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Ng or almost fainting which is probably because I had previously read another mystic s account which said on the contrary that she was very much outwardly strengthened but is not my say such was the vision granted to Anne Catherine EmmerichFor any who might shy away from contemplation of the crucifixion on account of how awful it was Anne Catherine says We ought indeed to be ashamed of that weakness and susceptibility which renders us unable to listen composedly to the descriptions or speak without repugnance of those sufferings which our Lord endured so calmly and patiently for our salvation The horror we feel is as great as that of a murderer who is forced to place his hands upon the wounds he himself has inflicted on his victim Jesus endured all without opening his mouth and it was man sinful man who perpetrated all these outrages against one who was at once their Brother their Redeemer and their God I too am a great sinner and my sins caused these sufferings At the day of judgment when the most hidden things will be manifested we shall see the share we have had in the torments endured by the Son of God we shall see how far we have caused them by the sins we so freuently commit and which are in fact a species of consent which we give to and participate in the tortures which were inflicted on Jesus by his cruel enemies If alas we reflected seriously on this we
should repeat with 
repeat with greater fervor the words which we find so often in prayer books Lord grant that I may die rather than ever willfully offend thee again by sin p177On Our Lord s great Love for us The day was beginning to dawn the day of his *PASSION OUR REDEMPTION AND A FAINT *our Redemption and a faint penetrating the narrow vent hole of the prison fell upon the body of the holy and immaculate Lamb who had taken upon himself the sins of the world Jesus turned towards the ray of light raised his fettered hands and in the most touching manner returned thanks to his Heavenly Father for the dawn of that day which had been so long desired by the prophets and for which he himself had so ardently sighed from the moment of his birth on earth and concerning which he had said to his disciples I have a baptism wherewith I am to be baptized and how am I straitened until it be accomplished I was uite overwhelmed with feelings of love and compassion when I looked upon him thus welcoming the first dawn of the great day of his Sacrifice and that ray of light which penetrated into his prison might indeed be compared to the visit of a judge who wishes to be reconciled to a criminal before the sentence of death which he has pronounced upon him is executed p177 178On Confidence at the time of death Jesus then offered to his Eternal Father his poverty his dereliction his labours and above all the bitter sufferings which our ingratitude had caused him to endure in expiation for our sins and weaknesses no one therefore who is united to Jesus in the bosom of his Church must despair at the awful moment preceding his exit from this life even if he be deprived of all sensible light and comfort for he must then remember that the Christian is no longer obliged to enter this dark desert alone and unprotected as Jesus has cast his own interior and exterior dereliction on the Cross into this gulf of desolation conseuently he will not be left to cope alone with death or be suffered to leave this world in desolation #Of Spirit Deprived Of Heavenly Consolation P 288 289Jesus Regard #spirit deprived of heavenly consolation p 288 289Jesus regard love for his Holy MotherAt his resurrection Jesus showed his mother his wounds and Mary prostrated to kiss his sacred feet but he took her hand raised her and disappeared p 361 On Thanksgiving after Holy CommunionJudas left after receiving Holy Communion from our Lord without praying or making any thanksgiving and hence ou may perceive how sinful it is to neglect returning thanks either after receiving our daily food or after partaking of the Life Giving Bread of Angels p85. This work is culturally important and have elected to bring the book back into print as part of our continuing commitment to the preservation of printed works worldwide. ,

From ppldorg Anne Catherine Emmerich was born in Germany in 1774 As a child she believed that angels saints and the Holy Family visited and talked with her as she worked in the fields At 24 she had her first mystic vision of the sufferings of Christ accompanied by stigmata and bleeding as if from the crown of thorns At 29 she became an Augustinian num and continued to have visions and stigmata In her visions she recounted scenes to have visions and stigmata In her visions she recounted scenes the life of Christ which she seemed to have witnessed This book one of the sources for motion picture The Passion of the Christ is taken from the 18th century journals of Anne do this book again and againincredible detail These visions consist only of Holy #WEEK AND EASTER THEY ARE AT #and Easter They are at painfully detailed think 380 pages for something that takes about 6 in the Bible outlining the layout of Jerusalem the construction of Pilate s palace and sometimes pages of backstory for seemingly insignificant characters In the midst of such detail there s also ample room for vagueness and repetition particularly in phrases such as Jesus uttered kind words or The archers committed many atrocities against him If the vague and repetitive phrases would have been cut this book could have been 100 pages shorter But I guess it s important for us to continuously know that Jesus spoke kind words and suffered a lot of pain and humiliation leading up to the crucifixionThe place where these visions are really satisfying lies in Anne Catherine s treatment of the supporting cast in the passion story Pilate Judas Peter Veronica the other disciples She zooms in close and paints intimate complex portraits of these characters that are fascinating to read The places which include dialog not present in the Bible are also a treat but happen rarely usually she forgoes real dialog for they spoke uietly and other such descriptors This book didn t have nearly the sense of ridiculous piety as I d expected ie The Life of Mary as Seen by the Mystics which was refreshing For the most part she portrayed even the holiest characters Jesus and Mary as people only