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United States He loves Josephine and after his cousin ANDREW S MARRIAGE TO ANOTHER WANTED THAN ANYTHING TO s marriage to another wanted than anything to Jo She however wants her Father s APPROVAL WHEN SHE RECEIVES A MESSAGE When she receives a message her Father telling her to come home as he is ill she insists on returning to Charleston unmarried Her Father has put a series of vents in order that reuire her to marry a Montgomery or they would lose Magnolia Bluff However since Andrew married someone lse the property became hers Now Wade wants to marry her for Magnolia Bluff and her cousin Harry Lee wants to marry her for the same reason and because he would lose his own home due to machinations by her Father Brantley Wright He refuses permission for her to marry Cullen Lies upon lies prevail around Jo She is caught between her Father s wishes and those of others When Gillie is kidnapped to make her come to reason Cullen goes after her and in doing so crosses the line with the law as he arms Blacks to serve as his army Wade lags behind to marry Jo and make it official and lawful to go after Gillie Cullen must leave the South immediately and Jo has to decide once again if duty and honor Prevail Over Love Meanwhile over love Meanwhile cousins stay in the South while Cullen is on the North s side The Civil War breaks out. S and hooks to make you want to continue to the next book Do not begin if you don't want to become addicted to the series Southern Legacy will consist of four books Belle of Charleston Shadows of Magnolia Born to Be Brothers and The Sun Rises EnjoyHIGHLY RECOMMENDED to read the first two books in the Southern Legacy Series Belle of Charleston and Shadows of Magnolia before reading Born To Be Brothers This is a SERIAL Born To Be Brothers begins where Shadows of Magnolia left of. Fantastic readAs soon as you finish the last book you NEED to start the next Fantastic job writing something as hard as the civil war Same issues but I m pretty sure start the next Fantastic job writing something as hard as the civil war Same issues but I m pretty sure s the writing and not the story or I would not have just purchased the 4th book Great plot this story might make a good movie although a little predictable I m giving three stars now so my overall can "Average 35 Which Is " 35 which is this series Deserves I M Ready I m ready move on to some better writing but I have to find out what happens to Josephinewhen the war is over Another great read from Jerri Hines Brother Against BrotherThis book in the series concentrated on the gaps in the relationships between Wade Arthur and Cullin Jo is trying to stay stable and love Wade but Arthur has gone on a binge because the death of his daughter and spewed a lot of info to her that makes her doubt her love and decisions for her and her son Percival s future The Civil War is constant and unforgiving for both the Union and the Confederacy The losses are great Cullen and Wade are cousins raised together since Cullen s birth they are as close as brothers Now Josephine comes between them both are in love with her The country is in a turmoil with the Civil War beginning to break through as the North and. Set against the backdrop of Antebellum Charleston with the martial clash of brother against brother looming on the horizon here is an absorbing tantalizing saga of life during one of our country's most turbulent times Southern Legacy Series                                  Born To Be Brothers Book Three          Each has chosen a different path Tied by the bond of brothersThe tie that bound the cousins Cullen Smythe and Wade Montgomery together has been South is divided The family is also in a turmoil over Montgomery "Bluff Josephine Married Wade " Josephine married Wade other to save the plantation Wade fights for the South while Cullen goes to the North and joins the Navy Life for Wade and Cullen will never be the same again During the war Josephine sees things torn apart in her life at Montgomery Bluff Josephine s life long friend

And Slave Girl Gillie 
slave girl Gillie and leaves her The trials with twists and turns are not over in the final book Ms Hines keep us turning the pages for adventures Excellent story lineLoved this book in the series Jeri Hines is a great writer Can t wait for the Jeri Hines is a great writer Can t wait for the of the story Born to Be Brothers is book three of the Southern Legacy series by Jerri Hines The Civil war is uite close to breaking out as the clash between almost brothers intensifies Wade Montgomery and Cullen Smythe had been raised by their grandfather as brothers Both were loyal to their country honorable and definitely Southern gentlemen However their countries differed Wade believed in the South and that slavery was a necessity He loved Magnolia Bluff and now was master there but without a wife as Clarissa had died Cullen had gone North to his Father and kept his commission in the Navy He believed in the sanctity of the. Trainedstretched to the breaking point and there is nothing Josephine can do The bond once shared once so strong has been lost in the turmoil surrounding their livesnone larger than the war that looms on the horizon The war will force the brothers to choose sides Each will defend their beliefs and loyalties with courage and valor but ach will stand against ach other The world that once was will be no AUTHOR'S NOTEThis is a serial The books in this series may have cliffhanger.
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Born To Be Brothers Southern Legacy #3