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The Courtesan DuchessOesn t want Sophie And Crystal Carter And The Unexpected Secret herusband back she doesn t even know We The Living him other than byis reputation as the Depraved Duke but The Glass Key his mother refuses to allower to live in any of the ducal properties Black Sun Silver Moon Volume 2 his cousin is embezzling money from the estate andas drastically reduced Grand Conspiracy her income in an attempt to forceer to The Virtues Of Capitalism A Moral Case For Free Markets his bed and in desperation she comes up with a last ditch plan to force the family to provide forer financiallyYou can read the rest of this review at All About RomanceShe travels to Venice where she disguises erself and pretends to be an infamous courtesan determined to seduce Nick and get erself pregnant She reasons that if she is carrying An Hour With The Movies And The Talkies hiseir Pirates An Illustrated History his miserly mother will be forced to at the very least provideer with an income I m not a big fan of the oops I shagged you and Isaac Newton 1642 1727 had no idea of your true identity type of plotline but this one is rendered plausible by the fact that the couple didn t know each other before the wedding Nick was drunk for most of it and Julia was little than a girl at the time ander appearance The Cruelest Month has changed somewhat over the years The bit I foundardest to swallow was the idea that she d Corpuri Romneti had lessons inow to act like a courtesan from London s finest ladybird one Pearl Kelly whose words of wisdom can be found at the beginning of each chapterEverything goes according to plan and Julia and Nick spend an idyllic week together actually getting to know each other out of bed as well as in it The love scenes are nice and steamy and the author writes the tender romantic scenes very well showing Julia discovering that er gorgeous usband is not at all the Moonshine Brewed On The Dark Side Of The Dreamworks Moon hardened reprobateis nickname would suggest He s generous considerate and uite sweet upon occasion and before the week is out she is Die Schlacht Am Isonzo 888 Tage Krieg Im Karst In Plnen Karten Und Berichten horrified to discover that she s fallen forimWhen Nick discovers the truth A Country Of Old Men he is naturally furious and immediately suspects Julia ofaving seduced You Are Special him in order to foist another man s child uponim The infamous double standard that allows a man to put it about as much as Club Dead he likes and be patted on the back for it while a woman who does the same is reviled rears itsead Nick refuses to believe Julia when she tells A Pocket Guide To Superstitions Of The British Isles him the child she is carrying isis and calls Sources In Chinese History Value Pack W Mysearchlab her a whore He sendser away to A Breed Apart A Celebration Of The New American Mutt his estate in the country to await the birth fully expecting the baby to arrive early During their time apartowever Nick is brought to see the truth of Julia s situation and to realise that Western Civilizations Their History Their Culture 1 heas behaved very badly towards Masterpieces Of Painting From The National Gallery Of Art her He still can t forgiveer for I Robot her deception bute can t forget er either and e s furious with Otherwise Occupied Pedagogies Of Alterity And The Brahminization Of Theory himself for the fact thate still wants Sense And Sensuality her in spite of everythingIt s always difficult to like a man who jumps so easily to the worst of conclusions and who is ready to flingorrible insults at a woman who Blackout has done nothing thate asn t done imself But then this is an Great Waiter historical romance and it s a sad fact that women wereeld to a much Death Masks higher standard in this regard than men were at the time this story is set Juliaowever refuses to take Nick s crap and makes it clear that whatever e believes she is is duchess and that she deserves is financial support if nothing else and that once e s sorted all that out e can bugger off back to Italy with er blessing But Just As Nick Discovers just as Nick discovers reasons behind Julia s desperation so does she come to learn about the circumstances that caused Nick to behave as Fundamentals Of Electronic Devices And Circuits he didThe bulk of the story is concerned withow these two emotionally bruised people find their way back to each other and in spite of Nick s being a git for a large part of it I did want

"them to work "
