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M sci fi setting with an all too typical girl goes on the run from tyranical organization after she gets morals Run Lola Run meets Aeon Flux is the best description of this title sadly it lacks the charm of eitherStory Rain Oshiro defected from Origami awhile back hiding from the elite militaryruling organization of the City She s about to escape beyond the wall they ve enacted until her cover is compromised and Origami throws all it has to track her down and bring her back into their foldThere are hints here that something is different Rain herself kidnapped perhaps augmented and then also attempting *To Save Children That Perhaps Were Going To Be Inducted *save children that perhaps were going to be inducted the same way she was The thing is we re not given much to go on in this slim volume about 100 pages of story Very little worldbuilding means we re given nothing to tease and ponder and no reason to want to follow a fairly straightforward plot of run and be huntedThe artwork is very detailed but also fairly inscrutable at times I never really had a feel for how the characters look and often became confused at what was going on Eg were riders IN the dog like vehicles Which was Janus and which was Dey What does Rain actually look like I can understand that the illustrator wanted to create a feel of movement and haste but the result was that visually the book was as nebulous as the writing I always but the result was that visually the book was as nebulous as the writing I always forward to creator original tales in the graphic novel industry I may not always love them but I m always glad for the chance to read them While I didn t love RunLoveKill it did keep my attention through to the end I hope with the next graphic novel author Tsuei creates a definitive story arc across the volume this ended abruptly and without really giving readers the satisfaction of a satisfactory stopping point Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher Great colour art with vibrant contrasts I also liked the sharpness of some of the close ups with the very blurry backgrounds Some of the sketches were a bit difficult to decipherI liked the 3D renderings on the chap. E city of Prygat is tightening and Rain has less than twenty four hours to get out before she's trapped forever Rain must face. RunLoveKill Vol1 by Jonathan Tsuei is a stylish thriller with artwork and storyline that is likely to be found in Asian comics than in one released by the daring and innovative new writer driven Image comicsRain Oshiro is looking for a way out Out of town out of her life out of the memories that haunt her she s looking memories that haunt her She s looking meet up with a smuggler who will get her out of the city of Prygat but before she can get it going her vehicle gets re possessed But what Rain doesn t know is that her day is about to get much worseThe military organization that runs Prygat is known as The Origami and they have a special interest in Rain Oshiro Rain had once been one of theirs and The Origami want her back Rain is a trained assassin and has been on the run ever since she escaped from The Origami but her luck is starting to run out The Origami know where she is and they are about to drop a load of trouble on her head Can Rain escape and get free and if she can what will be the cost in innocent livesGranted the #plot is not that original Super AssassinSpy has change of heart and turns against the corrupt # is not that original Super AssassinSpy has change of heart and turns against the corrupt totalitarian regime they had been a part of to save the lives of innocent people Now they are on the run and there is love and betrayal all around them In Books and Movies this is very familiar The Bourne series Kill Bill etc What makes RunLoveKill so good is that the characters are very well written and the artwork stylish and crisp This futuristic science fiction thriller should garner a good audience in a genre that comics unless its some campy super *hero book generally ignore The science fiction comic book is making a comeback and it is gritty *book generally ignore The science fiction comic book is making a comeback and it is gritty realistic More Blade Runner than Flash GordonA pretty good readCollects RUNLOVEKILL 1 4 less More reviews and no fluff on the blog RunLoveKill is a bit of a mixed bag a frenetic plot with frenetic artwork that somehow manages to be less as a whole than the sum of its parts Specifically the story probably should have been fleshed out in order to create mystery and intrigue instead we have a fairly rando. The Origami a mysterious military organization is on the hunt for one of their former assassins Rain Oshiro Their grasp over th. ,

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Ter pages a lotThe story did not do much for me Not very imaginative same old that has been done many times I could have done with world building Who is the Origami exactly what is the hold over the city Who are they fightingThis volume stops in the middle of an action seuence which is annyoingly frustrating when not having the next volume at handWould I buy the next issue or recommend this to a friend ProbablyI received this free copy from the publisherauthor via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Almost half of the first in exchange for an honest review Almost half of the first of RUNLOVEKILL was without dialogue The artwork is so good that I almost kind of wished that the entire four issue were silent I mean seriously I really dig the art It was the covers in the first place that got me I didn t even know what this book was about but those covers were so WOW in their simplistic minimalism that I couldn t help but be intrigued Upon further inspection I found a fairly run of the mill sci fi story attached to the artwork It s not to say that its bad its pretty entertaining actually And the artwork is fun enough that I only need a small bit of narration to help move the story along anywaysBut I ll tell ya what every time I picked up a new issue of this I had the damnedest time trying to remember what had happened beforehandSoooothere s thatAnd now they are taking a 3 month break or something Doesn t really inspire me to want to keep following alongWho knowsmaybe the
cover art will 
art will me off guard once againCool fucking title though hey Neat cover I have to admit that was why I wanted to read it looks like reaaallly cool resin action figure prototypes geek magnet what s not to like The art inside is normal fare pretty to look at and the storyboarding is that what you call it reminded me of action mangasmanhwas less speech art It didn t work for me though And the storyplot I think I only liked one character the dude with the specs who liked the main character Annnnd the fact that I can t remember much apart from that speaks volumes So I guess this is a one star rating oO Oh wel. The decisions of her past while using everything at her disposal to avoid capture or even worse death Collects RUNLOVEKILL #1 ,
RunLoveKill, Vol. 1

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