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Bours whereupon he has to discover six treasures of Chaos The first being The Altar Of ULTIMATE DARKNESS who the hell comes up with such clich names Archaon nows of his fall from grace early on he tried to get Father Dagobert to help him understand and decipher a old tome that apparently records the future of The Everchosen Some of the characters and personalities Archie comes across during his journey are brilliant you ve Mother Fecund who worships Nurgle and seems to churn out clone type plague ridden meandering walkers The Swords of Chaos sentinel Chaos warriors who are charged to protect Archaon charged by whom We don t Fragile Lives know appear early on in the novel when Archaon is trying to figure out his path with the help of the worldly Father Dagobert and Giselle who are both central to the characters development My favourite side character was The Great Spleen a ogre who worships the blood god He gives us some gory action certainly in the final half of the book There are so many I could mention but I ll end with the Dark Elves Dravin Vayne and his warlock lover Sularii who is a bit of a manipulative biatch always caressing the male form filthy wench I wanted to talk about the pacing of the novel it s rather odd from the outset However rather than a bad thing it happens to make the novel exciting in the sense that iteeps you guessing what s going to happen next From Archaon s childhood to his time spent growing up under the tutelage of Father Dagobert As a reader you get to experience Archaon s fall from being a book loving child to a entity that decides to bludgeon his way through anything or anyone who stands in his way The bludgeoning part does grate after awhile there s no real challenge for Archaon as a warrior this is where Father Dagobert helps to counsel Archaon that a warrior uses both his mind and muscles to fight Sometimes you need to think before acting where other s you act without thinking I ve got to throw praise on Rob Sanders as he seems to have this innate ability to show Chaos as a entity rather than a singular force He seems to flesh out Chaos as a parasitic sadistic bastard and I doubt he is far wrong The whole insanity and corruptibility of Chaos are shown throughout Archaon s fall and what helps you feel Chaos is than a whisper by a madman are the brilliant side characters I The Mind Behind The Eye keep on harping about They are many and as many they show different characteristics that the four gods of Chaos can afflict on a person The Dark Elves worship the prince of pleasure Slannash debauchery and indulgence what s her number Spleen s taking of skulls for the blood god Mother Fecund maggot men which she spews out as worship to Nurgle Later the god of change entities show their face but if I mention who and why it s going to spoil a part of the story for you To give them all balance Archaon is aware that Chaos corrupts and uses humanity as a play thing so he decides to say no to all four gods of Chaos He will take from them He will use their power He will not be cowed unlike the weak his followers The ending was great it left me thirsty for Sadly I m not sure if there are going to be any books about Archaon I hope so Apparently Everchosen isn t a book you should read unless you have some priornowledge of the Warhammer world I d disagree with this you ve a map on the inlay the story tells itself and gives the reader explanations that I would argue would allow this novel to standalone In fact if you took out the Warhammer canon I d say this novel was potentially one of the best fantasy stories I ve read since Prince Of Thorns Enjoy I don t envy Sanders at all for having to write about Warhammer Fantasy s primo villain There s a lot to write about and a lot that he would have to capture I was excited to sit down with this book and read about this fallen Templar s travels and in the end got something else entirelyThere are a lot of things SANDERS DOES WRITE WITH THIS BOOK ARCHAON S YOUNGER does write #with this book Archaon s younger with its time jumping and multiple paths where he #this book Archaon s younger with its time jumping and multiple paths where he and then essentially reboots It fits the theme of Archaon s journeys and is an interesting literary device when it plays out The only issue is after a certain point it doesn t really happen again The way of Archaon s fall is handled well and Sanders did a good job in dealing with the Templar s inner turmoil and slow decent into corruption More so with those that drive him to his eventual complete corruption His change into a night of chaos is also handled well which was nice to see But where Sanders does extremely Well Was The Other Denizens Of The was the other denizens of the wastes It is here where he could be truly creative and it shows I really enjoyed the characters that Sanders brings into the story In many cases they were interesting than Archaon himself Sanders is a good writer and his ability to carry Archaon s story is amazing Throughout most of the story he handles the action and plot advancement really well There are points where his descriptions capture the moment beautifully and creates amazing mental images A lot of the action scenes flow smoothly and there are none of the general glitches one comes across when writing close combat and melee battlesAll that said you can sort of tell where Sanders lost his steam with this book From that point on the battles the storyline the characters everything just feels like they are plodding along and Sanders is just writing to fill space Nothing feels the same as they did earlier in the novel and it makes it very hard to continue to the end of the novel That said I don t really blame him for this as this is a pretty thick book and I am sure anyone would have struggled to fill in the pagesAll in all this is an alright book There are points where it plods and was hard to read and there were points that I honestly really really enjoyed Anyone interested in Chaos or Archaon