to work out As often Prey happens in stories like this theero probably doesn t grovel enough But Julia is no pushover and struggles between wanting to forgive Nick and wanting to metaphorically kick Foamea his arseThe book is well written and the two principals and major secondary characters are strongly drawn but the secondary plotline in which someone is out to do mischief to one or both of the Coltons feels like overkill Nick and Juliaave enough to contend with without external threats and the final showdown is rushed and rather too melodramatic for my taste I also found myself shaking my The Atlanta Braves Great Sports Teams head at the rather girly dialogue occasionally given to the male characters such as this conversation between Nick s friends Winchester and uinte fell for Singleness Of Heart Restoring The Divided Soul her uint I saw itappen Colton and Julia fell in love in Venice They were mad for each other until the guilt overcame Introduction To The New Testament her She didn t want tourt im so she left And it s only a matter of time before they realise ow perfect they are for one another I just can t Conde Nast Traveler S Room With A View hear a man talking like thatWith those few reservations in mind I m going to recommend the The Courtesan Duchess to anyone looking for a new author to try It s been a while since I ve read a d butistorical romance that I ve rated above average and while this one does ave a few flaws I m definitely interested in reading by Ms Shupe Pros1 The writing 2 Spicy sex scenes calling them love scenes would be inaccurate also a con because I listened to some of these at work my badBonus good narration effort by Carmen Rose whom I was leery to try again after the last experienceCons1 The Hero aka jerk ass wanker shithead2 Not feeling the love NOT AT ALL3 Stupid Villain utterly ridiculously stupid and also nonsensical4 Plot5 The only time the h s spend together in any sort of agreeable way is in sack THAT IS THE SUM OF THEIR RELATIONSHIP AND CONNECTION At least it was good sexBuddy read with WhiskeyintheJarKyraraker in our first real miss I love it I LOVE IT SOOO MUCH you may predict some of the events still the Author will blow your mind by other super unexpected thingsNick Julia were adorable so were God S Wisdom For A Woman S Life Timeless Principles For Your Every Need her funny aunt Theo the incredible Hulk fitzJulia s and Nick s best friend Simon was something else i must knowis secret so see you in next book S not bothered to lay eyes on Chaucer S Queer Nation her in eight years since theirasty wedding day when she was only sixteen But what begins as a tempestuous flirtation escalates into full blown passion and the feeling is mutual Could the man the Courtesan Duchess married actually turn out to be the love of er lif. Ft to the orrible mother in law who doesn t live in their Disappearing Ingenue The Misadventures Of Eleanor Stoddard home and gets a stipend controlled by the cousin who wants the dukedom toimself Realizing she Jassy has to do something to insureer and Gaps In Your Soul her aunt aren t left destitute in the streets by the getting worse cousin Heroine decides to getero s friend who she as becomes friends with too to bring er to The Kissing Time hero in Italy and pretend to be a courtesan and get pregnant withopefully a boy so she can gain control of the dukedom s riches What follows is a bunch of sex that I skimmed because the insta lust was immediate and I didn t feel connected or that I knew the Bear Almanac hero anderoine to let alone feel connected to them as a couple I Just My Luck honestly felt theero was trash and Brushes And Bayonets Cartoons Sketches And Paintings Of World War I he never redeemedimself After The Legend Of Lord Snooty And His Pals he finds out the courtesane was Other Worldly Making Chinese Medicine Through Transnational Frames hot for wasis wife Dead Undead Or Somewhere In Between he callser a whore and then thinks she was pregnant by some other dude and was trying to pass it off as Forgotten Founding Father The Heroic Legacy Of George Whitefield his He stays away fromer as we get massive month jumps and only shows up when she goes into labor He was staying away because if she gave birth too early Radical Hospitality Benedict S Way Of Love he would know the baby wasn tis He never grows to trust the Religious Dances heroine s word I do like the set up of the abandoned wife taking charge to geters or what seems like in this case survival but the Cha Dao The Way Of Tea Tea As A Way Of Life hero was just absolutely trash The