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Religious travelers were a common sight in the mediterranean world during late antiuity in the Mediterranean world during Late Antiuity the early Middle Ages In fact as Maribel Dietz finds in Wandering Monks Virgins and Pilgrims this formative period in the history of Christianity witnessed an explosion of travel as both men and women took to the roads seeking spiritual meaning in a life women took to the roads seeking spiritual meaning in a life itinerancyMuch of this early Christian religious travel was not focused on a particular holy place as in the pilgrimage of later centuries to Rome Jerusalem and Santiago de Compostela Rather the inspiration was practical Travel was a way of escaping hostility or social pressures or of vis. ,

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Wandering Monks Virgins And PilgrimsGious travel and monasticism diverged and altered so greatly #SHE EXAMINES THE IMPORTANCE OF THE CLUNIAC REFORM AND #examines the importance of the Cluniac reform and creation of the pilgrimage of Santiago de Compostela in the emergence of a new model of religious travel goal centered long distance pilgrimage aimed not at MONKS BUT AT THE LAITYWANDERING MONKS VIRGINS AND PILGRIMS but at the laityWandering Monks Virgins and Pilgrims essential reading for those who study the history of monasticism for it was in a monastic context that religious travel first claimed an essential place within Christianity It will also be important for anyone interested in pilgrimage and the role of women in the history of Christiani. Iting living and dead holy people It was also a means of religious expression of homelessness and temporary exile The wandering lifestyle mirrored an interior journey an imitation of Christ and a commitment to the Christian ideal that an INDIVIDUAL IS ONLY TEMPORARILY ON THIS EARTHWOMEN WERE ESPECIALLY is only temporarily on this earthWomen were especially religious #Travel In The Centuries Before The Widespread Cloistering Of Women #In the centuries before the widespread cloistering of women life of itinerancy offered an alternative marriage and a religious vocation in a society that excluded women from positions of spiritual leadershipEventually ascetic travel gave way to full fledged pilgrimage Dietz explores how and why reli.

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