will love this book but anyone else will probably struggle through points to eep their interest Still this book is worth a read to anyone who is a Warhammer Fantasy player though the ebook is priced far higher than it should be But that s not Sander s fault I very rarely don t finish a book but this was turgid and finally gave up half way through I The Woman Warrior know books tied to popular game s can be hit and miss but this is shockingly poor The writing style is very reminiscent of school day essays trying to fit as many long descriptive words as possible without context or meaning Character development is non existent large chunks are left unexplained and even for a fantasy novel the believability is on par with a children s comic Unless you are a staunch GW devotee I wouldn t bother wasting the over priced cost as it will only disappoint Despite a fun as hell premise the origins of the Everchosen the fated leader of Chaos armies during the End Times a badass cover and a strong first half this book sadly devolves into a morass of interchangeable characters and battles during the second half to the point that I skimmed most of it didn t feel like I missed anything This book employs what has to be the strangest conceit I ve ever seen in a book oftentimes ending chapters with the main character s death then repeating the chapter but this time he lives because a Chaos god has nudged fate in order for him to reach his final destiny I was baffled as to why there were so many Chapter I s at the beginning and really confused did that woman get raped three years running Eventually I figured out what was going on and started to roll with the punches The second half of this was just a mess I sincerely hope the seuel is planned a little better as I think it could be extremely enjoyable For now call this a case of frustrated expectations. Of the Dark Gods What dark events could have put anight of the Empire on the path to becoming a harbinger of the world's end And just who was the man who will become nown to all as Archaon.

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Review also published here What an excellent novel Short version I loved it go pick it upRead on for the long versionEverchosen is part one of Rob Sander s duology dedicated to telling the story of Archaon he who would become the Everchosen of Chaos Lord of the End Times which is the title of the second novel Archaon s character first appeared in Warhammer Fantasy lore as far back as 1998 in the 5th edition book Champions of Chaos His entry in the book described him as a former templar who was corrupted by unknown means disowned his old name and became henceforth nown as Archaon His path took him to the great northern wastes following the prophecies of Necrodomo the Insane towards his fate as the death to all existence To lay claim to his destiny he would need to gather the treasures of Chaos and unite the rivaling tribes of marauders and worshippers of the dread pantheonFans of the franchise will be aware that Archaon at the height of his power led the Storm of Chaos from the front ravaging the world of men elves and dwarves In 2004 Games Workshop turned this war of a massive scale into a whole summer campaign for their tabletop game with further lore on Archaon being added via the campaign bookI have been involved in the Warhammer franchises Fantasy and 40k both since that time My first White Dwarf magazines depicted scenarios and new releases from the Storm of Chaos campaign I marveled at the new Warriors of Chaos miniatures the Dark Prince Be lakor s model which still has not lost its charme 10 years later and of course Archaon himself sitting atop his HellsteedWith that in mind you will hopefully see that I was absolutely excited for this novel Archaon was one of my first points of interest when I entered the hobby and his legacy in the Warhammer World was gigantic I was ecstastic about the novel s announcement and the promise of seeing Archaon s rise to power Now having finished Everchosen I can only offer my thanks to Rob Sanders for writing this novel and its seuel It exceeded my expectationsUnlike many Warhammer Fantasy or 40k novels Everchosen is not a story of massive armies marching to war or about the triumph of good men over evil gods Archaon is not a hero even though his origins could have led him further down that way If fate had permitted itWhat we got with Everchosen is at its core an Anti Hero s Journey We follow Archaon s life from before his inception through his childhood his righteous hate for the ancient foe to his eventual fall from grace and the vengeance he seeks to bring upon the worldRob Sanders managed to construct an initially complex yet at the same intuitive and natural way of telling his story He succeeded in showing the reader just how inevitable Archaon s destiny is by employing than a few clever tricks This allows the reader to see the hero live struggle and succumb We get to see him at his best and at his worst and all the shades in between those extremesMost importantly we get to see a villain in the making and are allowed to understand what made him so I am not exaggerating when I say that Rob Sanders has managed to present me with the best written villain I have seen in years while still making me root for him to succeed That takes some serious skillRob Sander s prose as usual felt very colorful and laden with meaning I would not describe this novel as an easy or uick read It surprised me than once just how much content he was able to sueeze into a matter of pages without making me feel like he was rushing thingsThe pacing overall was very very good despite the first half of the book jumping through the protagonist s childhood and early manhood Key events are shown while the author also hinted at things that could have been under different circumstancesAbout halfway through the book things slow down and a lot of characters from Archaon s hordes of followers get introduced which worked wonders in showing us the exploits of the warlord without bogging the reader