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It The Bible Of Astrology 
the Bible of Astrology Sfaction The Sfaction The of Atmospherical Astrology and also that of Mundane Astrology alike demand much time to penetrate their arcana and a good ducation to follow their practice Hence we may account for their comparatively confined study few have ither the *abilities or the opportunity to wrestle with their *or the opportunity to wrestle with their Horary Astrology the chief subject in this work may be speedily learned by any person of ven moderate abilities; and may as far as regards its lementary difficulties be mastered in a few days' study It may be well understood and reduced to constant practice in less than a uarter of a year and no one will find himself at a loss for occasions to test its reality or its utility; for his own avocations and the affairs of his friends will offer these almost daily If a proposition of any nature be made to any individual about the result of which he is anxious and therefore uncertain whether to accede to it or not let him but note the hour and minute when it was first made and rect a figure of the heavens as herein taught and his doubts will be instantly resolved He may thus in five minutes learn infallibly whether the affair will succeed or not; and conseuently whether it is prudent to adopt the offer made or no. ,

This is the abriged version of the Lilly Astrology books also. *PREFACEAFTER A Lapse Of *a lapse of years since the first publication in 1647 of Lilly's Introduction to Astrology there
Be No Necessity For An 
no necessity for an for its re appearance were it not for the prevailing fashion of the day which is to rail at and vituperate that science and all who dare to say a word not in its favour but in favour of xamining into its merits with a view to ascertain what were the grounds on which our honest ancestors believed and strictly followed that which we conceive only fit for ridicule As I have long outlived the days when I like many others thought myself at liberty to laugh at and condemn what I did not understand; the world will forgive me if I be bold nough to advise those who value truth to spend a few days and but a few days will be necessary in Book Traveller examining the principles laid down in this work and applying them to their own individual cases before they join the herd of learned and unlearned in pledging their words to a false assertion viz that Astrology is an unfounded science If any man will take the trouble toxamine for himself and should find that the prejudices of his ducation against the science of foreseeing the future and many other matters which it teaches are in reality well founded. Known as Christian Astrology While it *IS NOT EASY TO READ MOS. *not asy to read mos. And that it has no claims to truth then will he have the proud satisfaction of knowing that his opinions on a matter of some conseuence are based on Dead Interviews Living Writers Meet Dead Icons experiment and are the result of his own conviction not of another person's assertion On the other hand if he find truth flash with lightning force upon his mind and convince him that Astrology notwithstanding prejudice and abuse is founded in nature and is indeed a noble science given by a benevolent Creator tonlighten man in his wanderings and nable him to shun the vice and folly which his passions throw in his path; then will he if a spark of piety xist within his breast offer thanks to that Creator for the blessing he has discovered In Digging Holes In Popular Culture Archaeology And Science Fiction Bournemouth University School Of Conservation Sciences Occasional Paper 7 either case he must admit that I do him a service in putting forth this plain and simple means of discovering the truthThis is the age ofnuiry; and yet prejudice continues to
Press Down Her Leaden Foot 
down her leaden foot the neck of xamination in this matter I can only attribute the pitiable fact to the circumstance of there being no recent publications on those parts of Astrology which are the most asily acuired The art of Nativities reuires many years of patient xperimenting before it can be well understood and practised with certainty and sati.
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