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The Problem of the Hot World

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This little book is not only CUTE AND ENTERTAINING WITH AN ADVENTURE and entertaining with an adventure Will Love But will love but teaches a lesson the importance of keeping our earth the temperature which will encourage life The forest friends are alarmed their world is too hot Their solution is something which may not be possible for us This cute little picture book with its whimsical illustrations shines a light on the huge problem that is global warming While emaining cute the book shows some of the things that could happen to. What happens when five forest friends discover their trees are no longer growing When there is no gras. The animals and their homes if people don t get it together and start focusing on the environment The animals eventually find a home in the past before global warming and live happily ever after but it shouldn t have to be that way Children will be encouraged to step up and help the environment The illustrations were gorgeous and complemented the story nicely This book is about what happens when the world is too hot
If Follows Five Forest Friends 
follows five forest friends they try
what happens when the world is too hot If follows five forest friends as they try find water food bees and trees It. S to eat When there is *No Water When The World Is Too Hot This Book *water When the world is too hot This book the friends a fox a bear
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Takes an odd twist when they are lead to cave where they can go back in time to *when the world was not too hot I thought was ok It wasn t *the world was not too hot I thought it was ok It wasn t that I would probably ead to my students I feel like the end was just a bit strange The pictures that were done in the book are great I love the personalities of the different forest creatures I do think if you used it in the classroom it gets students thinking about what will happen if Things Do Not Change do not change we do not work on making a difference. N owl a mole and a deer on an exciting adventure to find out where the water went and how to get it ba.