down with engagement after engagement Things picked up soon after with significant battles and encounters howeverBut that is not to say that Everchosen lacks in the visceral action department no sir In fact the action scenes in this novel are particularly eventful and exciting More than once did I catch myself thinking this would look awesome in a movie when Archaon went about to show how bad his backside isSanders essentially managed to spend enough time with the important bits that developed Archaon as a character warlord villain but also a tragic figure in very creative and reader engaging ways As a result he turned the legendary Chaos Champion into a well rounded relatable and even sympathetic character while eeping him despicable enough for the reader to realize that he should actually feel bad about wanting to see him succeedFor this I tip my hat to Rob Sanders I easily got my money s worth out of this shiny hardback release and am eagerly awaiting spring 2015 so I may pick up Lord of the End Times Archaon still has a few treasures of Chaos to collect and face his dark patron I cannot wait to see how things will turn out for him in the seuel Archaon Everchosen gets my seal of approval and a well deserved recommendation to fans of Warhammer Fantasy and grim fantasy stories alike Caution here may be SpoilersFirst Of All I of all I excited to read this book What if it being about the harbinger of the End Times and some other Warhammer books I ve been reading mentioning him And it started of really well I found my self constantly asking g myself is this guy him Is this how it happens But I was wrong it all starts with a baby and I liked how he started of as a devout man before realising who he is and deciding to follow his dark destiny Its not often I come across a who he is and deciding to follow his dark destiny Its not often I come across a of Warhammer that I haven t already read somthing of so this was a bit of a surprise to me and it was all going so well Then things took a turn for the worse The Good Stuff I love the origin story everything from the way he was conceived to the piece of wrydstone lodged in his eye it just works so well for this back storyHis travel companions are great from the cynical girl who hates him and what he will become to the his adopted father who just wants to try and save his immortal soulOne thing I really liked is that even though he s willing turnt to chaos he s doing not out of devotion but because he hates them just as much as Sigmar and he sees it as a way of getting enough power to hopefully eliminate them alsoThe Bad Stuff I have just one problem with this book and it took it down from a possible 5 to a maybe 4 to a damn definite 3 star review and that s because half way through the book when Archaon decides to travel into the Chaos wasted the book becomes less about dialogue between cha and of a narrative of events seriously it was just pages of things happening with no talking between characters and I just got so bored I couldn t wait for someone to talk I actually counted ten pages where no one said anything to each other it was all moving about here and this person doing that and it actually felt like someone s else took over the writing for the last half It bored me senseless If this book wants crucial to the end times and other books I wouldn t have bothered with it past the halfway mark and honestly I worry about the next Archaon book I really can t deal with 400 pages of narrative with no dialogue Short critiue READ IT NOW Slightly longer critiue a wonderful story about the travails of a little boy who at each turn nook and cranny stumbles deeper down the path to damnation and his eventual doom to lay waste to the nown worldEspecially fascinating is his eventual acceptance of th. In the north of the world the forces of Chaos gather awaiting their moment to strike At their head is the Everchosen the warrior who will lead the final cataclysmic assault that will usher in. ,
Is doom and his burning desire to end the fates of both men and chaos gods so in the end there will be no all powerful entities who use the creatures of the Old World as their playthings be they human elf beast or daemon At all points in the book I found myself wishing both for Archaon to fail thus saving humans and succeed brilliantly thus putting the chaos gods into their places Also very nicely done was that while the story has its fair share of visceral battles not every event hinges on blade and blood which would have been uite boring in a voyage as long as we were presented with in this volume I really look forward to read the continued story how Archaon continued to become the bane of all living things on Old World Spring 2015 can t you come earlier this time Please Pretty Please I understand it when writers are trying something new in a genre or niche market that has a rather typical trope that is used over and over again I get it that just because someone tries and isn t the most successful in this endeavor that it isn t something to boo or hiss but rather applaud the author s audacity However in this case Mr Sanders failed so utterly that it is a fitting allegory to the ending of the End Times seriesIn most Warhammer novels we are given a very simplistic formula where the author follows some hero around until it all culminates in some grand battle sometimes this is repeated several times in the same book It s a tired trick but an effective one This method of storytelling allows for some entertaining hours of escapism that doesn t really reuire a large amount of investment in order to enjoy the story even understanding that you Stories From A Ming Collection The Art Of The Chinese Storyteller know what the ending will be even from the onset of the story Mr Sanders did not try to reinvent this cycle of storytelling even though he tried to throw in some new twists into the mix some of these worked some were forgivably forgettable and some were rather pretentious and poorly executedWe ll start with the good The first chapters were a bit