Pdf [Dreamland Travels Inside the Secret World of Roswell and Area 51] BY Phil Patton

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Dreamland Travels Inside the Secret World of Roswell and Area 51You didn t see that the officer saidI m not really sure what to make #of this onePhil Patton s Dreamland is kind of a rambling travelogue that slips past #this onePhil Patton s Dreamland is kind of a rambling travelogue that slips past military checkpoints of the remote Nevada desert heading toward the lusive Area 51 and the base s dodgy history of secret military aircraft UFOs and government conspiracy Hiking up to Freedom Ridge the high point that allows a glimpse down into the restricted airfield Patton rubs shoulders with Interceptors and Youfers airplane buffs and alien A Practical Guide To Impractical Pets enthusiasts respectively crafting a book that is a pastiche of aviation historyxtraterrestrial investigation pop culture and odd charactersUnfortunately it s also a book that s really hard to follow Patton packs in plenty of interesting nuggets but the book never really grabs it s through line nding up a murky jumble as it jumps from the real to the speculative from character to character from time period to place hopscotching like a jack rabbit The disorganization made my forehead wrinkle puzzling past obscure military code names and half truths and maybe that s Patton s intent to give the reader just a taste of the heady brew of information misinformation and disinformation that surrounds Dreamland but this book just kind of lost heady brew of information misinformation and disinformation that surrounds Dreamland but this book just kind of lost Usually I m a sucker for that mix of real world history meets weird world history but this is one where I had to fight to get to the last page Dreamland is a fun read thanks to Phil Patton s ntertaining writing style and his dogged willingness to uncover the mysteries surrounding Area 51 It s also an important book in the sense that we finally have a credible investigation into the complex and Renegade Women elusive world of Area 51 a world that Patton coins as Dreamland However don t be fooled into believing that Dreamland supports any of the conspiracy theorist claims In fact much of Patton s findings do to debunk them Patton s admirablefforts to gather as much Firefly Phantom Stallion 18 empirical data on far reaching claims of thexistence UFOs inside Area 51 often and invariably lead him into very murky water However seeing this through the yes of a journalist you get the sense that the youfers and the higher profile witnesses of UFOs are just plain full of baloney Never once during Patton UFOs are just plain full of baloney Never once during Patton campaign to find the hidden truth is the author surprised amazed or taken aback by any tangible vidence or revelations Though it s no fault of Patton s the lack of any shred of stirring The Consignment evidence of thexistence of UFO s in Dreamland makes this book just a tad anticlimactic In this vein I disagree with some other reviews of this book For The Scientific Attitude example the back cover says Reviewers have applauded Dreamland as brilliant fascinating weird wonderful sometimes spooky curiouslypic freuently humorous and always Indra And Shibi Amar Chitra Katha 180 Amp 524 entertaining In fact Patton s closing statement the final sentence of the book seems to contradict this notion This seemed appropriate but as with so much in Dreamland it proved impossible to determine conclusively Patton pg 299 There s not much in Patton s findings that would leave a reader spooked or fascinated I would temper the back cover comments down to brilliant interesting andntertaining The most famous figure that Patton investigates is an The Itty Bitty Kitty Rescue engineerphysicist named Bob Lazar It s no surprise that Patton finds Lazar s job titles and credentials to be uestionable Lazar claims that he actually worked on flying saucers hidden near Groom Lake While Patton collects interesting stories through former contacts of Lazar he finds novidence or accounts to corroborate or support Lazar s outlandish tales Patton discovers that Lazar was Tomb Raider Volume 1 eventually arrested in 1990 for pandering around the time that Lazar tried to open a brothel in Los Alamos Do most physicists have time for these types ofndeavors Patton s assiduous and unrelenting study of Area 51 military aircraft youfers UFO folklore and UFO history is full thorough and colorful It s likely that Patton would make a study on any topic readable and interesting And perhaps as. There is a place in the Nevada desert the size of Belgium that doesn't officially The Last Monster exist It is the airbase where test flights of our top secretxperimental military aircraft are conducted and not coincidentally where the conspiracy theorists insist the Pentagon is hiding UFOs and aliens This is Dreamland or Area 51 For Phil Patton the idea of writing a travel account of a place he couldn't actually visit was irresistible What he found was a world where Chick Yeager and the secret planes of the Cold War converged with the Nevada Test Site and alien landings at Roswell A think tank for aviation ngineering Dreamland can be seen from a summit outside the base's perimeter a hundred miles north of Las Vegas On Freedom Ridge groups of airplane buffs gather with their camouflage outfits and binoculars These are the Stealth chasers the Skunkers guys with co.


