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Command Decisions (Empire of Bones Saga, #3)The brilliant saga of Jared and Kelsey continues with one of the most infuriating antagonists I ve ever seen The human obstacle introduced early on in this novel made me want to throw the book across the room I couldn t wait for his comeuppanceThat said about halfway through this book my interest waned It wasn t bad but the second half or so of this book just didn t grip me like Silver Surfer Vol 4 Citizen Of Earth previous ones in the series It was still a great read Don t get me wrong But the crux of the main conflict just didn t have me like books 1 and 2 of the series The ending was excellent though and I will Before you start this booklease realize it is the third title in the series you will need to read the first two books in the series in order to understand the back story and the charactersThe author Makeology Makerspaces As Learning Environments picks up right where he left off with book one of the series and I enjoyed it Without having a spoiler however there are a couple of scenes situations that were unrealistic and the book just ends right in the middle of a situation to find out what happens go buy the next one in the series While that is very frustrating Iicked this up for free with my Kindle Unlimited When My Son Died plan vs the normalrice of 499 which makes that bearable If you enjoyed the first two books of this series I am confident you will like this one also but be Something Like A Love Song prepared to have the story stop on a dime without a reasonable conclusion It seems like I cannot let go of this series until I have read all the booksublished Command Decisions is book three of The Empire of Bones Saga and continues the adventures of Jared Kelsey Co It is naturally in the same style as the other books which means it is a simple fast Shitauke Tantei Nokori Kasuhiro paced and enjoyable space opera adventureCommander Jared and Princess Kelsey continue their effort towards getting back home at the same time as they try to disrupt the enemies efforts As with the other books new discoveries are made and there are of course fighting going onHowever their successes are severely hampered with the arrival of Captain Breckenridge I have to say that Captain Breckenridge dragged down the book somewhat for me He is so absolutely over the top that it becomes just ridiculous His stupidity egoism bigoted worldview and utter lack of any competence or redeeming ualities whatsoever makes him not only ludicrous and annoying but also utterly unrealistic I m sure thiserson would really not be able to tie his own shoes let alone command anything not even a garbage transport There is no way in hell this Tokuni Maketemo Kamawanai person could have been given command of anything in a realistic setting despite hisowerful connectionsNaturally Captain Breckenridge not only disobeys lawful orders from the Princess refuses to follow the agreed on Pod Almighty The Dave Podmore Story plan but manages to utterly screw up in a way that is almost laughable at the worstossible moment causing the loss of the overall target objective as well as thousands of his own crew s lives Fortunately his incompetence manages to screw him up himself after having screwed up everything else Unfortunately it now falls on our heroes to save his bacon if for nothing else than to Die Gemordete Stadt Abgesang Auf Putte Und Strae Platz Und Baum put him in front of a court marshalHaving said that the book was still a uite enjoyable read and it was really sad that the author went so over the top in theortrayal of Captain Breckenridge Wow I could hardly Beware The Witches A Sticker And Activity Book put it downAudio version Of volume 1 of empire of the bones includes books 1 3 a short storyWell the title says it all I listened to the three books in 2 daysThe narration is superbThese Audiobooks was given to me for free at my reuest from theublisher or author or narrator and I Etiquette For Mistresses provided this voluntary reviewReasons I enjoyed this bookActionacked Easy to read Entertaining Great world building Original Page turner Unpredictable Whimsical Wonderful characters Compared to the Populating Clay Landscapes previous two books in the saga this is terrible The femalerotagonist s Secondary Impact personality changed a lot without any real cause She simply behaves like a marine would do While the marines don tThe technical bullshit with the computers was bad In therevious book the IT genius boy was struggling to write a hello world A Cowboy S Gift progr JAFOJared and Kelsey have worked hard to build a coalition They have a strong alliance in the unknown territories The time has come to take a freighter filled with desperately needed technology Just before it is time for the attack Captain Breckenridge comes through the one way wormhole Jared is no longer the senior fleet officer in this sector of space and the new commander has his own way of doing thingsAs the disastersile up Kelsey and Jared fight desperately to get on the same Design The Decorative Arts Georgian Britain 1714 1837 page with Breckenridge The conseuences a Oh man I know there s to this history of the Rebel Empire and AI s And I want to know it What was the intent of the ship Invincible that they found There are connections to thelanet Dang I want This book ends with the big battle in space but leaves me wanting with the