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Though there was a lot practical advice in Marie Kondo s books I felt like this was a lot achievable and stressed me out less I would recommend if you were interested in Marie s books but didn t uite get out of them what you thought yo A practical and thoughtful book filled with beautiful photos and great advice for keeping things simple in your home The author writes with a calm and approachable tone This is the first book about minimalism that I genuinely connected with I recommend Simple Matters describes and portrays in uiet photos an elegant

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approach to sustainable living While Zen like in its spare minimalist philosophy there is also a sweet soulfulness and inviting purity to the idea of such a pared down no frills lifestyle This may not be achievable at this extreme for everyone including myself but still it s easy to find some attractive and inspiring ideas in this book based on author Erin Boyle s popular blog Reading My Tea Leaves Still Simple Matters brings something refreshingly elemental to the current conversation on simple living that can remind the reader that a richly beautiful life and graceful sustainable living can go hand in hand and in a much pared down lifestyle than we might have thought possible I m a regular reader of Boyle much pared down lifestyle than we might have thought possible I m a regular reader of Boyle blog Reading My Tea Leaves her muse on living a simple life in Brooklyn This is not a critiue of Boyle but of the genre of design and lifestyle bloggers who get book deals and end up writing books that seem steeped in classism and white privilege I loved every single page of this book It s the perfect coffee table book to flick through over a cup of tea or to sit and devour in few sittings like I did It s filled with practical tips to not ust living the minimalist lifestyle but loving everything you own and caring about what you bring into your home and let into your body Never preachy or udgmental it felt like having a conversation with a friend I can t recommend this book enough This author conflates minimalism with her own design preference and an all naturalorganicenvironmentally friendly lifestyle With the stated goal of simplicity she presents her lifestyle as correct and anything else as unenlighte. For anyone looking to declutter organize and simplify author Erin Boyle shares practical guidance and personal insights on small space living and conscious consumption At once pragmatic and philosophical Simple Matters is a nod to the growing consensus that living sim.

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Simple MattersPeople do their research from sites that are authorities on the topic and doing practical peer reviewed research not commercial sites or sites run by people who are repeating rumors Sorry #off my soapbox nowOverall the book is interesting it took me ust a few hours to # my soapbox nowOverall the book is interesting it took me ust a few hours to it nowOverall the book is interesting it took me ust a few hours to read it sadly I did not find my motivation I would recommend this to anyone interested in learning about minimal living it s a gentle introduction with personal essays and helpful advice on how to live simply Erin Boyle writes the blog Reading My Tea Leaves and is a true inspiration for making do with less and ending up with Simple Matters provides guidance and personal insights into small space living and conscious consumption it s about living with purposeful in a sustainable way for our environment but also for our own happiness and well being A wonderfully calming read that will aid you in living a meaningful contented life Let s ust say this was not the book I thought it was I started reading this because I thought it was a book about organizing I always like to read what s out there as sort of a continuing education course of my own design This book isn t about that not really It s really about having some sort of zen lifestyle that you can only achieve before you have children or if you write a blog about it and are forced to make your own face scrub so you won t be shamed by your fans on FB The author suggests not using paper towels in your household but instead keeping a pile of rags close by She also suggests making all your own household cleaners and finding all your furniture by collecting it out of your neighbors garbage pile This simple life sounds peaceful although ridden with bed bugs and dirty rags but it is not for me My goal as an organizer is to help people pair down in a realistic way that works for them This book is for the dreamers and the idealists I need a book that has new ideas for putting away my crap And no I don t mean turning it into mulch in my organic garden which I thought would kill you but if you read the Martian apparently makes great potatoes A nice simple book about simplicity Enjoyable read but can we talk about the sprig of flowers tapedtothewall Taped To the wal. House   Filled with personal essays projects and helpful advice on how to be inventive and resourceful in a tight space Simple Matters shows that living simply is about making do with less and ending up with free time time with loved ones savings and things of beauty. ,
Ned This is the brand Of Snooty Minimalism That Gives snooty minimalism that gives a bad name To uote the author Here again some of the answer lies in simply going without This is not a book I would recommend to someone starting #A Minimalist Journey Back In 2014 I Started Clearing The #minimalist ourney Back in 2014 I started clearing the from my house I got rid of many boxes and bags I had stuff boxed up to go out when I had to have surgery on my ankle So from the end of February to the end of April I was unable to walk on my right foot I did not get the remaining boxes out nor did I clear out I spent the next few months Trust Me just trying to get caught up In January of this year I began de cluttering again and it felt good Then I lost my motivation I ve been checking out de cluttering books and simplifying books in hopes of finding where I left it I m sure it sust being used as a bookmark in one of these books Then I came across Boyle s book I started reading it and it was interesting but then I got into all of her natural recommendations One of her biggest complaints is not being able to say or understand what the chemicals are Well most of what we eat and drink are chemicals even natural ones Dihydrogen monoxide kills 10 people a day but we aren t banning that It s water people On page 117 9 she says Or any of the many chemicals that find their way mostly unregulated into our skincare routinesThere s lead in your hair dye and asbestos in our talcum powder But lead asbestos and talcum are all natural they are mined and not scientifically altered According to the American Cancer Society in the US asbestos has not been allowed in talcum powders since the 1970 s on the other hand recently there s been concern that talc itself is cancer causingShe also touts the safety of essential oils they re natural and harmless she says Yet according to the poison control center without being diluted the oils can burn the skin and cause seizures coma and possibly even death So there goes the perfectly harmless statement I m not against using natural products and I m not against limiting our use of plastics and being environmentally friendly I am sick of people claiming falsely that natural products are wonderful and safe and that nasty chemicals are not I recommend. Ply and purposefully is sustainable not only for the environment but for our own happiness and well being too Boyle embraces the notion that “living small” is beneficial and accessible to us all whether we’re renting a tiny apartment or purchasing a three story.