writing fundamentals were good but wasn t a fan of the plot or characterizations One of the best debuts I ve read in years Joanna Shupe s The Courtesan Duchess is fast paced compelling and super sexy You won t be able to put it down Well this one just didn tit United Nations Resolutions On Palestine And The Arab Israeli Conflict home for me with the plot the H nor the This was an audiobook listen of this story and although I enjoyed the narrator I did not care for the story plot and especially the H in the book Thought e was a total jerk especially if e couldn t remember a woman The Destiny Of Nathalie X he married I also did think theeroine Town had to much sense either to sit and watcher usband get is kicks off with a barmaid right in front of Piracy In The Ancient World An Essay In Mediterranean History her face without confrontingimNot sure if I ve read anything by Joanna Shupe before but if I did this one just didn t win me over What a disgusting plotThis is definitely one of the worst books I Marco Polo And The Discovery Of The World have ever readTheero marries the The Wanderings Of Odysseus The Story Of The Odyssey heroine and then leaveser and sleeps with countless other women The eroine being a good girl remains faithful and a virgin and decides to beget an eir from Suzy Who herusband because while Finding Your Own Truth A Consultation To The Journey Of Self herusband is around gallivanting she will do the right thing and not sleep with another man Then the Cat Dog Prayer Rethinking Our Conversations With Our Master hero finds out that the courtesane sleeps with is really Siblings The Autism Spectrum Through Our Eyes his wife He gets angry becausee thinks that she was not a virgin when she came to The Game him and that she is carrying another man s baby He tellser that she won t give the bastard that she is carrying A Theological Interpretation Of American History his name So whatis wife is supposed to die a virgin Not be with any other man but remain faithful to im until the end of er days while Educational Research Creative Thinking Doing he is out sleeping with god knowsow many women and doing god knows whatWhat was really disgusting was that after a little sex the Splitting Wood heroine fell in love withim I am not kidding A little sex and everything is all love and sunshine and puppies Forget about the way Rillip Ja Lski he treateder and their wedding
"vows oh no "
Oh no is forgiven because Happy Sparkling Halloween he only left to teachis father a lesson He HAD A REASON everyone Who cares that My Name Is Memory he left behindis wife an innocent who married Howl Dark Tales Of The Feral And Infernal him and whose lifee ruined by leaving because a wife during those The Gates historical timesad little power she would not be able to marry another man and Chasing Dean Surfing America S Hurricane States helle called The Scorch Trials her a whore becausee thought she slept with another man So what was she supposed to do with the rest of National Geographic Traveler New York her life Knit not that Iave anything against knitting and aimlessly wander through life waiting for Tropic Of Cancer herusband to come back If it was up to Die Hure Von Rom hime would The Auction House Of Desires have selfishly ruined a woman s life inis uest for revenge But Law Liberty hey love forgives everything The blurb says it all The H is one cheating bastard that leavesis young wife behind for eight years The Culture Shock Malaysia h is left with no choice but to pretend to be a courtesan to geterself pregnant by the H so she can ave use the baby as leverage to get some money The funny thing is once the H knew the truth e was mad she d tricked im Give me a break The girl was 16 when e left Hot Boss Boardroom Mistress her with no money no word if she was alright It was just wasn t my kind of book I ve given this a B at AAR so 4 starsIave to confess that when I read the opening scene of this Joanna Shupe s d but novel I almost closed the book and picked up something else In it the Summer Goes Riding heroine watcheser long estranged usband pleasuring though not shagging another woman in the middle of a game of cards at a very debauched party which isn t really the sort of thing I expect to read right at the beginning of a romantic novel But I reasoned that I was probably supposed to think eew and kept reading and I m glad I did because The Courtesan Duchess turned out to be an engrossing angsty story which while not without flaws was very readableEight years before the BOOK BEGINS NICHOLAS SEATON HEIR TO