curiosity of what will happen on the Brucio planet they found Thank heavens I have the next audio bookFULL REVIEWI was voluntarilyrovided this review copy audiobook at no charge by the Author Publisher Andor NarratorCaptain Jared Mertz And Princess Kelsey Have publisher andor narratorCaptain Jared Mertz and Princess Kelsey have living in Pentagaran space since the fight with the Pale Ones that crippled their ship They ve been working to get Courageous up to speed along with helping Pentagar build their fleet of ships to fight the Rebels when they return to Erorsi Surprisingly six ships from the Empire come through the weak flip oint that has stranded Jared and his crew here And the captain is one who s not a fan of Jared s and difficult to work with Jared and Kelsey have their work cut out for them on all sides of the line as battles come faster then they hopedVeronica has returned for the next Empire of Bones novel yea She voices each erson as their own then they hopedVeronica has returned for the next Empire of Bones novel yea She voices each The Hero And The Crown person as their own characters have their own voice tone andersonality By doing this Veronica makes listening entertaining and easy to differentiate the large cast of characters Thank you The audio is clear and easy to listen toI love the character interactions here The ones we love are here and interacting better than we ever hoped Relationships of all kind are growing stronger I absolutely love Jared and Kelsey Then their s Elise and Talbot and all others that surround them All are amazing eople and lived through so much already Kelsey gets to demonstrate her ower as second in line to the throne of the Empire and it s awesome Add to it the strength she holds from the implants Dang that woman is a force to reckon withKelsey Wow She s such a strong female character She s everything wrapped into one little And I Worked At The Writer S Trade Chapters Of Literary History 1918 1978 package She s small but she is mighty She has theower to verbally Mappa Mundi puteople into England Arise The Labour Party And Popular Politics In 1940s Britain place and uick thinking to get around things But with her implants she s also ahysically strong woman Everyone tries to The Rise Of The Novel Updated Edition protect her with being therincess but she can The Heretic protect herself just the same Jared faced the frustratingrejudice he has always faced in the Empire as the Kings illegitimate son I feel he does this with the honor he feels he should and accepts it However another doesn t see it that way and feels Jared is worth credit tons than he s given There is a direction taken in the story for this very reason and it s well deservedThen we have new members added Oh the new captain we see Captain Breckenridge Grrr I hate him when we meet him And continue to not care for him as the story goes Though he is written to be that way He s a stubborn old man that won t listen but thinks he knows all Grrr He adds a new challenge to the story I found I was not looking forward to seeing him in scenes because he was just trouble but I love Kelsey as she stands up to himThe ships from home that are now stuck in space with them adds a new difficulty in Kelsey and Jared s lives They are already working to The L E A N Nutrition Guide The Four Week Meal Plan To Burn Fat prepare for fights that are coming And there are to worry about getting home or what they are going to do nextThe AI and computer connections are starting to unfold for Kelsey and Jared Wow The things that we learn here I m stunned And theotential of what s yet to come by learning this Oh this is so good Then there s what we learn of the Rebel Empire forces that were to come in contact with the AI on Erorsi which was found The connections are becoming open to us with Kelsey Jared and Elise and so many Oh Terry has done an amazing job of creating a system with the Empire I find believable And the history to go with it I love the chain of command we see in the space fleet We get to see that a bit here I get the feel we are constantly moving forward with the characters never going backward except for that darn new Captain getting in our way even then things move forward There is always something to explore and learn about here And Kelsey is written in a way that she wants to hear all opposing thoughts which opens up the story even Wonderfully writtenOh man I know there s to this history of the Rebel Empire and AI s And I want to know it What was the intent of the ship Invincible that they found There are connections to the Harmonious Tensions The Writings Of Friedrich Schiller planet Dang I want This book ends with the big battle in space but leaves me wanting with the curiosity of what will happen on thelanet they found Thank heavens I have the next audio book The story continues with our cast of heroes coming into a complex situation then they had envisioned Some characters unfortunately do not make it to the end of the story as things do not always go as hopped These books are meant to be story telling of the best type and intent The characters show their flaws as well as their strengths as they move from one situation to the next These first three books were Awaiting A Miracle paperback easy reading and hard tout down Unfortunately it appears that hard copies of the next stories are not available and Heart Country possibly restricted to a single source However the first three books are goo. Between a rock and a hardlace After winning a hard fought victory Commander Jared Mertz and Princess Kelsey discover another insidious foe blocking their way home .
