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Editorial Reviews Well written ip packed with good adviceRobin *eidsmo executive director of the sun valley writers * Executive Director of the Sun Valley Writers guide to marriage written by two women with plenty of marital experience Anderson and Davi Kathirukiren Rajakumara have genuine insight to share and use a clever structure in organizing chapters according to marriage vows Chapter 4 To Have Chapter 5 To Hold etc They cover everything from uestions to ask prior to commitmentow to balance a growing family and a career caring for an ill partner and even adjusting to an empty nest The Writing Is Packed Full is packed full pithy metaphors and witty allusionsKirkus Indie Reviews Book Description  The VOWS A Marriage Monologue Keep the Ring On Your Finger Off the Trigger  Did you think falling in love would be enough to overcome the divorce deck that was stacked against you when you.

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The VOWS A Marriage MonologueTches in Champagne Wishes FOR POORER Don't Retaliate With RETAILiation Don't Retaliate with RETAILiation HOLD Encourage His Inner Rooster Boys Love to Crow IN JOY Look at Married Life like a Bowl of Cherries Not a Little Blue Box IN SORROW What to Do When 'I'll Drink to That' Turns into 'I'll Drink to Anything' TO LOVE Love Might be Blind but Deaf Too and Include Him in Your Daily Planner Love Takes Time TO COMFORT Unplug the iLife Tune into Your Home Life FORSAKING ALL OTHERS Hang Up on the Virtual Hook Up Uncover the dirty little secrets that make up your wedding vows and build brick solid marriages by simplifying applying and living The VOWS Each of the 16 vows is wrapped by a relevant Statistic That You May Or May Not Want To Be that you may or may not want to be in Take The VOWS to eart keep the ring on your finger and you too can declare Victory Over Wedded Statistics.

characters The VOWS A Marriage Monologue

Tied the knot Has your ome front become grounds for HOMEicide and you often find yourself with an itchy trigger ring finger When you often find yourself with an itchy trigger ring finger When expectations become a
alarm marriage reality this ilarious will show you Living With Uncle Lee how to keep the ring on your finger and off the trigger because no matterow much love you share there will always be a Seduced By A Dragon Volume 1 handful or likely aamper full of annoying A Month Of Summer habits that will drive you nuts about yourusband With a comical eye to validating the marital mayhem of everywoman through umorous yet serious comMANdments this marriage monologue will guide you through each marriage vow for BETTER or WORSE  I DO Accept Him in Spite of Him FOR BETTER His uiet Support May Be Your Life Support FOR WORSE Map Directions to Never Ever Land Then Never Go There Map Directions to Never Ever Land Then Never Go There Learn to Debate Not Box FOR RICHER Watch for Gli.

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