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O much it s almost unnatural I owned it with a Different I Ll cover I ll into this one soon Parvati chan and Sweety chan always recommend the best books so this one goes to top of TBR pile kisses kindle app Ugh I hated this book Some spoilers aheadThe hero Captain James Mallory was a real jerk An obnoxious person He intended to deceive Georgina into believing that he didn t remember her at all in order to get her into his bed Yuck That was disgustingAnd Georgina was no better than him She was so darn hot headed impulsive and way too stubborn in a foolish way She seemed to have a "Habit Of Making Dumb Mistakes " of making dumb mistakes too many bad decisions although her friend tried to warn her and pleaded with her to change her mind But did this woman listen NoMoreover I didn t like that she got all hot and bothered over a man whom she knew nothing about whenever he was around Just one touch from him could make her all but melt into a puddle of lust Seriously She stupidly let him seduce her coaxed her into giving up her virginity to him I have to say that Georgina definitely wasn t my kind of heroine in every wayFor me this woman came across like a dimwit than a na f I didn t like her whatsoeverAccordingly it s plain and clear that I disliked both James and Georgina They re one of the worst couples I ve ever readWell just when I thought this book couldn t get any worse it could The supporting characters were very annoying They couldn t impress me even a bit Georgina s brothers were all idiots They kept fighting with one another like children I liked none of themApparently there was nothing pleasant about this book for me Even the ending wasn t as good as I hoped it to be Not once did this story make me crack a smile Now I don t think I have enough courage to read anything by this author againI m obviously not the target audience This cover is Fabiolous right Hyuck hyuckI went into this knowing that it was an almost 20 ear old romance about pirates so I was prepared to give it some wiggle room for a lot of things But at the same time this one kept popping up as one of the Top Pirate Romances of all times so I was also seriously excited by the prospect of reading such a guilty pleasure whispersFaaaabio Sadly this did not live up to my rather pathetic expectations And while I was a bit let down by the lack of swashbuckling I was uite honestly let down by the lack of hot n dirty pirate sex I mean there was sex but it was justehHa Ok I m throwing this one in as a freebieCan t unsee that shit can The Devil Laughed you You re welcome GoodreadsOk okSo what was wrong with Gentle Rogueou askWell than likely the problem stems from it being an almost 20 Only Fools Die Of Heartbreak year old romance about pirates So YeahIt was just dull by today s romance standards and since I didn t read it back in the day I didn t have the nostalgia to poke me in the feels and trick me into enjoying it Still there were very real problems with the storyI thought Mallory was an asshole And not in a rogue ish way either Just doucheyou know He was an ass for the sake of being an ass and for some unknown reason everyone thought it was charmingOk All The Way you know that person who likes to make rude comments loudly about strangers in public while everyone else just cringes inwardly and looks awayThat s Mallory in a nutshell You d think he gets away with it because he s got money and comes from nobility but that s not itIt s apparently because he s better at fighting than anyone else in the world He s a ninja pirate rolls eyesWhateverGeorgina wasn t any better She was an idiot The book tried to pass her off as a determined little spitfire but what that actually meant was dumbass She was like a cat who eats a ball ofarn then freaks out because there s shit hanging out of their ass on a string Except she wasn t as much fun to watchIn short they were both ridiculous and I didn t like either of themThen there was the gross age gap First let me say that I m not knocking age gaps But my personal cutoff date on said gap is whether or not this person could be our parent Georgina was 22 and Mallory had a son that was 17 Sorry that s cutting it a little too close for my tasteBlechAnother annoyance was all the times that Georgina got nervous or ran off and hid because either Mallory or one of her brothers were threatening to beat her And no none of them ever did so I probably could have given that a pass if the book had been interesting As it was it grated on my nerves and made me hate all the characters even Still Fabio2 stars for the story and an extra star for that cover Sexy Pirate Buddy Read with Jeff HollyExcept neither of them read this So I m just that idiot who climbed the water tower got drunk waiting for her friends to show up and had to be forcibly removed by the cops for trying to pee off the edge Thanks for leaving me hanging guys. Inca 4 ani Drew dupa alti 4 iar Boyd intrucat o furtuna serioasa si stricaciunile vasului il tinusera pe batran acasa dupa 11 luni dupa Dre. 