D fascinating reads Commander Jared and Princess Kelsey have won a hard fought battle over Erosi and discovered that a remnant of the Old Empire still exists Not to mention a force of eople survived the Pale Ones on Erosi and have lived underground for 500 years Jared has Sur Le Chemin Des Mots Dits pledged to help them against the Old Empire fleet remanant coming to Erosi soon However the arrival of a small fleet from Jared and Kelsey s homelanet throw a wrench in all their The Seven Minute Bible The Entire Bible In 78 Verses plans The captain in charge of the fleet hates Jared with aassion With a battle on two fronts can Commander Jared and Princess Kelsey stop the Old Empire from revealing their existence to the rest of the remnantI love how the author has written this series Each book is better than the last and they are so addicting The dialog is fantastic witty and hilarious It keeps you on your toes and the edge of your seat the whole way through This has easily become one of my all time favorite space opera series I highly recommend it Check it out Summary Commander Jared Mertz thought the glories of the Old Terran Empire once within his Estreitando A Lacuna Da Inovao Como Reacender A Centelha Da Criatividade Na Economia Global people s grasp One bold strike to make them his But nolan survives contact with the enemy Never has never will war is a democracy and the enemy gets a vote With the odds stacked against him the battle to save humanity starts the moment you crack those A Death At Rosings A Pride Prejudice Variation pages If you love epic galaxy spanning action oriented space opera then you should read this series Plenty of adventure and intrigue to keep you glued to your seat in thisage turning novel It s the Der Feuerkreis Roman perfect blend of space opera and military science fiction If this sounds like your flavor of badassery then you ve come to the rightlace This novel is the brilliant continuation of the Empire of Bones SagaCharacters In this novel there are two main characters who we follow Commander Jared Mertz and Princess Kelsey Bandar Keeping the focus on two characters made you feel closer to them which is how I like things All of the secondary characters were a lot of fun as well They were all fully realized none of them felt flat or fakeCommander Jared Mertz He s a senior naval officer of the largely Quoi De Neuf Sur La Guerre peaceful New Terran Empire but he felt real and not one of those stereotypical militaryencil The Truman Show The Shooting Script pushers from the Pax New Terra He was a consummaterofessional who genuinely cared for the sailors and Marines under his command He was a good officer who knew his craft and was tactically creative during combat training simulations He s the kind of guy you d want on your side if war ever did break out in the New Terran Empire When he s exposed to combat for the first time against the elusive Under The Rainbow pale ones heroves that he s got what it takes to get things done under fire As the combat intensified during their expedition he continues to The Magic And Mystery Of Birds The Surprising Lives Of Birds And What They Reveal About Being Human prove his mettle He s the illegitimate son of the emperor whose royaledigree was discovered on his entrance Tutti I Gradini Del Male physical for the Imperial Navy This knowledge came with dark undertones as Fleet tried to hold him back torove they weren t giving him special treatment During this novel we see growth from him as he s forced to accept the continued burdens that come with combat leadership This is especially evident as he is forced to risk everything in a desperate gamble to keep the existence of the New Terran Empire a secret Like in any combat scenario Jared s orders lead to men dying men and women whose ghosts will haunt his sleep He was by far my favorite character in this novel Overall I enjoyed following him from the first word until the last It felt like there was so much to come from himPrincess Kelsey Bandar When we first meet her she s the spoiled daughter of the New Terran Empire a Never The Same petite bombshell of sassy entitlement Picture arincess in your mind and you can envision Kelsey She s the spare apparent a term I first heard from Terry Mixon and summed her role as the second in line to the imperial throne When she decided she wants to find a mission for her life to become than her status as an imperial Charlie Small 2 Perfumed Pirates Of Perfidy princess her father turns her life upside down The emperor sends her on the voyage to explore the remains of the fallen empire where she gets stuck on the other side of a one sided flipoint During those adventures she is implanted with super soldier Terran Empire Marine Raider enhancements and is left to deal with the conseuences of those changes She becomes an unlikely warrior turning a spoiled Atillan Nec Grdm princess into the every man soldier Except she has those enhancements In this newest edition the Empire of Bones Saga we see even growth from her making her an even likable character She s coolly efficient under fire but well aware of her weaknesses in tactical doctrine Overall I was thrilled at her growth in this novel especially how she handled the action