dabbling in the supernatural when talking about angels or Jesus and Mary s psychic connectionI d like for a historian to read this book and see how accurately Anne Catherine portrayed the politics and setting There were a few very obvious bits of Catholic propaganda in here such as the assertion that all the angels admire the One Catholic Church come on they re angels what do they care for what is essentially a political institution And while I do believe that Anne Catherine truly did have visions she lost credibility in their accuracy when she described Jesus as fair in complexion Grievingly Beautiful This was given to me by a parishoner Lloyd Love Finds You In Frost Minnesota Love Finds You yesterday He recommended it as a good Lenten read I ve always meant to read it If there is one book other than the Bible I could have a Christian read it d be this one It is from a mystic that experienced His life with Him Grace of God is so inspiring Oh how this book made me lament Worth every second I will reread over and over just as I do my Bible Jump on this ifou want to know some of what He went through not written in Bible Written around 1823 this book is the visions a nun had of the Passion It was an extraordinary book to read during Lent Warning It is filled with gruesome gory stomach turning and detailed descriptions of Our Lord s torture and crucifixion You will come away with a greater appreciation of the sacrifice Jesus made I highly recommend this any time of the ear but especially as a Lenten discipline Vote 375Class L A3 FP from these revelations about the Passion of Christ comes the Mel Gibson movie 2004 The PassionIn these book are collected the private revelations concerning the passion of Christ shown in the 18th century to Anna Katharina Emmerick an Agustinian nun beatified on 2004Even for non believing people in this book is a clear and realisti. This is a pre 1923 historical reproduction that was curated for uality uality assurance was conducted on each of these books in an attempt to remove books with imperfec. C recollection of what was done to Jesus Christ during his agonising final days on EarthFor us Christian here is the touching and ultimate gift of his life by the Son of God a gift given for our eternal salvation and to let us become a part of God s familyThe book is a collection of Emmerick s visions I saw Mary I saw Jesus about the passion death resurrection and some of the apparitions to his disciples The scenes of the passion and the crucifixion are depicted with many particulars too many for oung readers and much devotion by the authorI was greatly moved by this book and recommend it to all who want to know and understand about the Passion of Christ To read this book without falling deeper into His love is impossible Broke my heart and made it newI absolutely recommend it with it Tip And The Gipper When Politics Worked you go through the passion of our lord with the spiritual eyes that allowou to see all the visible and invisible torments that he underwent for our sake Please read it Un libro impresionante sobre Reportedly this book served as the inspiration for Mel Gibson to produce the film The Passion of the Christ This is a recitation of visions granted to Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich of the last days of Jesus from His Last Supper through his passion death descent into hell and resurrectionThe visions closely track the Gospels and further give insight into the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass This recitation collapses the four Gospels into one narrative and adds details omitted from the Gospels themselves There was some controversy concerning this book as it was alleged that the poet Brentano took liberty "With The Narrative And "the narrative and rewrote portions This has never been proven nor disproven Accordingly no consideration was given to the memoirs of Blessed Anne Catherine during her consideration for sainthood Also some of the works attributed to her are said to be highly anti semitic although I did not percieve such a perspective in this work Notwithstanding these cautions this work is highly edifying and enlightening It gives a deeper perspective into the Gospels but most particularly of course into the Passion of Jesus Christ One can see that Jesus was wholly God and wholly human at the same timeThe horrific corporal punishments borne by Jesus are evident and the agony they called forth The torture was on many levels but most especially the involvement of the devil and the temptation and despair that he sowed The patience and tenderness and love that Jesus displayed when in the darkest and deepest depths of His Passion demonstrate a level of love beyond human capacityThe book is followed by an appendix which is a hagiography of Anne Catherine Emmerich which traces uickly through her life and shows her to have been one of God s favorites from a very early age She lived in a time of great cynicism and sin not unlike the modern age although in truth it must be noted that it does not go as far as that of current times In that light it is interesting that she noted that the reign of Satan on Earth was to begin 50 to 60 The Shining Sea David Porter And The Epic Voyage Of The U S S Essex During The War Of 1812 years before theear 2000 That would of course put Satan s reign on Earth starting around the same time as Hitler s rise to power which could not have been forseen in a book written a full century earlier Cf her visions with those of Pope Leo XIII approximately a decade following her deathThe Church does not reuire acceptance of private visions bu there is nothing in this work contrary #To The Revealed Word #the revealed Word God in the Bible and there is much that is edifying An excellent book in line with the gospel accounts of the crucifixion of Our Lord It helps me to appreciate what Jesus did for us and to love him Aside from the first few chapters full of descriptions of buildings scenery etc it is very interesting and inspiring of deep love Many of the details and explanations are very intriguing My only complaint for lack of a better word is that Mary is continually spoken of as fainti. Tions introduced by the digitization process Though we have made best efforts the books may have occasional errors that do not impede the reading experience We believe. .
Das bittere Leiden unsers Herrn Jesu Christi