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Rai, Volume 2: Battle for New JapanDifferent ways like Livewire and Bloodshot It s very cleverThe introduction of two new characters in two issues feels a bit Life Story Of Flash heavyanded but they make sense and I expect one of them will get some panel later on opefully Although given the ending maybe notAnd of course Clayton Crain s interiors remain He s the perfect artist for something like this and I m super surprised that e s able to draw 8 issues in a row without a break so farRai imself is likely the least interesting character of the bunch *Here But Given Everything *but given everything s going on plus the gorgeous art it s easy to overlook since everything else is so good Rai as found the truth about imself and plots to bring Father down Rai must shield is thoughts from "Father While Uniting The Warring Factions Of "while uniting the warring factions of Japan More great Clayton Crain art. Eryone looking at im so strangelyGo back to the future with all star creators Matt Kindt UNITY Mind MGMT and Clayton Crain X Force Carnage as they crack open a brand new chapter for Valiant's smash it ongoing seriesCollecting RAI #5. .

I continue to be impressed with the new Valiant Universe This series *is really good New Japan is now moving into open rebellion *really good New Japan is now moving open rebellion and ave several classes banding together in order to overthrow Father the robotic ruler The art from Clayton Crain is still great and if anything as improved from Volume One If you like dystopian futuristic tales this is worth a read The eat is picking up but the good guys still ave a long way to go Father as built and ruled New Japan for 1000 years and e won t give it up without a fight It looks like the ero needs to fall first to be able to rise again Rai gathers allies but the fight is ard I love ow grand the story feels right now It s about opression versus rebellion a freedom gained by rising up against a disembodied dictatorSilk commands the Raddies to move against th. The critically acclaimed series continues as New York Times best selling writer Matt Kindt and superstar artist Clayton Crain return for the second staggering volume of RAIIn the aftermath of the devastating battle for 41st century Jap. .

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E Positrons PTs led by
momo a positron 
a positron abusive owner was killed by Rai and Izak of a race of beings abused by Father Rai joins the Positrons conscious of the fact that the true enemy is still Father view spoilerSpylocke goes to Earth in search of an older Rai called Rai VIII Meanwhile Lula aided by er new PT companion Grace frees a weakened Geomancer who also ates Father ide spoiler Rai gathers is allies from all across New Japan and beyond as the time arrives to take on Father But things aren t going to be easy revolution rarely isDespite a slow start in the first two issues this really picks up in the second two The world of Rai is so rich and Kindt as built it up a ell of a lot in only 8 issues it functions entirely differently to the main *valiant time period but uses the same kind *time period but uses the same kind concepts in. An Rai must pick up the pieces as e grapples with the startling truth about Father and is purpose Will Rai remain a champion of the people or will e succumb to the same fate as the men who carried the mantle before im And why is ev. .

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