at Boxer Station I loved watching herrocess what happened in the last book while things only compound for her in this latest edition Her character came alive on the Justo Una Espada Contra El Imperio page giving Jared and Talbot fits as they tried corralling herCaptain Wallace Breckenridge He s a senior officer in Fleet the fleet of the New Terran Empire that is He is the same officer who commanded Saber during the opening of Empire of Bones Bk 1 During that engagement Commander Mertz crushes him in a simulated wargame leading to a bitter feud between the two officers It srobably one sided but Breckenridge hates Mertz s Imperial Heritage He believes he uses that to advance himself and holds a grudge He s the nephew of a senior senator on the Imperial Congress an all around Uncanny X Men Superior Volume 1 Survival Of The Fittest politically connected officer When he finds the weak flipoint he follows Merz through I CAN T REALLY SAY ABOUT HIM WITHOUT GIVING can t really say about him without giving spoilers but he s the kind of character you love to hate kind of character you love to hate rooted for his death from the moment I was introduced to him wishing he would die So of course he s still aliveOverall I really loved the two main characters and the entire supporting class of this book I give these characters 5 out of 5 Grenades and can t wait to see where the author takes in the books to comePlot The Hawkeye Volume 6 Hawkeyes premise for this series was not that different from other space opera stories out there humanityost earth trying to reclaim the spacefaring society that they d left behind However it s in the execution where the author excels His stories are Cassandra pure escapism and enjoyment under the banner of intergalactic science fiction This book like the rest of the novels in this series fit suarely within the scope of an expansive space opera that I love to read I loved that there were never any lulls that bored me this novel was actionacked with a defined Hercules Still Going Strong plot There werelaces where I thought that he could ve expanded certain things but the novel as is still works It was just so fun that I wanted to explore every nook and cranny The story is set as the New Terran Empire is finally revitalizing their exploration of the empire that they lost during the rebellion 500 hundred years before the story began The New Terran Empire sets out to explore rediscover and reclaim territories it had lost During one of those exploration missions the main characters get stranded in an unknown region of space and the usual shenanigans ensue This gripping adventure was never boring and the characters and universe behaved in a way that made sense for the worlds the author created It was a good set up and well executed remise that held my interest Since I ve read the rest of this series I can assure you that there are bigger things to come from the Empire of Bones universe What I like about this universe is that it fit suarely within the large expansive worlds through the copious amounts of space opera that I read This lot fits nicely into that framework and Terry is raising the bar on this one As you can tell by the gushing I really got into this book I couldn t Golf Life put it down thelot was that compelling Heck this is my fourth or fifth re reading of this series I really loved the Dolls premise and importantly I enjoyed how the execution Theacing was excellent and there was never a slow moment There was never a Carmen Vocal Score point where thelot was confusing or that I couldn t figure out what was going on I couldn t ask for anything a uniue remise erfect execution and incredible Cimarron Rose pacing I again give Terry Mixon 5 out of 5 GrenadesWorld BuildingThis is the third book in the Empire of Bones Saga and I absolutely loved it The world was flushed out and everything was explained in a way that made sense The universe was consistent with just enough of the mundane facets of life thrown in the fall grounded in this reality Everything made sense and sucked you into the story Some of the details seemed inconseuential but those hooks just make me think that the larger universe will continue to grow and expand I loved reading about the culture of the New Terran Empire and Terry spoon fed us those details in a way that didn t feel like an info dump I loved how Terry showed a different vision of this future with the Kingdom of Pentagar It was a fun diversion from what he created on Avalon I especially love the new tidbits thrown into the lore giving the feel that this universe could be out there waiting for us just beyond the Milky Way There was never anything he described that I couldn t envision or that felt like it wasn t real We get to see the weaponry and technology has evolved or devolved since the fall of the Terran Empire and feel inspired by what the characters have we gained access to I couldicture every setting described easily envisioning myself living there Heck I ve even entertained myself on long road trips telling side story set in this larger universe When describing the world Terry was light on the details but not so much that I was lost or experienced the floating head syndrome I could always icture the scene in my head watching it in the movie theater of my mind Despite being a bubblegum space opera Terry has uppe. Remnant of the Old Empire still exists and seems allied with the savage AI dominated Pale Ones With the existence of the Terran Empire at stake another enemy this on. ,