jarring at first or should I say the first chapter which was repeated three different times til we got the story straight due to the unintuitive nature of re telling the story as though viewing the various ways a scene might have played out each with a malevolent deity guiding the strands of fate While a bit confusing and annoying as it caused the reader to basically reset and start the book three different times I saw the purpose of this idea and it was laudable in its approach to trying something new It got across that Archaon had no choice in his fate and that he was doomed right from the start This act was repeated at random intervals throughout the story and each time was a little bit better than the last but at times it seemed like a ploy to take up spaceThe easily forgettable was the unending descriptions of battle I found myself skipping entire pages when the battles hit because of the absolute yawn inducing depictions of what should have been some of the exciting scenes in the book Mr Sanderson literally took an entire page describing how the pressure of a bunch ofnights was pushing the air out of Archaon s lungs at one point This is not an exciting action seuence This was boring plodding writing that literally put me to sleep on multiple occasions I began to dread the battle scenes as it meant tedium The only battle that didn t seem to do this was the first half of the battle for the Fortress of Spite But then as soon as Archaon got into the bowels of the citadel it once again reverted to ongoing repetitions involving sueezing and gasping for breath The battle scenes rarely contributed to the overall storyline and obviously didn t build any tension and so therefore I could easily skip past the majority of them with little to no impact on the story Thus this was a large but inconseuential detriment to the storyThe real problem was Sanders presumptuous and egotistical meanderings that had no point Archaon waded through the wastes for 40 pages of pedantic text and descriptions of crazy things that would break a human s mind 40 pages I can honestly say that at that point I was ready to throw the book against the wall It was the most tedious and boring writing I have ever read and I ve read Moby Dick yet this was painful than learning about whale anatomy Mr Sanders seems like he wants to be literary with his #Descriptions But There Isn T Any Point To His Endless #but there isn t any point to his endless He attempts to wax poetic but he just comes across as needlessly obsessed with mindless details The whole time Archaon was in the wastes there was constant descriptions of weird things or crazy happenings that seemed to be placed there to emphasize the chaos y ness of the wastes This could have been accomplished in easily a fifth of the amount of time that Mr Sanders utilizes to describe the wastes This isn t the only time he does this either the whole scene inside the Citadel of Spite was mind numbing in its ongoing descriptions of the darkness and the creatures that came to face Archaon Tedious and boring in the extreme But right beside these attempts at high art and prolonged descriptions Mr Sanders employs some of the worst dialogue I have ever read in a fantasy book At one point Archaon literally bellows out Come get some I read the sentence several times before I could bring myself to accept that Joe Dirt had suddenly taken over the script of this story There are so many other things the name The Altar of Ultimate Darkness sounds like something a 7th grader dreamed up in their attempts to make a final scene for their first DD encounter The attempts at making complex characters was a joke Giselle s sudden lovehate relationship with Archaon doesn t make her deep or complex it makes her a sudden lovehate relationship with Archaon doesn t make her deep or complex it makes her a of Stockho You can not write so well about dark side and not have dark soul can you The trick dembski bowden manages to pull off in his 40k chaos novels is in letting you understand how they see the world giving you a glimpse into their mind Sanders isn t able to give us anything like that the central character wants to destroy the world because he s fated to which isn t exactly compelling I don t need to agree with the guy but there s not much of interest here especially considering this is not a short book Does he always mutter blood for the blood god No he s stopped seesilence as they travel along the path blood for the blood god bloodYour meant to be able to tell the future Archaon Everchosen is one of those novels that really seems like a nothing read to begin with It labours at the start nothing much happens for the first thirty pages then all of a sudden your shoved into the passenger seat where the driver is doing hundred down the motorway and there s no chance of jumping out BOOMThis book is filled with insane battles and lovingly tendered complex characters who spring from all corners of the Warhammer world You ve Dark Elves who like to indulge in a bit of moody sex club type frolics Beastman who are just how they sound Warped deigns of Chaos warbands of varying types and amongst all this we ve Archaon who is forging his own path taking the power of Chaos for himself where he will lead the world into the End Of Times Everyone else is just a choirboy to him He may have been if he STAYED AS A SIGMAR LOVING YOUNG TEMPLAR HE WAS as a Sigmar loving young templar he was fall from grace from the light to the darkness is part of the story that was so well written you can visualize him turning piece by piece as his path takes him from the Empire to the Northern Wastes and eventually Naggorth The core of the story in Everchosen covers events from Archaon s life prior to becoming the Chaos warrior then follows his fall and a type of Hercules la. The End Times and the reign of the Ruinous Powers But he was not always thus he was once a man a devout servant of the warrior god Sigmar What could cause such a soul to fall to the worship. .
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