay there an almost miraculous series of events touches each of the.

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