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Excellent book adaptation of the TV series Great spy adventure book This is how the CIA and FBI should Recommended Great spy adventure book This is how the CIA and FBI #Should Operate Recommended The UNCLE # operate Recommended the UNCLE ins I ve read so far it s honestly not uncommon for me to have trouble or maybe just lack of interest in the details following the plot and this is definitely one of those cases I didn t mind though I came in expecting spaceships and ended with our two favorite agents playing pirate which suited me just fine Several references are made to some of McDaniel s previous novels which I particularly enjoyed like Illya not actually believing in color television and their tendency to play Botticelli while kidnapped since it happens so often Like the Vampire Affair before it this one s a fair bit lighter and certainly less stressful than say the Dagger Affair which is definitely a plus for me Overall a fun but not overly remarkable installment Another fun UNCLE adventure this time THRUSH is in space A good nostalgic story looking forward to completing the series in 2009 lllya and Napoleon diffuse a bomb pilot a submarine. A gigantic space station orbiting the Earthand no one knew who had put it thereUnited States officials knew the monstrous space satellite was not theirs The Ru.

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The Man From U.N.C.L.E. #8: The Monster Wheel AffairLand a burning plane on an aircraft carrier play botticelli engage in some light piracy foil Botticelli engage in some light piracy foil space station conspiracy and banter banter banter It s hella cuteAlso Illya proves that he s the secretly hip one by referencing Yellow Submarine this was writtenset in 1967 and baffling both Napoleon and Waverly Illya ou decadent Westerner they re never letting O Mundo Proibido De Daniel V you back in the KGB This is pretty much a perfect Uncle book from cool gadgets to witty banter and a great portrayal of Illya and Napoleon There s even the world s biggest helium balloon canou say Shall I start again with my EXPLANATION THAT I AND I that I was and I in a way still am a rabid UNCLE fan Why don t they make TV programs like they used to Oh wellThis is an excellent book maybe not as good as a couple of others both by David McDanielbut still an excellent effort with the agents written well and a lot of action The adventure sweeps around the world and as in plots we would see later in other venues a mystery satellite to be concerned aboutBased on my totally unbiased judgement well okay Ssians could not claim it eithernor England nor France IT was an enigma an awesome weapon of war hanging over the entire worldwaiting Waiting for whatNapoleon. Aybe not totally unbiased as I was a member of the Man From UNCLE fan club purchased everything I could find tied into UNCLE built the Aurora scale models of the agentshummm Well maybe I m a bit biased in favor of Man From UNCLEstuff this is a fun read and good brain candy 8th book and third by David McDaniel in the Man From read and good brain candy The 8th book and third by David McDaniel in the Man From series finds Napoleon and Illya on a bit of a wild goose chase The threat is real though THRUSH appears to have launched an orbiting space platform packed with thermonuclear warheads While they haven t done anything threatening as of et this is THRUSH after all so no doubt the villainy will soon commence It s up to our agents from UNCLE to thwart such activity before it beginsI ve enjoyed McDaniel s previous entries in this series especially book 4 The Dagger Affair This one isn t uite up to that standard but nevertheless is filled with fun adventure including a bit of piracy on the high seas humorous banter between the two agents and uite a bit of technical explanations on how satellite systems work in 1967 Good time. Solo and Illya Kuryakin had to uncover the mystery behind the Monster Wheel before it was too late and with each clue they uncovered the threat became horrifyi. .

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