EPUB Avengers by Kurt Busiek and George Perez Omnibus Vol 2

Avengers by Kurt Busiek and George Perez Omnibus Vol 2

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Busiek is a grand storyteller Between that And The Wonderful Artists The Echoes Of the wonderful artists the echoes of were there to be seen Overall a whole lot of fun This was a very nice over arcing story that seemed to start as just a few adventures after another but it also gets into how the Avengers deal with Sociology A Global Perspective race PR team dynamics and of course saving the world But when it all starts tying together when Kang threatens the Earth it starts gettingeally great I thoroughly enjoyed eading this compilation although I wish they would have had Easter Eggs in the form of the author and artists thoughts at the end discussing why they went the oute that they with the story arcs why inspired them That would have been a great addition While it does Move At A Good Pace It Does at a good pace it does long in parts I thought the writer was spot on with his portrayals of the various characters with how they were written in the narrative The art was not uite as seamless as when Perez was on the book There are numerous artists after Perez left well numerous to me but I do not think it has completely adverse effects to me but I do not think it has completely adverse effects the final product I think the the writer did a decent job trying to tackle some thornier issues in a comic book format in that he was trying to write to both young people and adultsI found it funny how much the other Avengers kept discussing Hank Pym s changing costumes and aliases how these changes were signs of mental instability that Hank has suffered from in the past ye. Fan favorite creators Kurt Busiek and George Pérez craft a new era for Earth's Mightiest Heroes The Avengers forge an uneasy alliance with the Thunde. .
T some of the Avengers such as Scarlet Witch of all people also had costume changes over the course of the emaining comics in the Busiek Run Obviously The Wasp Has Obviously the Wasp has a new costume in each issue Scarlet Witch s costume changed a few times Thor s costume changed a little bit not much I do think this un highlights two weaknesses in comics especially Marvel comics view spoilerThe first weakness has to do with the maxi event The big event was the Maximum Security storyline where Earth becomes the universal Australia for extraterrestrial villains Despite having some cross overs with other comics in the Event once it was over there Were Very Few Long Term very few long term other than
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not being able Beachcomber return to Earth for some time I did find the homage to Superman being humorous only it was Egoegressed to infanthood being discovered by an older couple in Nebraska and not Kansas But in the end what was the point One would think that sections of Earth would still have been in shock over the alien invasion one would also think the United Nations would have been focused on erecting some kind of interstellar warning system in order to better protect the planet Ah well On a side note I think it was a shame that in the end the Kree were elegated back to their former evolutionary dead end status sometime after the events of Maximum Security Maximum Security clearly stated that the Kree s evolutionary progress had been jumpstarted by the. Rbolts to face Count Nefaria but the true threat comes from the stars as Earth is declared a cosmic maximum security prison for alien criminals COLLEC.
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Supreme Intelligence and that they were no
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facing universal extinction other aces evolved past them Yet in future subseuent comics the Kree are once again described as at an evolutionary dead end when considering their long term future Even the Inhumans describe the Kree this way and had attempted to jump start the Kree s evolutionary progress before the War of Kings eventThe other had attempted to jump start the Kree s evolutionary progress before the War of Kings eventThe other is how events in one comic series do not affect any of the other series Marvel is publishing Washington DC was destroyed Wiped off the face of the Map Well It S well it s were Nothing is mentioned of this in any of the other comics being published that I am aware of I shall have to try to look into it further next time I am at a comic book shop One would think that something would have been mentioned about Kang having taken over THE WHOLE PLANET by one of the other superhero teams or individuals Spider Man and Wolverine are clearly shown as having eluded capture yet nothing is said of the X Men being captured by Kang s forces It is like when Xorn took over New York City in the New X Men For Forester run he destroys New York City in the process but nothing iseally ever said about this conuest in the other comics I was always a big fan of Marvel s continuity and attempts to follow continuity To me it is a shame that continuity is no longer a concern in the comics But that is just me I ve already spent too much time talking about it hahahaha hide spoile. TING AVENGERS 24 56 1 12 ANNUAL 2000 2001; THUNDERBOLTS 42 44; MAXIMUM SECURITY DANGEROUS PLANET; MAXIMUM SECURITY 1 3; AVENGERS THE ULTRON IMPERATIVE. ,