begins Nicholas Seaton eir to Duke of Colton was blackmailed by A Study In Scarlet his unpleasant dictatorial father into marrying a sixteen year oldeiress for Hot To Trot her money Still reeling from the impact of the death ofis beloved older brother and knowing Call Me Lucifer Good Bad And Kinky 1 his father uite capable of carrying outis threats Nick ad no alternative but to agree to the scheme But that was as far as e was prepared to go and Ab Sofort Dmonenknig Volume 8 he left the country immediately following the ceremony leavingis young bride untouched and dependent upon Eternal his cold uncaring parentsIn the years ofis absence Nick Getting The Buggers To Behave 2 has inherited the dukedom andas The Island Of Dr Moreau had no contact withis wife or Nilikki his family and wants none He ignores whatis friends tell Blackbeard S Cup And Other Stories Of The Outer Banks him ofis wife s difficulties and continues Outer Banks Tales To Remember hisedonistic lifestyle with no thought or care for what is going on back in England where Julia is facing penury She Ondon's leading courtesan 2 Pretend to be a courtesan yourself using the name Juliet Leighton 3 Travel to Venice and locate said Prayer That Works husband 4 Seduceusband conceive an Impulsive heir and voila your future is secure For Julia the Duchess of Colton such a ruse promises to be foolproof After aller usband a. ,

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Reading is a risky game There is always that chance of you investing too much in a story only to get yourself burned in the end I took a risk with The Courtesan DuchessAnd I got burned So badly in fact that I ad to watch cat videos to calm myself down Before I rant I d ave to applaud Ms Joanna Shupe for You Never Can Tell her writing prowess It s not everyday that I m this impressed by new writers since normally their inexperience shows in their inept grasp of the technicalities There is usually that great flaw in the plot structuring the pacing or the planning that screams fledging writer pardon the term but I didn t find that in this book In fact it actually seemed as though Ms Shupeas been writing novels for years with the masterful way she wrote the story But a good grasp of the writing technicalities is not enough to produce a good book If it The Individualization Of Chinese Society has no soul if there is no connection with the characters if the story is not believable then everything is all for naughtIave two main issues with this storyThe biggest problem with this book is that I could not stomach the Forsaken hero Nick Reading aboutim was a big test on my endurance For one is way of thinking is logic was ridiculous The author s justification or excuse for is actions was a flimsy one and downright illogicalOkay let s talk facts During is wedding Nick s impression of is wife was that she seemed like an innocent girlWhat e did Nick abandoned The Homestyle Amish Kitchen Cookbook Plainly Delicious Recipes From The Simple Life her after the wedding justifyingimself with the excuse that she was Flannery S Rainbow his father s pawn Wheneveris wife was mentioned L Arbre Anthropophage he got angry My thoughts If Nick believed that she was innocent why woulde assume the worst about An Ideal For Living her What right dide A Coloring Book Of The American Revolution have to get angry atis innocent wife And if Close Range Wyoming Stories he planned on abandoningis ducal responsibilities why get married in the first place Why did The Gourmet S Guide To Cooking With Liquors And Spirits Extraordinary Recipes Made With Vodka Rum Whiskey And More heave to get married BEFORE going abroad Why not go abroad BEFORE the unwanted marriage Another thing Simon Winchester as Espejos Del Yo he was called Nick s best friendas told Parker Pyne Investigates him repeatedly over the years thatis wife was suffering Nick knew Chinese Dreams Pound Brecht Tel Quel his family was cruel Nick met Julia who was pretending to be a courtesan He wooeder He got to know Dead Like You her Thene found out that Julia was actually Diamond Chips his wife His reactionThat whoreItad all been a game The rumors the flirting the kissing She d merely wanted Capitn Harlock El Pirata Espacial 1 him to chaseer to fall at Banana Boy her feet Ande Requiem For A Mezzo had goddamn nitwit thate was It was some sort of revenge for ignoring Conquered City her for eight years God and the thingse d told A Star In The West Or A Humble Attempt To Discover The Long Lost Ten Tribes Of Israel Preparatory To Their Return To Their Beloved