Le of America s Opiate Epidemic I had to try it out RightIt took me a few check outs to actually read the book because it s an odd kind of investigatory tourism that begins with the paranormal shifts to completely sober and xtensive discussion of military test aviation and then swings back to severe paranormal material towards the nd The author plays the part of reporter tourist searching for the truth presenting himself as neither credulous nor particularly skeptical Like Herodotus he simply reports what he is told though there s an obvious personal interests in what Area 51 truly is Dreamland is not solely about the Area 51 the #conspiracy codename for Groom Lake Nevada where xperimental jets arewere tested #codename for Groom Lake Nevada where xperimental jets arewere tested as a place covers much Of The Southwest It Is Not Merely the southwest it is not merely Ranch of Nevada guarded by private paramilitary camo dudes but the headspace world in which the subjects of this book live and while some of them believe devoutly in alien visitation and ven in progress takeover others believe the alien talk is mere coverup for ominous projects One interviewee opined that the alien hype is being created by the military which will use a faux alien invasion to ffect a coup The last uarter of the book is a bizarre mix of conspiracy theories Christian and Islamic prophecies merging with alien obsession and political intrigue fear of a New World Order so intense in Endtimes believers of the 1990s is very strong here My personal favorite in part because it s the sort of thing I would do if I were in charge of a secret government project is that Area 51 is cover used to distract the public the real base is in Tonopah Of course if I Were In Charge Of The in charge of the government project I would put it underground and then stick a shopping complex on top of it Although the first and final fifths of Dreamland are very odd reading fraught with true believer syndrome Yes the flying saucer we saw was a B2 But they re just letting us see it so we won t freak out about the real flying saucers there s actually an normous amount of information on military test aviation throughout the late 20th century including on projects that were scrapped but which are now declassified Many of the aircraft mentioned bear little resemblance to conventional aircraft at least to a public The Ongoing Moment expecting to see something that looks like a commercial transport or fighters The proposed A 12 Avenger is downright alien Dreamland features a chapter on the development of unmanned spy vehicles from spy planes like the U2 and speculates that soon these UAVs may be armed He was right three years later after publication a Predator drone blew up the outside of a Taliban building wrecking cars and sending the actual target running away instead of crossing the StyxIf you re interested inxperimental aviation this actually has a few chapters of note The actual subject of the book may distract from the fascinating bits inside though and considering the context of the source I m not sure how seriously I d take the information on CIA spy planes and the like I started this book thinking only it would be about UFOs but it is so very much In fact before I got very far I started over reading it out loud to David on our trips to Batesville Searcy The Official A Game Of Thrones Coloring Book etc wherever we had The Battle Of The Bakers errands and business He alsonjoyed itDreamland is the name of the airstrip at Area 51 Restricted Air Space and about the people who hang out at the perimeter with big cameras and binoculars to see what yhe can the youfers interceptors stealthies Highland Hearts etc The big names are PsychoSpy Interceptor and other colorful characters A main hangout is the A Le Inn The author goes pretty thoroughly into the beginnings of the ufo hunters the people seeking proof of secret weapons the Skunk Workstc Karl Jung makes it in with his theories of ufos uite an amazing and interesting retelling of the history and speculations and stories woven around this base Much better and interesting than I Seducing Mommy In The Pool expected when I started. Me fascinated by UFOs andventually believed in it all the underground bases the alien human hybrids the secret treaties But was he a true believer or part of a disinformation campaign Bob Lazar seems to know when the saucers will come and has made three clear sightings at night along Dreamland's perimeter but is his story real or a vision of what's possible Dreamland is an The Early Childhood Years exploration of America's most secret place the base for ourxperimental airplanes the fount of UFO rumors an offshoot of the Nevada Test Site How this blackspot came to xist its history its creators its spies and counterspies is Phil Patton's tale He tunnels into the subcultures of the conspiracy buffs the true believers and the aeronautic geniuses creating a novelistic tour de force destined to make us all rethink our convictions about American know how and alien inventivenes. .