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D the bar of excellence adding sensory input to the mix sights sounds smells and feelings He didn t reinvent the wheel building on the existing tropes of space opera Instead he made brought it into the 21st Century Overall the world building was well done and I was sold on the way it happened It felt believable and the characters fit within the universe Terry Mixon created Like most of the stories I read this one didn t take itself too seriously which allowed you to focus on the fun which is why I read in the first Branding Is For Cows Belonging Is For People place I give the world building 5 out of 5 GrenadesDescription I have to give it to this author this novel was chock full of visualization and you could definitely imagine yourself in this world He described things across the sensory spectrum sights sounds smells and even how the world felt While I could visualize all of the characters I would still love it if Terry could describe the charactershysical traits in details Terry went light on the details with just enough specifics to allow you to visualize it for yourself Maybe not the same as Terry ictures them but enough to form a mental image in your mind I wanted but I m told I m an outlier on this front The modern trend is for less description which I detest I loved that Terry kept his language simple reminding me of what I liked about Tom Clancy s style of writing Their genres aren t the same but their style of language is similar and I like that He balanced the explanation of this new world with the need to move a story along This book didn t have a single lace where I couldn t The Uglydoll Ugly Guide To The Uglyverse picture the scenery and the euipment which added to the world that felt tangible and I enjoyed it The author s description of his universe was evocative and enough tolease your average readers Again I always refer descriptions over less but Terry did enough to get the job done In summary I didn t find any issues with the descriptions and was impressed by the literary skills of Terry I wish he were descriptive but he gave you enough to form your own visual image If you want a ulp era space opera then this is the book for you I give him 4 out of 5 grenades in this category If he gave me details it would be a 5 but the normies would hate itOverallI really loved this book it was a lot of fun to read It is worth mentioning again I ve read these novels multiple times and never once felt like it was a waste of time They brought back the era of Everything We Think We Hear pulp science fiction that started the genre we know and love This novel harkened back to what I loved about space opera and followed the first novel in this series The vibe of this story was amazing and I loved seeing where the adventurers would end up I wanted to know what happened to the Terran Empire and how they lost so uickly to the rebels that broke an intergalactic empire in several weeks There were no deep messages orolitical themes just good clean funLike the other novels in this universe the first thing that caught my eye was the cover Okay covers are the first thing that grabs us about any universe but I digress The spaceship on the cover is growing on me and they re well branded as a Woodes Rogers Privateer And Gevernor part of the same universe I loved the shuttle that was the main focus of this book even this is easily my favorite cover in the series Overall the covers on this series are a better fit for the space opera market but this one also managed to hit the military science fiction genre as well More specifically the space fleet subgenre of military science fiction This isn t a flaw of the series since the books fit into both genres just an observation Keep in mind I m colorblind so your mileage may vary Check them out share your thoughts in the commentsNow onto the book itself The military culture shown was spot on just what I d expect from an Army veteran He created a compelling interstellar naval force but again the author spent some time working for NASA and it shows Thelace where this novel really shined was the characterizations nobody felt like cookie cutter clich s or The Mindfulness Coloring Book Volume Three parodies The way Terry Mixonortrayed how his characters handled the developments of this book was superbly done from the For Want Of A Christmas Miracle pale ones to theolitical intrigue on Pentagar There was never a moment where I thought that s not how I would act I believe that the characters responded as expected to the situation they found themselves in This X 23 The Complete Collection Vol 1 proved especially true in this novel when things were strained by the actions of rogue military officers and lives were wasted on both sidesOne of my complaints from the first book was how sterile the combat felt It was well within the boundaries for the space opera subgenre but missed the mark from a military science fictionerspective In the second novel those issues were Eranistes Etoi Polymorphos The Dialogues Of Theodoret partially resolved The combat felt real the action intense and the setting was grittier It was a nice balance between the two subgenres that this book isositioned in In this novel Terry did better Job Of Amping Up The of amping up the Not to the level of the military science fiction I love but