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The short comic strips at the end however takes place on Clara s birthday the next year according to the banner Clarabration 2015 It starts out seeming odd that The Doctor would pluck Clara s rom different or that birthday party but then it hilariously turns pluck Clara s rom different years or birthday party but then it hilariously turns that they are actually a Ganger a Zygon a Teselecta and an Ood with a wig The punchline is that he went through all this trouble because he already bought the banner Another short comic strip uses Funko like igures to depict The Doctor and a sewer monster which I ound to be really weir. Against time to both stop a dreaded new peril – The Fractures – in a bid to stop reality unraveling around the. Cept of a gate to another dimension and stepping into the void was used in the 1996 movie Star Gate is what Paul Foster uses to travel rom his universe into this one because of reverse engineering the same gate that the cybermen used the Battle of London in 2007 referencing the Doctor Who TV episodes Army of Ghosts and Doomsday This start to a new arc called Fractures is somewhat intriguing There s a bit of mystery going on that I m curious about And the opening recap seems to confirm that the present day events in series 8 Takes Place In 2014 in 2014 of. the same ate But are they really gone Both play a part in the universe hopping they really gone Both play a part in the universe hopping arc The Doctor and Clara race. ,

Robbie Morrison Brian Williamson Fractures UOTESClara Coal Hill School The Time UOTESClara Coal Hill School the time left I ve got an English class remember Doctor English Your vocabulary s pretty primitive but I don t think you need to take lessons Clara I m the teacher Doctor Oh well it s a lost cause then Your pupils are pathologically incapable of communicating without some social media interface Clara I ll be grey haired by the time I get back Doctor What s wrong with grey hair Grey hair s great Gives you gravitas You can never have too much gravitas Interesting to see that the con. WHO OR WHAT ARE THE FRACTURES Molly’s ather was killed in a terrible accident UNIT scientist John Foster suffere.

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