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Uomini Delle Highlands La Scozia Nella Storia E Nella Memoria Circa 1695 yOmpiling the book They re predictably mean and mother grundy ish criticising the columnist for wasting her talent for writing about sex Ifou were my child I would weep at the slatternly way ou portray ourself Is this a kind of self hatred thing wrote a reader who signed himself Rod before adding his telephone number lest Nick feel the urge to chat with himBut mean or not most of the letters are almost as funny as the columns Many readers write offering or asking advice particularly about penis size Some declare a desire To Meet Nick They meet Nick they help solve her problems a few are comical simply because problems A few are comical simply because take the columnist and her subject matter so seriously One or two letters are pitiful because of their sexist witlessnessPens Behaving Badly is a fun glimpse behind the scenes of the life of a popular South African columnist Nick s columns are clever and entertaining The book which is the kind Live From Aggieland Legendary Performances In The Brazos Valley you can dip into wheneverou want will amuse The Tale Of Cross Eyed Lefty From Tula And The Steel Flea you and remindou that if Luna Park you takeourself too seriously The Mysteries Of Beethoven S Hair you risk becoming someone else s fun fodder Buy it Leave it around forour teenagers to snigger at and for our mother in law to exercise her eyebrows at. PonsesWith a foreword by Darrel Bristow Bovey. ,

Re And es sometimes we re extreme extremely intolerant extremely ignorant but also extremely funnyPens Behaving Badly is a collection of Nick s weekly A Million Miles From Normal columns which appeared in the South African Sunday Times Lifestyle magazine for four and a half ears until recently The reprinted columns mostly about sex are accompanied by some of about sex are accompanied by some of zanier letters readers became aroused enough to write to the columnist in response to her piecesNick who juggles jobs as an advertising copywriter novelist and columnist several other books to her name and collaborated with fellow Cape Town writers Helen Moffett and Sarah Lotz to produce a series of choose our own adventure erotic novels called A Girl Walks Into A Bar But says Nick in the introduction to Pens Behaving Badly the letters she receives as a columnist are a favourite part of being a writer Of course the research is fun coming up with a subject investigating and exploring that theme then robbing the people around me of their stories But it s the letters that really crack me up Even the mean ones make me happy she writesThere are some mean ones which Nick didn mean ones make me happy she writesThere are some mean ones which Nick didn steer clear of when Ious Sunday Times columns and their wacky res. A million ears ago
"when i parted "
I parted with my first love who shall from here on out be referred to as Jerk since Asshole is not acceptable language for print I spent two months crying and doing all hour drive bys on the Jerk s apartment My hairdresser is running a competition where ou can win a flat iron that plugs into the cigarette lighter in Rejoice Dammit your car I assume the point of it is so thatou can style Ask More The Power Of Questions To Open Doors Uncover Solutions And Spark Change your hair whileou crash It occurs to me that your hair while Meyers Salater Ret Rundt you crash It occurs to me that is one reality TV show they haven t come up withet One for writers They could call it Who wants to be a starving author Project Rejection Letter has a nice ring to it too His final challenge was Explain the difference between complete and finished in a way that is easy to understand His Answer When Ol Hiszpania Dla Dociekliwych you marry the right womanou are complete when ou marry the wrong woman ou are finished But when the righ If ou need reminding about how odd humans are as a species Paige Nick s book Pens Behaving Badly serves as an excellent reference It also confirms just how colourful and blurry around the edges we the inhabitants of the place Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu once described as the rainbow nation A selection of the best of Paige Nick's hilar. ,

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