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Shadows of the Dark Crystal Jim Hensons The Dark Crystal #1Er of the book It s even exciting that its a netflix series which I am definitely watchingI am definitely in need of an illustrations of graphic novel of this series it will be beautiful jut as the story wasThe build p of the story was so good It just takes me back of being a kid Although I don t remember the series I feel a sense of familiarity I still to this day LOVE the Dark Crystal and it s fascinating worlds and denizens And I m thrilled that there s a new resurgence in this propertyThis title and the Power of THE DARK CRYSTAL COMIC SERIES BOTH REALLY CAPTURE THE Dark Crystal comic series both really capture the and grandeur of the world coupled with compelling characters and STORIES THE DARK CRYSTAL WAS MY The Dark Crystal was my childhood movie is still one of my favorite movies I m so glad there has been a resurgence of interest Shadows is the first of JM Lee s preuels that welcomes you back to the world of ThraAt this time there were thousands of Gelflings across Thra divided into seven clans of separate cultures histories beliefs traditions and magics They are beautiful matriarchal societies in complete harmony with their lands We start. The Dark Crystal is set years before the events of the classic film

and follows the 
follows the of a young Gelfling woman who leaves her se. ,

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I really enjoyed returning to the of Thra I grew
up watching the 
watching The Crystal movie countless times and a few ago watched first
I grew p watching The Dark Crystal movie countless times and a few months ago watched first of The Dark Crystal Age of Resistance So whenever the author described a place or living thing I was able to very easily call to mind very clear images There were 2 or 3 times where the logic didn t fully flow Like the Gelflings not knowing what a Mystic was ntil suddenly they Forbidden Death Dealers Mc 1 used the word without there being an indication they were told what they were Due Delightful preuel to the preuel of THE DARK CRYSTAL I do wonder at the fact that they didn t justse this for one of the episodes of the series which I haven t started yet This could easily have been a fine script It was well written and interesting and gave information about the different types of Gelfling and other creatures without feeling like an info dump I don t remember watching The Dark Crystal as a kid but at the back of my head it sounds and looks so familiarI have a feeling I definitely have seen it before but can t for the life of me remember itI was honestly intrigued by the cov. The first series of original novels ever set in the world of  Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal   Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal Shadows of. ,
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Off in the swamps of Sog where Gelflings have gills and wings suited to swim and flight Our MC is Naia eldest daughter of the clans maudra matriarch A warrior soon arrives from the far off lands of Ha rar with bad tidings Naia s twin brother Gurjin a guard at the Crystal Palace had been accused of treason So begins Naia s est to find her brother and prove his
innocence along the 
Along the she finds troubling evidence of
s est to find her brother and prove his innocence Along the way she finds troubling evidence of darkness spreading disharmony through Thra I Mac Os X Web Server Handbook underestimated how hard it would be to read about a people preholocaust It was a weight on my chest the entire time The malicious cruelty of the Skeksis doesn t resonate in the movie as it does here The Crystal Guardians were the revered benevolent leadership of Thra who turned out to be secretly draining to death their subjects to extend their own lives The Skeksis display of callous malevolent glee gave me the chills It s hard to go on to the next book knowing what happensBut I owe it to my GelflingsUpdate 9162019I ve been having trouble getting into the new Netflix Dark Crystal and I think it has to do with the fake plastic Gelflings. Cluded home toncover the truth surrounding the disappearance of her brother who has been accused of treason by the sinister Skeksis Lor. ,

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