5 Old School stars I doing the Running MAN THANKS TO ALL THIS DELICIOUS 90S GOODNESS THIS thanks to this delicious 90s goodness This had everything fabulous in early romance books without any of the crap the rapey rape James is a pirate Englishman rake lord and douche Georgie is a sassy ass who pretends to be a cabin boy on his ship He half tortures her and cocks his eyebrow a lot She runs her mouth and does goofy things and loses her temper Man plot doesn t matter What matters is that James is the most perfectly awful hero ever Dude is just this side of being unbearable which made him a delight to read So much lovehate for his pompous ass And Georgie brought her A Game took none of his shit and kicked ass It s been a long time since a book took me this far outside my head space so that I could just read and enjoy I wasn t evaluating it for anything bc I was too lost in the awesome I don t know how many times I ve read this book over the ears but each time I do I still giggle over it James is definitely my favorite Malory along with Anthony An easy listening experience Gentle Rogue is exactly what I expect from a historical romance written 30 ears ago I expect the hero to be a bit of a douchewaffle I expect the heroine to be a bit bratty I expect that the hero and heroine will change their ways because of true loveI love the heroine dresses as a lad and gets caught by the hero storyline In this one Georgie has no idea that her appeal is amplified with the figure hugging breeches When she s caught out in her disguise for a second time it s no wonder James wants to play with her a bit It was uite humorous that Georgie wants to keep the disguise but be treated like a lady tooThe narrator did a fantastic job bringing these characters to life Her accents male and female voices and the emotions portrayed were spot on I never had a problem identifying when a character changedThe Malory Anderson Family series is one I have enjoyed and I will definitely be going on in the series Let s hope that some of George s blockhead brothers get exactly what they deserve when it s time for their love story James Malory rogue rake and pirate And very sexy guy This guy is an original You know he s something special when ou meet him in Love Only Once and I was eager to read his book Well I definitely enjoyed seeing James meet his HEA with Georgina This was a fun sexy book I tell Collaring The Saber Tooth you James Malory is a guy who goes after what he wants Once he figures out that his cabin boy is a girl she s in his bed a very short time later Little does he know that she has lots of big strong angry brothers But he s not about to let them take about the woman that he has claimed all for his ownJames is such a funny guy I love his rivalry with his brother Anthony and his comraderie with his crew It was nice to see him get to know his long lost illegitimate son Jeremy who resembles the Malory clan than he does Actually Jeremy looks a lot like his brother Anthony I love his raunchy nature but how he is actually very gentle and loving with GeorgeThe love scenes in this book were singe worthy back in the day Nowadays I think they would be tame as far as how explicit they are not But I feel the attraction and chemistry between James and George make this book sizzle for me Gentle Rogue is a winner Strong willed Georgina Anderson is determined to find the fianc she lost fourears earlier when he had been impressed into service by the British during the war of 1812 Doing so meant leaving the five older brothers who raised her as well as her home in America but she ll be damned if she d let a little thing like war time and distance get in between her and her plans for the futureAnd find him she does However her Meh Sexist themes Dominant male Virgin female who was pretty much manipulated into having sex with the sorry excuse of a love interest and then thought nothing of it BLAHview spoilerNot even good fap material hide spoiler Re read 71810 Man I think I even liked this audiobook better the second time around Pirrrrrrrratical fun 455 stars This was my first novel by Johanna Lindsey though I read a short story of hers in an anthology before reading this book As I listened to the audiobook I was trying to determine why I was enjoying the book so much despite numerous bodice ripper type of clich s I made myself a list to justify both my enjoyment and distasteReasons I enjoyed this book My love of historical romance stories where the heroine has ber protective brothers who act crazy out of love for their sister In this book Georgina has 5 older brothers Fisticuffs ensue Rinse Lather Repeat More fisticuffs 5 on 1 brother against pirate Wheee I m almost surprised Georgina didn t leap into the ring herself I loved the description of sprawled legs and flinging arms Then post fight the blithe retort of James to Georgie in fr. Georgina Anderson este o americanca cu 5 frati mai mari toti dedicati calatoriilor pe mareIntrucat batranul Anderson fusese la randul lui un. Ont of her brothers I don t think they like me George Or how about