this novel was exactly what you would expect from the best space opera I won t downgrade the book for this because I believe this is just my All About Lovebirds preference for military sci fi bleeding through I only mention it so that the readers of my Mil SF reviews know what they re getting with this book seriesSpeaking of gritty realism one of the things that enjoyed about Terry s novel was that logistics were considered The characters did seem to run out of supplies and this was a centrallot Contemporary English Theatre point He doesn t dwell on it but several casual mentions that they dacked for a journey of several years was enough Further he has the sailors worried when they re low on consumable military tech missiles and bullets etc In this novel we again see the crew raiding a ship graveyard for missiles and other military consumables and had me clapping along to Veronica s description of the scene Folks do NOT do that while you re driving Tends to scare your wife and kids It cemented that little attention to detail making me love this series even Another Peculiar Quantum place where this novel shined was with theacing The action was intense and the characters responded as you d expect in those circumstances Terry kept the story moving along constantly introducing new complications just when they d come to some sort of resolution to the old one The examples of ground combat were The Cambridge History Of Japanese Literature primal and fully immersive than in the last novel In this novel Terry kept the action moving along illustrating the chaos of combat while not dwelling on it This is especially true with the raid on Boxer Station we saw action onar with the best of the space opera genre Again it was everything you expect from this subgenre The fleet battle scenes were believable gripping and I never felt like the author missed a chance to get creative with the tactics I liked how he made the results of the ship to ship combat unexpected but I can t say how without spoilers It was in the fleet battles where this novel really stood out technically speaking The main character Jared Mertz is a career naval officer but it doesn t stop him from being creative in the momentOne The Bingo Cheaters place where this book shines for me was where we get to see the space marines in action The ship s onboard Marine complement take charge when necessary much like you expect if that situation happened in today s modern military They re not cardboard cutouts living tropes or cartoonish in any way They re real men and women despite being mostly secondary characters who only exist on theeriphery Even when these The Strict Schoolmistress Book Two people being largely faceless you felt for them when they fought against impossible odds torotect the country they swore to Turbulent Times A Trilogy protect Maybe I mrojecting being a combat veteran too but Terry made you care about these warriorsWhen it comes to creating believable civilizations Terry stood heads and tails above his When The Sea Shall Give Up Her Dead peers He created three believableolitical Please God Send Me A Husband polities and made the differences between them facilitate the reader s ability to easily distinguished one from the another I liked that he messed with the language of the Pentagarans It felt just alien enough to be different from how we would normally speak while still being accessible to modern readers I detected a slight medieval vibe to some of the word choices which he managed toull off without sounding overly cheesy With the Rebel Empire since I m not sure what to call them were slightly different More their attitudes than their speech Developing Professional Practice 0 7 patterns but different enough to add a uniue vibe to this empire Don t feel bad about the confusion on what to call them even the author couldn t decide I could definitely envision myself walking among theseeople interacting with them and that s all you could ask for from an authorFinally I didn t really find any grammatical or technical issues with this book In fairness I listened to this one on this round But I ve read the book three times and listened to the audiobook twice now and never noticed any serious issues Seriously I realize I ve gone full fanboy but the authors have definitely raised the bar for space opera He s one of the shining stars of science fiction authors everywhere you should check it out This book Command Decisions was leaps and bounds above most of what s out there I was hooked from the first Social Media Survivor The Journey Of The President And Ceo Of Involver page because he wove the action in such a compelling way that you wanted to jump into theage and join the My Funny Sad Life I Once Loved A Sociopath Recognizing Letting Go Of Healing From Toxic Relationships party Some of that was because I m already invested in this world but if you ve been following me you already know that Basically this novel had me hooked from the beginning and kept it going throughout the whole novel This is a book I would happily recommend and an author I will definitely read again Buy the novel But hey it s easy to spend someone else s money I give this novel a 5 out of 5 grenadesThis review was edited to fit size restrictions see full review here. E from Jared’sast threatens everything they’ve worked so hard to achieve Jared and Kelsey must fight for survival while the fate of humanity hangs in the balanc.