An unintended conseuence this book will ducate the average reader on the history of military aircraft Patton s in depth inuiry left me skeptical about the Final Fantasy Xiii existence of UFOs and it has given me a critical attitude toward the conspiracy buffs The amount of conjecture is disproportionately large compared to the flakes ofvidence that anyone can provide when it comes to the Time Travel Mater existence of flying saucers in Area 51 I should add that Patton also deserves credit for putting himself at risk on several occasions when he tries to get himself as close as possible to key sites in Dreamland He is often chased away or threatened by military security Dreamland is annjoyable read But be forewarned It won t convert you to a conspiracy buff Rather it may turn you into a skeptic It varied between being a travel guide and talking about secret aircraft to UFOs Not what I The Sonora Noose expected My wife stumbled across this and reuested it for me from the Library This was written in the later 1990 s at the height of the alien UFO PhenomenonFairly researched and very conversational Some of the material andvents depicted have been The Night Of The Comet either proven or debunked in the last 20 years A better book is Area 51 by Annie Jacobsen which was written in 2011 That book isxhausting in its research If you are interested in aliens UFOS and Roswell are well read on the subject already this is a great book took curl up with as it is so fun to read Another book that is better I recommend is the day after Roswell By Phil Corso This book posits one Faustus essential uery which remains unanswered to this day what is the value to the US of the secrecy demanded by the aviation military industrial complexThis is a nostalgia inducing book for me I was never interested in UFOs beyond the culturallements I did seriously consider an Lokayata ethnography of ufologists as my thesis but several friends were way into it This book reminded me of my freewheeling and thinking 20s Injoyed the aviation material than the UFO material and I think I definitely want to read out the bibliography on this one if I get the chance It is a fascinating subjectAs for the Gucci Mamas Armani Angels essential uery I can t deny the value of secrecy to the overall strategic interests of the US militarybut deceit at that level is a Pandora s box Look at currentvents how credible is anyone The World Remade especially thexperts and authoritiesIn a democracy we need to know where the money is going or there won t be a democracy to demand the accounting More informative on Black Aircraft than on UFOs and crazy paranormal stuffs Very well written and very interesting but I did stop reading about halfway through I find it difficult to describe this book It is a sort of ramble through the world of classified military bases and military research into aircraft with side trips through Roswell and the various UFO investigators Not anything like the sober historical journalism of Area 51 by Annie Jacobsen but chock full of fascinating character sketches and anecdotes Thomas Pynchon sezA mind opening tale of trespass and revelation of road adventures technothriller hardware saucer folks and aerospace outlaws as well as What would happen if the US government opened its doors to us and let us see all that was going on Depending on what is there we d ither be vindicated or disappointed but we would also rapidly lose interest What would we focus our attentions on Where would we go nextthe #greatest thing about Area 51 is its mystery otherwise nobody would careDear readers I have a confession In middle school I #thing about Area 51 is its mystery otherwise nobody would careDear readers I have a confession In middle school I way into alien conspiracy theories specifically the Roswell Incident I didn t believe anything had happened but it was fun to pretend that it did My bedroom walls were littered with three things Tiger Photographs Glow In The photographs glow in the star stickers and posters of green bobble head aliens sometimes dressed as hippies offering peace signs So when I ran into Dreamland while looking for a similarly titled book on rural drug pidemics Dreamland the True Ta. De names like Agent X and Zero hoping for a glimpse of the rud raylike shapes of planes like Black Manta and the mother ship The most mysterious craft is Aurora the successor to the legendary U 2 said to run on methane and fly as fast as Mach 6 Scanning the same horizon the UFO buffs are looking for the hovering lights and doughnut shaped contrails of alien aircraft Are they looking at something sinister and mysterious Imagined Or terrestrial than they think Dreamland shows how much we need mystery in the information age and how the cultures of nuclear power and airpower merge with the folklores of xtraterrestrials and arthly conspiraciesPatton found people who found themselves in the mysteries of the place John Lear the son of aviation pioneer Bill Lear who gave his name to the jet served as a pilot for the CIA's Air America but back home he beca. .