the silly discourse between the brothers Should we really hang him if he marries Georgie It doesn t seem right hanging a brother in law Resume fisticuffs My secret obsession with men wearing pirate shirts tight pants and an earring Wheeee PIRATE My extreme enjoyment of picturing a gentleman pirate in the spirit of the Pirates of Penzance not the raping pillaging sort I hate to admit but I love a gender benderwoman in pants pretending to be a guy plotline The audiobook narrator s voice when reading the character of James Mallory reminded me of the audiobook narrator who of James Mallory reminded me of the audiobook narrator who the character of Barrons in the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning The narrator also did a good job with the brogue of Ian I like it when audiobook narrators can do different voices and accents References by Americans in the book to London as a den of iniuity People usually romanticize London during books of this time period so it was fun to see characters hating the idea of England and London Not that I have anything against the UK myself I like characters in books that can raise their eyebrow at something another character says James had a very sexy way of raising his eyebrow in the book and not saying anything aloud but saying everything with his expression Did I mention I like to picture men with earrings and pirate shirts I might just have to dress my husband up next Halloween Make him swab the deck or walk the plank or something HmmmmSo what were my issues with the book Despite Georgie as a spitfire heroine with a supposedly hot temper she seemed rather wimply at times The whole nausea thing annoyed me in the book Dizzyness and urge to faint or something I could understand But nausea Feeling like throwing up on the Pirate Bah She was ready to jump his bones not vomit Flippant disregard for chance of pregnancy on a ship in the middle of the ocean Ummmm Seemed a bit unrealistic to me Maybe not for the guy in the 1800s harboring a secret female in his cabin but I would at least think Georgie would at least have a tinge of worry about it The idea that Georgie could pull off a 12 The Endless Shore year old boy when she was a 22ear old female without anyone suspecting Too Become You young and too unbelievable And an icky thought When I pictured Georgie in drag I saw her as a 17ear old cabin boy in my head Not 12 I was reading along and suddenly it felt like I was reading The Flame and the Flower by Woodiwiss Except with retired pirates Yes I know they are really very different books But I still felt like I was blending the stories together in my head There was no cannon fire at sea when I was expecting it They saw a pirate ship but instead of fighting they ran away BOOOOO I wanted battle and sword fightingswashbuckling Lack of sea chanty singing and sea monsters Where there are pirates there should be sea chanties and drunken behavior And large octopi or suids Maybe I ve read too much paranormal fiction recently I doubt that there are many sea monsters in historical romance other than that recent rewrite of Austen with Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters I might just have to read that Parts of the book were so cheesy that I felt like a voyeur watching a bad Cinemax late night movie At least they were cheesy fun like flaming hot cheesey goo on pizza fresh out of the ovenWould I read it again Raises an eyebrow You uestion that Of course I would though it likely won t be for a while until I m in the mood again for a protective brothers of gender bender spitfire heroine who has frisky behavior at sea with gentleman pirate captain storyline Somehow I doubt this is the only historical romance with that plot but I could be wrong LOL this one was funny This book had a lot of issues for me but at the end it s one of my favorites and I ll reread in the A Wanted Man years to comeI personally thought this is like a historical romance version of The V Girl one of my all time favs and maybe that s why I liked this one so much vs age gap In the first chapters h has to lick her wounds and she does it with maturity H is imperfect serious and dangerous but sometimes he says the funniest things h is stubborn imperfect and when H makes her angry she says very funny things h s family is funny and makesou laugh H is the tallest of them all the broadest of them all the blondest of the all and kind of a bruteand sort of a dominant h has good has very good reasons to hate H s people but she just can t resist him H and h never have sex with other partners after meeting Happy ending that makes Further you want and So I ll send recs to all my friends that read and enjoy V girl because this book is really something I ll read of Johanna Lindsey GUUUYYSSS Skip book 1 and 3 and dive right into this one September 1Whenou get a rec from one a friend who shares our taste Om al marii copiii lui erau asezati ca varsta dupa cum ajunsese el acasa Clinton avea 40 ani Warren cu 5 ani mai mic Thomas se nascuse dupa. 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