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S me how so many characters can go so many places This didn t disappoint as a characters can go so many places This didn t disappoint as a Some of the back story keeps me coming back for We get about a hint per b Mercy Watts All the WayI ust binge read all 5 Mercy Watts books Sooooo good Mercy is a nurse by trade however she is also a very good amateur detective She says her father finds crime crimes find her Each book has a twisted plotcrime to solve a great cast of characters In book 5 Aaron the nerdy but phenomenal chef is there cooking up elaborate delicious meals cousin Tiny is around to provide security Uncle Morty to provide information Comic Relief While Chuck Is relief While Chuck is MIA his standard poodle Pickpocket is there representing him Mercy is an intelligent very capable Stephanie Plum Mercy Watts books have humor mayhem with ust a little. Ght in the countryside If only he hadn't sent her cousins with her three girls with issues and a lot of duct tape Dad said Mercy would be safe there but she's the only one The castle is hosting a baseball camp and the competition is about to get fierce and deadl. ,
Livers againHaving the setting in a castle me PICTURING HOGWARTS LOL WITH EVERYONE ESPECIALLY MERCY CONSTANTLY GETTING hogwarts lol with everyone especially Mercy getting I kept picturing moving staircases I love this series This is the 5th and I ust cant stop reading them I start the next in the series as soon as I finish one because I ust don t want the book to end So good Love this series Humor uirky characters good writing interesting plot what s not to love I want to read many books in this series This book kept me shaking my head and chuckling at the crazy things that happen to poor Mercy The only thing I did not like was how the author introduces some characters at the beginning of the book goes into the main storyplot and then reintroduces those characters at the end of the book I enjoy this series but it always amaze. Er life if they can get to her Her father Tommy Watts decides to send her to an isolated castle with an ominous past owned by a pair of innkeepers with no past at all Tommy's solution is simple He'll take care of the Costillas while Mercy's tucked away out of si. take care of the Costillas while Mercy's tucked away out of si. ,

Fun and movesThis may ust be the best in the series Every character every situation every offshoot of the plot makes for a really good read I especially enjoy the dialogue Great storyI am loving This Series And All Of It S series and all of it s flawed characters As we learn about each one of their back stories they become so much real I love when an author lets their characters grow and learn from their mistakes Can t wait for the next book I ve said it before and I ll say it many times I love Mercy Watts even when she is struggling she gets the ob done even when she is fighting against everyone because they all think they know her better than she knows herself she gets the ob done and what was meant to be a relaxing pampering bridal shower weekend for her cousin turns into a murder to solve Mercy de. Playing dead isn't enough to keep Mercy Watts alive Since Killing A Man In New Orleans Mercy's Kept Her Head a man in New Orleans Mercy's kept her head With diet exercise and work she thinks she can keep wolves and memories at bay She's Wrong The Costilla Gang wrong The Costilla gang revenge and Mercy will pay with In the Worst Way (Mercy Watts Mysteries #5)

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