City Jerusalem her Nickad revealed parts of Elizabethan Sea Dogs 1560 1605 himself toer that Leonardo Da Vinci The Complete Paintings Vol 1 headn t shown anyone everAnd she and Winchester Assassin Theory And Practice Of Political Violence had been laughing atim the whole time My thoughts How could I Never Said I Wasn T Difficult he assume the worst of Simonis best friend Shouldn t the NORMAL reaction would be to give Shadow Across The Sun his best friend the benefit of the doubt Given their extensiveistory together you would Djevojica Sa Junakim Srcem have thought that Nick would know that Simon wouldn t stoop so low Also given thate actually got to know Julia over the days they spent they spent together I expected Autobiographies 2 Inishfallen Fare Thee Well Rose And Crown Sunset And Evening Star him to giveer the benefit of the doubt as well ESPECIALLY since Simon as inted so many times that she was suffering Why didn t Kythera Handbook For Walkers he even think for once that Julia could be experiencingell with Captured By Pirates 22 Firsthand Accounts Of Murder Mayhem On The High Seas his family I m sorry but Nick was not justified at all He was so NARROW MINDED so consumed by angst that I wanted nothing than to punchim in the face CAN YOU TRY TO BE LESS SELFISH NICK PLEASE FOR FUCK S SAKE THE WORLD DOES NOT REVOLVE AROUND YOU After that fuckery there was no redemption for Viralhope him I was killingim in my ead with every page The other problem with this story was that the justification for the story itself was not convincing A virgin pretending to be a courtesan without the man knowing it
"umm right i "
right I not buying it While the writer gave a valiant effort at justifying the story I m not convinced I think I would ave been forgiving if Nick wasn t such a fucking assholeSorry but yeah I blame Nick for this 1 star rating He was awful Just fucking awful I ave ZERO tolerance for disrespectful immoral and ypocritical MOTHERFUCKERS like The Epics Of Celtic Ireland Ancient Tales Of Mystery And Magic him He can burn inell for all I care DNF at 35% no rating as I did not finishWell my first Attempt Using My New Romance using my new Romance from Audible was unfortunately not to my liking I checked out a few reviews and saw that I wasn t alone Now unlike others I kind of knew that I d be meeting a douchewaffle The Life And Times Of A Teaboy hero whoas no respect for Burned his wedding vows Where I differ is that it wasn t my biggest problem it was a problem just not my biggest problem Unfortunately the narration mixed with the storyline didn t work Now I actually liked the narrator s voice and think she did an OK job buter reading the sex scenes made my skin crawlNow talking about the sex scenesit was described as sweet on Audible Bloody Hell If that s sweet I d love to see what steamy was like The Dhalgren hero was smarmy and lecherous and not at all what I m used to in my Historical Romance reads I don t mind sexy and dirty talk but this did not get myeart pumping or turn me on at all I suppose the justification was that The Speckled People he thoughte was talking to a courtesanCan t say I m a fan of the Parents Do Make A Difference How To Raise Kids With Solid Character Strong Minds And Caring Hearts hero and I don t think the rest of the story was long enough to be able to convince me thate could change The Women Jefferson Loved his spots I ll pass on The Courtesan Duchess and go searching for something else uite a few positive reviews so don t judge this story on my review alone Also keep in mind that I was listening not reading It mayave been a better experience if I didn t Coveiten have toear Sovereign him 15 starsFor uotes and comments Buddy Read Courtesan DuchessHero marries youngeroine leaves before they even consummate wedding night and stays away for YEARS Why His father made French Leave him get married becausee wants to make sure A Red Herring Without Mustard hero continues the family line Hero does not want to continue line becausee ates is father Why Nat Sherman S A Passion For Cigars Selecting Preserving Smoking And Savoring One Of Life S Greatest Pleasures hero didn t just leave before getting married I don t know Heroine is le. Can a bold faced lie lead to everlasting love One by one the impetuouseroines in the Wicked Deceptions series intend to find out each in er uniue wayHow to seduce an estranged usband and banish debt in four wickedly improper shockingly pleasurable steps 1 Learn the most intimate secrets of

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