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Ons about with men diminishAs time passes she becomes and her own person as Daniel's Personality Slips Further And slips further and into the background She discovers all the delights of being an attractive woman in London and all the drawbacks tooAnd underlying everything is a moving love story which has to assert itself in the most surprising and unexpected wa. ,

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How it happens is beyond explanation BUT THE FACT IS THAT DANIEL the fact is that Daniel a 25 year old estate agent living in London wakes up one fateful Thursday morning to find that he has turned into a womanMany days of panic and confusion follow but eventually Daniel now become Danielle and pretending to be Daniel's twin sister has to come to terms with his new gender and learn .

Ow to be a womanShe has to buy women's clothes cope with the legal complexities of her "Situation And Above All Learn To Deal "and above all learn to deal complexities of her situation and above all learn to deal the
attentions of menit 
of menIt an extraordinary voyage of discovery as Danielle enters an enticing and exciting world of new sexual experiences initially with women but and with men as her female side asserts itself and her fears and inhibiti. Just Like A Woman

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